Libya they say show signs of slipping back to tribal leadership; I see this prospect as a very far outcome from present state of affairs. I should say however that it is never fair to categorise democratic people as media types because media types are something else entirely; very selfish, very destructive, very greedy and generally evil, so there are always the two ways of letting them into government matters at your peril or keeping them out which will see they cannot provoke anybody to the point of violence. In Libya at present these two positions are two different and far off possibilities. With respect to tribal politics however, most people say it brings about respect but that is not necessarily true – tribal politics is the natural under belly of small countries that have little international influence, it is never a good model for government and I would rule it out completely. There is no such thing in actual fact as tribal politics government because it is impossible for it to sustain politics; it should exist it ought to exist but it never runs a government as it cannot. The media types of democracy on the other hand is another story entirely i.e. I have never allowed anything within my work or office to get into their hands and this is why their activities in my direction is so annoying because it is all made up; hence they have all these range of possibilities for each and every given scenario that it becomes something important to them to vandalise and throw up for grabs important property on my business or guessed facts about my work because it will distil a lot of heart reaching news for them when they do but the problem begins of course when each time they are done with that and may even do it with things as serious as democracy in Libya, then they talk even more rubbish about what not to bicker about and the problems that need to be looked into. I for my part do not mention it because I expect change of behaviour from them, its just that they think the process of setting out their category in a bid to move them on from my work is alienation which it isn’t, what it is, is governance.

 For their friends in the US however these seems to be this result that discriminative society has created for them, where every idiot is just so incredibly keen and works so hard to create the notion that all black persons are like they are and when done they get off winding up the white man as much as they can, make some money with the process and discover they can get on media to mess up peoples lives and reputation with it. I don’t know why I refuse to respond to insults that are approved by their Politicians anyway but I think the best guess is that they are nothing and someday I am going to have to kick them seriously so they can go tell their politicians that normally send them out to abuse insolently other peoples statesmen all about it; it is a unique occurrence and very bad for the health, however I refuse to pay any attention to it because they are nothing; it is happening under Mr Obama and did under Mr Bush before him and it blows your mind where on earth the idiots make the money they seem to be talking about all the time. I mean it seems we are wired differently i.e. if I see a Television set I think it is a television set and television sets do not just drop off from the sky of course, somebody created it and unless the person who created it expressly and legally gave it to me or sold it to me can never be mine. They on the other hand think when they see things, although they do not wish to buy them it can be their own and so when combined with that media type democracy rubbish we find the answers to what we seek i.e. these are a collection of very destructive idiots who pillage businesses that would have produced more if allowed to remain or exist as the owners had left them and then waste whatever they get from it to make the destruction happen, in order to do advertisements on media and earn just a fraction of what it was worth, then feel powerful enough to have a problem with the government over taxes as well; this is why it annoys me so much, it does absolutely nothing but pick up a certain amount of money and completely destroy it and keep a fraction then talk rubbish at just about anyway, hence unless people have got it, I always recommend alienating them from government matters.

I know that pattern and have seen it before of course; it is going to happen like that is so many instances and conditions over and over again until people seem like they have porous wallets and porous hands that they cannot hold onto anything and their wallets unto any money, that it there emerge people with a lot of money gained at great expense to another people who work really hard for exactly the same money while advertisement determines what happens therefore and then we will have media Chamber Pot economy and or economy recovery as it may apply presently.