The story therefore that says when the US goes into Syria and asks for our support we will be saying something else and looking for a Political solution is utter nonsense; the reality of the world we live in is still that people have become more fond of creating poverty and deprivation with such skill and dexterity, so as to ensure that Women are the source of most of the violent wickedness that is performed in it – so it’s a matter of going in there to set out a statement at our position as an invading force which wants to find out what it is exactly people can do, it will always put civilians at risk and this is what the leadership has consistently done. The story of me as the one that complains about the wars the most is an old one but it’s not the wars I complain about; it’s the fact when you say he steals peoples career and supports criminals in neighbourhoods and families, Obama will clip your Book sales and make an excuse for it, when you say he is a terrorist and hates women Bush will clip your public image; these things indicate conflict of interest and should be complained about lest the medical bill for the Military personal becomes a shameful episode for example. As for the part where it is said people want to see me behave more respectfully, it’s usually my television they are talking buy and I did pay for it, besides which they are not done disciplining their stupid families and my middle finger is up already and will be stuck higher if they get on my nerves any further; it’s a usually yap, yap, yap with media and Scottish referendum but they need realise it is getting on my nerves too, it would be nice if fools that do these things actually did spend time on the jobs that seem to ensure they have no respect for anybody as such, so they do not have something to complain about like their mates who always want to build popular culture from the west to Asia across this Estate. It’s not lot in translations; the ones that are complaining are the popular culture ones, the media ones who want to see me behave more respectfully I suppose intend to with a big mouth and some Scottish referendum – I was told I left the UK as a Child when I was about a year old and apart from year old child bit, I have not spent a moment of my Childhood in this Country – this crap has been going on for the last 16 years because these are a bunch of fools and will not stop unless they are physically mate too since they last got used to it; it’s obviously impressive that they have as it were, just the little snag concerning the fact when push comes to shove they are dealing with a 36 year old and not a child bit – they always say I will get into trouble for this kinds of talk which will never ever happen as such, what will happen will be a process where this bit where I have to do the popular culture until I return to the academic work the way people rip my academic work to do popular culture they do not need academic work for operates, starts to get physical; we all know convention says you stop them doing it then you beat it up seriously. So they do say I get involved with journalists and bring it on myself which is utter nonsense ; the journalists want to report news around the Royal Estate and if I feel it helps with ageism and some matters of criminality and mobility around the US and Asia I let them and make the system available – those who feel they have been there and done that, I do not deserve any support, tired of the system, need to move on and out; it’s not a complicated matter and by the way of which my claimed sexual behaviour is a myth, as the reality is that the journalists are here with their whole team but yap yapping about me showing some respect will result in some sex on my part – I have got them where I want them as it were. They speak of the things I write on my websites as an indication I am loony which is utter rubbish but I imagine it will determine the kind of violence that I suffer as well – so I have to make it clear, its journalist and loves to tell lies, when people want to beat it up seriously you can intervene since you know they could be dissuaded when you convince them it has ruined the career already but it consistently shows up around my concerns to expect I will not make a public case out of the goings on because it has obviously signed a confidentiality agreement with me as it were with that big mouth. They do speak of the racism that their parents used to enjoy thing and it’s an old story but it does not interest me, what does is whether I am writing their Books and this is their own lives and whether that country will wind me up and cause me to help them burn it too as it is impossible to locate which is which when it is far below the career and then the academic work and then the knowing your self-issues and then the teenager with an opinion ones as well but when it goes off to decide on who end up being seen in the Country bit, it is rather convinced based on fact that it is not the self-harming scum I think it is – the blacks do like to blab that I oppose them and find myself in a pickle but when I am finished with them and they had apologised for their hatred towards those who are aesthetically good at their own skill walking around like they were other people’s bosses, when I am finished with them as well, the whole case of the probability of walking down the street without being abused by a racist will look up again as it were. They always blab how I think what I say will translate into action in the real world but we are here because they do not think they have to be scared of me even though they are, hence scared of somebody but having a go all the time and its talk time for me the one where I ensure the means by which to take whole of those communities and teach them lessons they will never forget on a frequent basis if I need to does not fail: I mean we all know it takes up culture and society and politics and government and nothing is ever right about any of it and as a teenager you are inclined to go along and have your life ruined since you soon find out it’s an elaborate process of making a mess and sitting over it to provide hospitality for scum that enjoy ripping people’s lives and careers to make fame and fortune and so because I know it’s not what culture is and that culture is something I must be aware of on account it contains certain behaviour or concerns it, which can cause me to lose my job and career and end up knowing more of it than I need to as a result and if I see them around my Books and public image space for each time it goes beyond tolerance, they will always feel me again as it were – hence must have said something in secrete and in obscurity that others can glorify themselves in public by since they are the ones with the fame and notoriety as it were of which it was never about the fucking stress they were complaining. So, culture is what it is, need be aware of it, keep a job and a career and live in a community, except the idiots who are out of people’s league make a mess of it and spread that mess around cracked up out of my league talking nonsense about my body type and it says the mess must not end up in its stupid life so it might have a high-flying job, assuming every time I have not had enough of them. So, on the racism issue, it’s the racism their parents used to enjoy which does not interest me as what matters is whether it is their Book and or their Public image and it is possible I am bluffing when I say getting my hands on the popularity and celebrity culture will mount to the last time they ever get to see it as well. It’s an old story where they want to live in a world that says the west was built by whites and so was the east and if one part of leadership is not co-operating they can go to the other and have the kind of global environment they feel personally comfortable in but for some strange reason it concerns a process where I am now trying to write and sell Books in a world where people need to undercut me at the most basic of my instincts by making sure I have no income because if I did the access to me that brings about these kinds of bullying will be shut down and it is convinced I do not think it is a very stupid individual that I will have to treat as such. It shows up like that every day to make use of my Books without paying for it by making use of me instead of my Books, which means others are not able to purchase, shows up to get me spilling some pearls of wisdom but does not listen which means I have no income, it is no longer just a nuisance as it had long become a professional menace and wants to be treated differently from that. As for my behaviour towards their fame and media and celebrity etc., they say it’s something that should happen only in Africa which it would have if they weren’t sharing the incomes with their fellow scum in Africa to threaten me with – I had it all replaced by an alternative that lets people travel around the world the way they want to obviously and they were there under the sun, did nothing about it as there is nothing they can do. It’s like that story they say about how my Books mean war on one hand while on the other I need be informed heroism can turn to villainy at any time, concerning which the former is more a case of a hate for a Book that has been brewed by Media by a collection of people that are behaving in ways that suggest they are keen to see what it is the writer itself can do about them  in a condition whereby if he had stopped talking there will be hell concerning those who were hurt and those who got hurt, hell concerning those who can beat him up and those who cannot hurting themselves but for the former its usually a perspective on somebody who takes his duty to be the mouthpiece of every evil and discriminative and nepotism nonsense in the land, about which when I ask why he does it leads right back to the books that are hated and will bring about war. In the end of which it is a simple tale of the fact they want me to man up and that as a man I am irritating etc., but I want them to have another look at all that nonsense concerning the stupid girls that must be comfortable on my income whom I am not having sex with because I am clearly not doing anything much outside the confines of the teachings of the Bible and I want them to keep their fools off my Books and Public image before I have to explain to others why I want to shut down celebrity and popular culture when I am finished engaging in it until I return to the academics. We all know it’s usually the sad aspects of stability, where he gets killed and people are sad because it is said everybody made use of it but as it stands it is the stress that causes the threats but the need to show up on my public image to splash out their looks and make fortunes and fame which further encourages them to spend school days ripping people’s lives and engaging in peer pressure stuff only. Hence they always say I cannot shut down anything but what is obvious is that I can tackle every structure especially the insolent 3 to 5 bedroom flat owning happy queer vandalism fools that always have a spare change set aside to foster their consumerism, then show up on peoples public lives to make trouble and change a behaviour on media so their response might lose credibility and when done I will challenge their celebrity as well to see what can be done about me, so that if people do not want it to blow up they need keep their girls off my income and the public image alongside lest chasing my private parts leads to killing somebody and ending up in prison. It’s not what I am likely to do either, this is just fact of sequences of events of the way it works by convention; what I am l am likely to do would involve setting out means by which every process of extracting an income from any concerns of this estate has another campaign that concerns where they drew up a contract and agreed to pay for it and it will run until they are ruined and I would not spend a second of my precious time confronting anybody about shutting down celebrity and popular culture in this life or the next. They speak of how I want to be free from the consequences of punishing people because I have a Royal Office but it’s never punishment as punishment, its punishment because they have made their way into my Estate and damaged something and when I asked them about it follow on insults of how it does not actually exist and issued threats – so I have to assess that what I need do to ensure the Estate does not fall unto ruin has been damaged for the day like it has every day and I have not been selling Books as a result since 2009 when I got published, what I need do to support government has been damaged and so has all I need do to look after my Trust Holdings too and hence have not taken home any money for my work for the day has been damaged and it becomes a question of their stupid and useless existence that means their whole position has turned into a threat that affects people’s lives which they want a way out of by seeking leadership and need to stop me when I punish. The Political ones like to claim I am being made to set straight government matters I wreck but it’s really just that old need to screw around with people and show up on media to change behaviour so their complain loses credibility and if there is no US working for it, it’s time to head to Russia where people are as white as they are; they always have some lose change set aside for consumerism, by which they show up to block my Book sales, leave me cash strapped and chase my private parts when I am fasting and praying then complain about the consequences too, so that when they get involved with people at first initial impression is that it’s all some of the cleverest organisms on the planet but the reality soon enough is that it is a fucking idiot.