Here in the UK we have what I may describe as a template case where the dilemma is generally that a particular set of people have been able to with the support of certain arrangements in their society, secured the ousting of others from the education system all together through arranged bullying covered up with political lies, which then affords them the opportunity to get educated first and then get all the best jobs first and considering that some of them are already armed with conspiracies theories and blame cultures as well, for which I must imagine they do because they think it is not injustice enough for their parents to decide what the outcome of their lives should be but decide what the outcome of other peoples lives should be as well. 

This is rather not a victory for them as such at face value because the education system can always be rebalanced to ensure the country is doing all it can for itself economically, by making sure people can earn as much as educated people can without having to have formal education through other ways of training and skill acquisition and minimum wage, which also helps to ensure that other matters like right to privacy is being respected and observed, since those who throw theirs away to the trappings of power should not be able to live in or destroy that which belongs to others as well.

The idea of where a victory for them comes into play therefore has something to do with the question of what they are likely to do now that they are just graduates and the economic condition in which they should be making use of their degrees is not so healthy if the economy gets better and they are all able to rid themselves of any fears of uncertainty thereof.
The original provocation and attack has already been laid out, it is the turn of the government to decide how popular it wants to be with its people, at the end of which everybody have what they need.