With respect to jobs the real issue with jobs is that people think jobs are things that fall from the sky when in actual fact they don’t. There is actually only three ways by which jobs can be created, hard work, hard work and talent, hard work dedication and talent. So it applies that the real problem continues to remain the fact that we continue to sit around taking lectures from people who love to find things others are better at but they are more qualified for, to play their powerful other peoples employee wickedness with, which if others did the same no body would build anything and they would have no jobs. This is of course the biggest favour that the previous government of Tony Blair and spin doctors running the country has done them and so the biggest problem the economy has is first their revenge on the rich excluding those who create the problems who are actually their friends i.e. contrast with rich that worked for their money, rich that bought shares in peoples companies and later turned out to be CEO which of course are the real reason we have people attack an economy and want money from it at the same time, as well as it is the reasons we have economic crises and recessions and then the process of seeing what will happen when they wreck the economy, end up the only people who have money and then see what happens when they use their white majority powers and positions to have social power. Anybody would resent a condition where they are the base reasons why people are doing such a thing, which is what they are doing to me and they cannot stop doing it for years now, even talking such nonsense as peoples arch princes not getting into trouble if he does not interferes with what they want with a big mouth, about which I can always also start gathering leverage on them so that it will be the point where they think the economy has recovered in their terms that I will start my version as well. They have copied some of these things from Africa you see and have omitted the question fro their convenience of why some of the poorest people in the world live there.

I am not saying there is no way out, there is; first of all the solution has to be political and the government has to physically aid people in the creation of jobs otherwise jobs will not be created and the economy will not recover, then there is the other part expected of me where I am prepared to do what I can to create a balance between myself and these people but when I do that is the question will there again be a condition where politicians turn to them because I did as though it was their fight or a condition where they simply get on with their jobs and make laws with what they see? The Coalition is doing a lot with respect to this matter but there is no translation of that success to the place where the voters live at the moment.

As for the process where I interrupt people, I always make that as painful as possible because it is not easy to build an empire and stack it with equities so that any fool that wants to be famous and rich can have some of it as much as they like with idiots taking pictures of them on it for the purpose. No body knows why they never get the products then do the IP admin by themselves to understand how difficult the work is, rather than gather around my income for their purposes and take turns to ensure delay is denial.  This is the biggest problem the economy faces, nothing in it but destruction and the reasons that the social issues by which it is possible is overtaking the economic ones is because they think it is funny and I am being bullied for example. So for the things I have done to them for my part people can see that as soon as they get on television to make up what they want people to believe happened to them, it is a reason enough to start another fight. So the economy will never recover unless this matter is resolved in a settled way politically. What I mean is that the social issues have over taken the economic ones because the economy is an easy thing to damage and destroy and the only reason that has happened is that those who have made it happen think it is funny and nothing else; especially for the blacks who like to bully me and never let me be until I get angry and then when I do they start acting good, which has led me to draw inferences with respect to doing the same with their culture and so they will have to stay that way or else they can return to the culture I will never give back or build a new one with a lot of suffering and pain in the process. Funny like we need immigrants to pick up jobs citizens refuse to, funny like the Church is the bastion of prejudice.

It is much the same with the media; civil rights idiots and the deployment of any advantage in their lives to wreck that of a younger person then do a little bit better to have carnal feelings with. It is an old story and I don’t like to have conversations about it, all I know is that if it is wrong then it must be wrong, especially so since I am a Christian, when the Bible says that it is, this is not negotiable, a religious belief is not negotiable and it is good and shows itself to be all of the time and I mean all of the time.

So they say if you are allowed to gather leverage on people who attack you like only you can, then the results will be terrible and for that reason you are a destructive person and must be controlled and that is why they think their media is relevant but in actual fact I arranged for that control sometime ago with my working Court bearing in mind you cannot continue to live like that limiting yourself and what you can do, you have to see that somebody else is responsible for you. This is one of the biggest problems we have today with these fools, even though it is not their own lives. They have simply decided that they will get involved and that I will suffer irregular heart beat TV while they have secrete society powers from doing so and all that has been known about a part of my life that was none of their business but became a concern of theirs because I was being liberal towards people in it is fights with black people and distant fascisms.

They are now doing it one better of course by making sure it wrecks my finances, so that when that time arrived when the economy is ruined and all the money in the world is white peoples money so to speak,  I will have none and I will the leader of black people and will crawl on my knees to beg them for money; the result of course is that of evidence that they are not as democratic as they claim to be. so now it is a matter with respect to my livelihood of taking steps whenever people physically touch my property to do damage to it but the bigger one is the matter of media corruptions of involvement and the destruction they create with it which will lead to limitations of the powers of the media, all the way to the United States of America about which I therefore feel there must be a good reason for.

So we are back at the start since they seem to have shown signs they do not understand that if they want to get involved with an author buy his books not get around determining his temperament using his work without paying for it because of the Freebies he puts out and what people make of it on television and then set out to use his work and property to be rich and famous, especially when people create products broking equities with them which they buy and start their destruction with as if it has been bastardised just because they bought a piece from the millions of the same item and this is the one that really gets to topple the others and kick it off.

Besides which by the way a process where I put up structures to ensure I do not get to pay the debts of famous people that get along with me, results in that very structure being the means by which I get to pay such debts; debts to their fans, debts to their employers etc, really goes a long way to describe what they really want from me too.