So with respect to the other issue of stories concerning how the Monarchy is a dying organisation, the real issue is that they think that no body will know that the reason they want to get rid of the Monarchy is because when somebody has a job for life, the problem comes when they become tyrants because that will be a very difficult issue to deal with but if they run legitimate government on the other hand the threshold of morality in government affairs can be very big indeed. They think no body knows that it is for the purpose of making sure the Church has no business in government and that their wickedness has no limits that they want to get rid of the Monarchy. I mean they always ensure it affects me because they really do believe they can fight me and win over it so to speak.

The part that winds me up really hard is that it has got nothing to do with them i.e. we have a multicultural society with connections around the world, who pay their fealty to a Monarchy and get power to look after their stuff from her, so it is not as easy as just get rid of in the first place and then there is also the other issue of the fact the only reason they are interested is that of various other things like the freedoms of their wickedness and evils and then getting other people to share jobs of which they think that when they share their own they have created a yardstick by which others should as well with a big mouth. So I am not unaware of all that rubbish on the Internet about Scottish Nationalism and signs it is the beginnings of the end of the British Monarchy; in which case no body knows why they think they are the only ones on the internet anyway.

The other story they tell is about how weak I would be in Africa and that they have more connections there than I do. The truth rather is of course that what makes people murder people like them a lot of the times in  Africa is not because they like to but because they might know that those their wickedness they apply on people have been turned on them but they will be clinging onto it in public to scrape something out of it, knowing fully that the person they use it on will loose their lives, so when people spot them at it and maybe the person that does is completely crazy and has some kind of a weapon on him, its over.

So there is always the question of why it is okay for the tyrant king to be gotten rid of while the good obeying and serving one is kept with a big mouth. I have no idea for my part who tells them to get involved anyway; they never achieve the grades, they never achieve the fitness, they never achieve anything, just the supposition that because they are Politicians they can be Kings and then people will look after them and then they will win the fight against the people as well if they want. It never works that way anyway, the truth is rather that the difference between government killing people and being a means by which people are protected is determined by a leader who can tell the difference between his own personal and private property and that which belongs to the country and of course it is not easy at the top either. So yes they do reach areas where they loose their own property to the Crown and that was because of stupid games they play where the Monarch cannot have any friends or allies otherwise the person will move out of the history of their lives so that it might be used to ensure that years from now one of their own will be bred into the royal family and so when people get hold of them it is the way it happens, they will be taught like they borrow from the US that people have to be taught everything that those they wish to copy and get ahead of know or have, how to be Kings and Queens and then they will loose everything and then loose their homes as well for mercy but if a really wild one was on their case they will loose their lives.

For me they ask if I really do think I am the fittest for the things I do; utter rubbish of course because I would not be allowed to do them if I wasn’t; with respect to matters of church and state I am still the best and have no rivals, younger ones can only do so much catch up and older ones can only try so much to have the energy I have the advantage of having because of my age and this is excluding other things I have done to be me that no body else can as well, some of the facts about being able to hold together stability as it were. Much the same with fables about Knights in shinning armour; I mean they think it is the Hollywood one although the shinning armour and the saving damsels in distress bit is spot on, the fact really is that they don’t make them like that anymore and when I say so people really need to trust me on that.

These are not my main concerns; my main concerns are those who consider themselves to be father of the girls and father of the boys. It goes on like that endlessly and a recession is the bets time to reorganise wealth. If you don’t give me then you want to give the world, if you don’t give me then you want to give the banks, if you don’t give me then you want to give the big corporations and they have all those media, the purpose of which is nothing other than peddling peoples personal lives, while expecting to maintain and keep their own with all kinds of excuses which suggest when people wreck your life just tug tail and move on because it is the way things are with a big mouth. Then it is soon shown up that what they do with it is get rich and share with young people which shows that unlike people like me who have suffered destruction of international development idiots that are closely related to them and their insolent corporate knish hatred, they get to make millionaires out of young people which is made with things like the fact that when I write books they want to ensure no body else but them knows about it so they can get rich, when I warn them I work for a country and so if they are found out will make many enemies with all that rubbish about who I can and or cannot trade with and it goes on like that endlessly. So I decided to offer an IP admin service instead of a war and wish to put them out totally. The black ones claim they control me and that I am not in anyway worthy for the things I get which is utter rubbish as it were, what creates that idea is that I have been renting homes from incredibly stupid black scum in the last decade; so for those who patronise their services it seems that people will not stop provoking me by making me into the Christian that goes around doing things with his morals that others can commercialise to get rich and finish me off financially on the basis a girl can do it as well and they are the fathers of the boys and fathers of the girls because the world is not enough. It is the complete opposite of what the Christian should be doing of course i.e. [reaching the gospel except in this case they will pervade what he does as he does them while he will be rounded up like an animal so that he can be kept doing it which is funny. As for the black the golliwog scumbags think they control me which makes so much sense as it were whereas the real issue is that the reason they must always have their way no matter who they are referring to is that, all you can do is kill them and expect revenge as well and this is the kind of things that leads to a condition whereby racists want to move into their right and strangle those their stupid secrete societies as violently as possible and then kill of them. For me they talk of fight and violence all the time but when they do it will not last enough to do anything and they will be tagging along again like slaves forever so when people see it and like it they have a problem. For now it is a case of their quest to ensure everything is beyond everybody’s reach except that of their Political leaders, in order to be able to kill and sacrifice moral people to cheapen things because they want my blood for the future of black people with a big mouth. They don’t control me and can know everything I know if they want; I mean with respect to abuse of peoples privacy and access to peoples books while they write them, I am not the one complaining about the Christian destroying my secrete society at present as it were, so a new standard against international law for the abuse of peoples privacy is apt; more grease to their elbow, they can be my guest. They never attain minimum requirements for anything and their stupid children simply pick up from there to do preemptive strikes on those who are likely to get between them and their dreams, then they want government money and from then on it is the things they do that gets racist to think yeah I could be doing that as well.

As for me, they say I am in a difficult place but I am not in any stupid difficult place; I mean a racist will say if you push me into that box I will kill you and so they push me and set me up to be killed; why would they do it you may ask? And then they say the reason is that blood must be spilt for the future of black people and that I was chosen and the reason I was chosen was how low their insults had brought me to ensure I had everything while I was handy at the same time. Now they are blackmailing me with the entire parliament which suggests there is no distance they are not prepared to go to create the idea I have friends and or family among them which I need to give up my life or work for knowing it is what I need to ensure every act of harming me is followed with due reprisals and no body knows what they want anyway; the bloody cowards will not pick their fights with people unless they have my energies for example thereafter soon they are my boss as well. As for my books, it will be their undoing; I swear it on that one. Of course they have been stalking me for a decade, they know perfectly that I have refused to drag myself into civil rights group with these issues because it will make me into the devil himself and that is why they think they want me to fight for civil rights without a job with a big mouth; fight for civil rights without a job, if ever you were looking for people who were planning the establishment of the antichrist.

The big issue with this whole matter of difficulties I face is as simple as the fact that whilst these idiots can get into the government buildings in this country to hold offices, racists are being prevented from doing the same and it has nothing to do with my glorifying racism but the simple question of what the difference between the two gangs are exactly? None of it has anything to do with my books of course and that is why the market place will be their water mark. They are blackmailing me with parliament at the moment as it were with a big mouth. I mean the part where they say I have been so bullied I am now ugly is meant to have been the bit where I could set out to tell everybody I have located people whom when I hurt everybody feels good but since I have kept my problems to myself there is every reason that the media should be doing it to me. I mean it’s the old story; they cannot stop yapping knowing fully it is all false confidence.

Some of them ask about what I mean by keeping the House of Lords away from society but clearly it seems really deep wise words about their social situation which is also incredibly said and takes long to explain and is really academically clever as well will not do, even when it cracks their bums as well. I mean it is the old story, especially the one about the Queen going away on official duties are they missing me yet?

As for putting my own house in order, it has been months since I issued warnings about people getting off the diplomatic front and off my office but we are still here talking about why it is difficult for me to marry into the royal family where there is my estate at the diplomatic front and the royal family on the other and in between is the country; they still love to wreck my life and so do I have a thing for wrecking them own too. A simple way to put it is that on one hand is the Queen and on the other is her IP administrator and there is no such thing as Monarchy on the right and everybody else on the left, there is no actual division of the country in any such ways except on media.

As for the matter of character unreliability, anybody who has a job that involves tort of a kind would be furious when people love to abuse him and insult him in a violent way. I have no business with Politicians but the need to fulfill the desire of seeing the Christian have no means of earning a living but crawling on his knees begging sinners who take advantage of his faith to be beautiful for food has led people to attack my market place in order to create arguments on parliament that they make into their state of affairs. For the ministers I simply judge only idiots will do such things when their jobs depend on public life and therefore love to confiscate any public life they build for themselves that is of a good nature to make repairs and for the people I am not giving back that stupid left where they go to show that the purpose of it was to be able to stand up somewhere being flash beautiful and famous while having somebody to look down on which brings a good feeling to do so and of course a Christian is the best candidate because of the old fashion rubbish he thinks is a faith and does not wish therefore to move on with the times. I am not giving these things back to them because I need to be able to ensure they do not get to trap me somewhere to do civil rights without a job so I can be poor and available for abuse which will ensure they have beauties that they want and for the fact they continue to persecute me like they already have the last decade, I have not got a clue why it is a topic for conversation anyway. I will follow them everywhere to ensure they neither claim the things I do for them to have fame and that they do not have any joys of naivety for those of them that have made a lot of money from it planning to get decadent. A decade of damage to a person to manufacture a condition where he looks the part of old fashioned idiots that try to get along with those that are out of their league must be paid for. When people are that decadent and beautiful and worth that much they can get the money and they payments for the repairs in one way or the other and I will keep waiting. I mean threatening an attacking me does not make them any less scared of racists, so think about it and put yourself in their shoes and you will discover they are evil in their own right. I am to give them back that left when my property is not restored to the way they found it as well as my reputation, either by them doing so physically by themselves or leaving me alone so I can do it as I go along and for what, so they can look down on me for a living?

I am not being taken advantage of by media, it is just likely to become an opportunity; I mean it’s the same old story, Greece invents democracy and it ends with Rome getting all over the place to bring people together. This time winding me up will not result in help from the US this is not the 1970s. its always been the case those of them that are tough enough move right and those of them that are beautiful enough get on media on the left and no matter how much I don’t like being named slave race when they no body’s just because I challenge myself mentally but not physically as well that is what they will want to do to hold political positions and enslave me to their will. When I start on their case the US will not be able to aid them and they do know it; I have been aware they will use my books to collect my royal estate the way they always put it and it is the reason I write books when I know it is a big risk for royalty; I have trouble with my temper as well. So they can blast it off that I am being taken advantage of again if they want. Of course they will like to explain it away as the fact people are suffering while I am a coward but it is an old story; they barge into my liberalisms and make a mess of it and my personal life, think they have created themselves a completely different history from the one they really own and then what better than to bring violence into it and then make sure that all those problems they have created into my personal life for me affects them so that they can be in position to know what they are doing to control me and make me get into a fight etc. I believe I have been clear; one more sweeping statements like that they make on media about how I am being taken advantage of and those my books will never be released to the market unless I do what they want and they will bloody kick it off.


With respect to the idea however that people can do whatever they like with me because I have no money. It is an old story and I have made myself very clear on what my feelings about the big boys and the big girls really is; what they mean by this is that all that wrecking my finances to make me guilty about thinking about wrecking theirs to cover their tracks, makes me confused enough to fail to see that there is no other way to have security of personal life and of job and of earnings but by shutting down any chance by which they have money; there has never been another way all through history. I set it out all the time that we need to do something else and let them get on with their foolishness but it will never improve, the result must be that people can do what they like with me because I have no money. Last I checked that their stupid money was needed for the economic recovery. I am not talking about social capitalists either, for those ones, they have not yet found their really insolent corporate knish yet and we are not talking about the tendency to get mad and assassinate other peoples leaders about which they have seen indications I am likely to play around with them until I get assassinated as it were. Its like that, once they have set it out the result must be a war, a fight all the time. They can turn up to tell me to fight over something and that is all they need which means people can do whatever they like with me because they have money. I have no regrets about the way things have worked, I have always know that spending time to set the books straight on economy so people do not do whatever they like during the recession was always going to mean they will be taking advantage of me to get rich. They can do whatever they like with me because I have no money; why are they so insolent? Speaking of which the reasons I have no money was their making, their insults which detached me from the group and the royal alliances; These idiots really have no idea; this is really their worst nightmare and I think I have warned them they need to wear their flashy suits and white shirts and talk to the Politicians to make their business better and employ people.

They love to tell me the main issue is that I mess with the business of socialism but all I really want to do is set out a very clear warning about people wrecking my life and finances because they expect me to talk about lost time which means their children can do the same as well on account I am talking about people working for children and that their children were the best. In the end it is all very well to place yourself so that you can ask rich people for money but if they don’t take away what I have in the first place no rich people would have been able to take away from me anything at all for a start, so they do not seem to get it; they talk rubbish about getting hold of me but I guess I would not write their names along with the aka on bullets if I get my hands on a gun or something as well. The best part about them that winds people up the most is those things they do which means that either way of getting involved with them by consent or not, the outcome is the same in that they travel overseas to set out their own stories about who is the boss and thus one thing happens at home and another over seas which means they are the boss and then of course from then on it goes to the process where they try to prove that they really are which becomes violent as well and like to make out what I say has to do with the cutting edge of really selfish people when in actual fact the truth behind what I do is barging into my life to take hold of people I am responsible for and whittle their resources down to a tiny fraction then make the stand in line to get it knowing fully it will not be enough and the purpose will be to make me fulfill office or leadership in a condition where I cannot even eat because my people are starving and then might even be made to give up my own food because of that while I have even more difficult work to do than there ever was and then this will mean that I am a slave race; somebody trying to be leader when he has neither the strength or the quality and they never get it, it seems to them these fun games by which they earn money which turns out to be my money as well will pay off in the end and that if there is a fight it will be the one where they gain something or perceptions that they have is allowed to survive, so they can brag.

I have made myself clear, no body knows what that rubbish about what they have suffered in life and that somebody else must be made to suffer the same as well really means. We all know that the only route to security of job and finances and personal life all the way to the things that a parent gets to leave for their children is based on a process where they have no money.


With respect to international development the main issues will be things like British funds being used to run legal systems where the death penalty is being practiced for example and of course those who raise it make me laugh all the time because there is such a sharp contrast between what they say and what the truth really is, such that while it pretends to be a point that must be considered urgently, it has no meaning whatsoever. I mean if you live in a place like Pakistan and you know perfectly that British money is supporting the legal system there but decide to commit a crime for which the death penalty will be applied because the British had abolished the death penalty in their own country, of course it will simply form parts of the facts of your case and you will be executed and nothing else will happen besides that. So those who raise it do alright but it has no basis on fact or law or reality. All of which when put in context apply with respect to the various countries where these legal matters apply; in the UK for example crimes for Political reasons have such little weight to them that they are now being committed by very young people and other people who couldn’t care for a better crime anyway but for example in places like Pakistan or Africa or the Caribbean, the society operates in such a way that parents can sit back and set out some of their children to be armed robbers and the choices those children grow up to make will never change anything whatsoever because others in society had taken note of it and understood and are well complicit with the acts of such parents. So what they normally do is ensure that the basics that everybody needs is beyond their reach in an absolute sense and then this will enable them to get around killing moral people to ensure that there is cohesion which cheapens the cost of access for their wickedness and in this process some parents decide their children will work for no body and this is how we have people who carry guns and rob others for a living and will only end their ways when they are dead, so in those countries the death penalty applies especially when they kill other people. In the case of the US for example the legal system was developed during the wild, wild west thing and so it is generally a matter of the fact that if you do not wish for your action to lead to the death of a human being then you will want to change them but if you do not then the state will carry out retribution against the killer and all will be well. I do not for my part think these things create serious issues, we have a history in this country already as it stands, I mean we have taken steps to hand over places like Singapore to the Chinese Government for example so we are well aware the arguments might rage to unknown ends but it does not change what people are and of course that some things never change either.

With respect to Scotland however, it is a matter of what the people of Scotland decide, once they have then whatever the problem the Scottish National Party has with the rest of us will have to be settled. Unless they had decided they want to disband the party after the referendum. Enough time had been given to them to decide on whether they want to be a party for the interests of Scotland or a party that wants to break up the United Kingdom; this is what devolution means; all parties still answer to the central government but are independent in their own affairs, they could have a Federation as well if they wanted but there is nothing preventing the SNP from campaigning to win Downing Street. Devomax they say will not offend as many people; yeah right.