There is no British interference with Egyptian Democracy. We have a problem that applies to the entire region and the problem is that there are Westerners who have been going around attacking Moslems because of their Western ideals and this has resulted in attacks which Moslems have developed for them as well, for which the part that has to do with attacking civilians is now under considerable control and this led to a much debated and contended War in Iraq and Afghanistan already and the Escalation of Nuclear based tensions in the Middle East followed on with the rise of Ultra Zionists in Israel. 

What is happening in Egypt is a combination of the dealings that these people have had with the Egyptian Authorities, which has been for the most part corrupt and the things that their great connections for the purpose of getting rich and grabbing stuff in the form of what the Elite in the Egyptian Leadership have done to them as senior partners when they have stepped out of line. 

 This has resulted in the notion that each time they wish to take revenge on anybody in the world they can use my work to do it or that if I am unwilling they can make me because of such tensions as will lead to the deaths of people, just like they feel they can wind up Moslems, write books about it, sell them on my market and make millions, then prevent me from selling my own books because I am not fighting or killing Moslems for them and they have got media and chances given them by their politicians to work these things with so feel they are invincible. 

I on the other hand simply think it is none of my business. The fact they are taking their own swipe at the people in Egyptian Authority for what they had done to them in their partnerships of corruption does not necessarily mean they have the interests of the Egyptian people at heart and the point where it has a purpose and use to the process in the country itself has expired without bringing results. They have never had the interest of anybody at heart especially those of them from the United States:-the British ones are no different that is not what I am suggesting but here in the UK they are under considerable levels of control; In America they simply elect their own president and talk rubbish at me, threatening me over anything I do that involves earnings.

The issue is generally about people not ending up in a condition where they are either messing up other peoples problems for them or fixing it for them all together.