That my views of Thatcher will get me into trouble soon does not scare anybody whatsoever; the reality is the question of what it will get me into trouble with which propels me to ask those who think so to turn up here and say so and we are not talking about civil rights fraud that must work no matter how impossible or what people know about it because idiots have radio and television to play around with either and when they come round like their foolishness usually indicates that while jobs sort people out, they get theirs to fight people with, they can bring that job along as well while they are at it. I mean such stories as my views being ill informed anyway, what sort of ageist insults are they meant to be; never mind the fact I myself have said they are ill informed and if I say they are then anybody should believe they are until it gets them into trouble to do so as well and then we will know just how ill informed they really are. It comes down to politics sometimes and the issues are much the same like the matter with the civil service at present i.e. that we support coalition government changes as though there is nothing good about the Labour party, when in reality there really isn’t anything good about the Labour party i.e. politicians talk about the civil service but like the matter of being abused by them and then waiting for them to go into parliament to do a debate that is really important while somebody else is the moderator so you can abuse them in a setting where another was the boss as well, all the civil service really wants is that they leave it alone – however which on this occasion the coalition government gets the benefit of doubt because tinkering with the civil service was originally the idea of the Labour party which got so bad that we were running a one party state in this country where the Labour governments opposition was the members of their own party who would not let other parties into the game of opposition all together because they felt it threatened them. Then there is the part that involves me all together which is that of their social power i.e. being a Christian is just about provoking them and so they want to make sure they supervise me doing a bad thing otherwise it could cost my life with that big mouth and then they talk nonsense all over the place about how people behave as though there is nothing good about the party when most of us do know the way it works is that all their problems must happen to as a few a number of people as possible so that the sufferings of those people might offer them self improvements and once that happened they might be free of the problems and then depending on whether the victim co-operates get the victim out of the problem as well, except that they have never before gotten any victims out of any problems whatsoever and since you know that, from day one you cannot stop kicking them as well. I mean you must be the most untalented person in the world to write books and blogs and pamphlets about how another person did not do their jobs properly – so what propels you to do it and then try to make a living from doing so? It makes you wonder if they do have any time left for the government work they were elected to, however which it will explain what your life and career and personal property has been spent on as it were. Hence my position on any who feels my views on anybody would get me into trouble; in any case however which I wonder if this whole issue of all their problems ending up in the life of a person who then dies with them and makes them go away, which person they follow around to heap their problems on because it is what he was set out into this world to do, does get to change anything bearing in mind they are still as lazy and useless as ever.


They always suggest it happens so because of my Christian views of them and how they should live but of course the reality outside of intrusion into my personal life to find out if when I sit up at night to work I am doing something that is about them which I intend to make fame and fortune from and then laying claims of ownership to anything they find on the contrary, looking for trouble with their foolish modernism and expecting no reprisals for it with a big mouth, the Christian views are there because the faith itself requires those who believe and work it to speak of the gospel to people – so they are there to facilitate that and I have not spoken to them about the gospel, they are guaranteeing on my income that I should never get the chance yap, yap, yap. Hence if my perspectives of the gospel are altered by them again, I will handle them again and do so all the way to the pornography industry and beyond like I have done so far and so that they can fight their war on normalcy somewhere else.  At this stage of which I can work out that they will say they will do the same with their behaviour, to which I will say the usual ‘you do that.’ The me and Mr Obama in the US issue is not as complicated a matter which shows that I have no means of power in anyway; the reality is that I have been a longer serving statesman than Mr Obama has been President – we can see he still has a lot of work to do and for all he does, it does not seem like it is ever done without pillaging my work as well all together, even though he thinks himself the most famous black man in the world and the most important too. Besides which he continues to do those things I really hate i.e. when he sees a bigot who says she wants to be a Politician, it is his opinion it must be completely destroyed because he prefers an idiot that will pass insults at people and tell them to be quiet about it to avoid social issues – hence he would rather they were doing Pornography and sex entrepreneurs that his violently insolent media scum are really good at running and managing and do not seem to want to keep their gap from my personal life, in this assumed game they think they play with me over the entrapment of high profile customers and so on. For the male ones, it would be the part where they condescend to the required level to sit around and deploy professionalism that people have spent years building into their aptitude just when they were about to fledge, which will create the atmosphere of social despair that idiots seek and Politics likes – for the grownups its uncertainty over life itself, for the younger ones they leave University and graduate with nothing. It is not that he is told to know everything by being president, never mind the buntings and the large parties and the assumption they can address anybody anyhow they might like, it’s just his stuff.


Their insults do have extensive meanings but it does not change the problem with freedom idiots which is the main issue here, which I intend to exterminate as well for my part; to me they will always be the same old thing i.e. the fact I am important and a Christian means I expect them to take pity on me and more so to avoid social problems and then not do things they feel like doing to people’s property to things that belong to me and to my person, when in actual fact they do it to those that are better than me, with a big mouth of course; so how does anybody tolerate this to a point of 'pennilessness' while they extract millions from his work to be famous and he provides expensive services by which they use media to effect that and of course the bigger question is not just of that of who they think they are to decide I am okay on a living wage as if anything does actually belong to them at all in the first place but that of why they would suppose there shall be no consequences for it – so for the insults I am game as it were. They do these things and we hear the stories of with me in office the price you pay is okay because I will make up for it, like Mr Obama for example but it is always the same story all round, they come and they go and nothing gets done and then people die as well.