Today after all the game playing and abuses of the early 21st century the last 10 years has seen most of it yield results. Results such as the fact that Men spend a lot of time talking about Paternalism these days a lot which of course after years of rebellion and insolence created from barging into my life with media, all as a public perception that picks up a life of its own and lives it on my property planning for a time when I will try to get married and settle down actually means. 

It is then possible to make reference to it which suggest that each time they do, they are referring to the part where I "boy" in their books, gets off feeding women and start feeding them and which if I don't have a clear understanding of what will happen on my finances and my income through sale of my books and yet they are not in Authority here currently-except they are trying to control all the jobs there are and decide who gets hired and sacked depending on who displeases them. 

 Naturally the prognosis of the situation was to begin reminding them that their place was to move right and seek power or move left and seek freedom, not come to some kind of stupid conclusion that when they have gone about getting obsessed with money and doing nothing to work for it, then locate Christians and begin campaigns of making sure money as applied to everybody is God, while others work for it, all at the same time, that I will get to allow myself or my people to be held back by them so they can catch up on the making of money or get ahead on it in search for power.

The way I see it is that when these kinds of corruptions were eventually to lead to dictatorships and military takeover, it is us that are supposed to create them the manufactured products especially the Autos they need for their prestige and so on, therefore there will be no process of holding people back to catch up on making money and then get ahead on the making of money to have power without payment.  

My personal and Prime Concern is the stupid games they play in diplomatic circles which indicates they are either obsessed with my Office and want it for themselves or hate it with an immeasurable hatred, for which media is obviously their domain. Recently therefore of which creating problems and messing around with tensions in the Far eastern parts of the world had become their adopted forte. Their greed wickedness and selfishness which always happens on other people's finances aside the measure of their wastefulness and foolishness is make cloths which contain somebody else's equity, then sell it to rich consumers to make them happy.