I could never understand why it is such a rite of passage for them to make sweeping comments about Christians and the views we have of sex whenever they want to do something about getting famous anyway – its obviously an obsession concerning the sins that are good things anyway but nobody knows why they have sex and place it on video for everybody to watch and then get angry and attack people when it is copied, nobody knows why they tell others how they have sex by discussing such intimately personal things and then attack those who have taken it to mind and used it, we do know they love to create problems for themselves and blame others for it and it is now past its sell by date, so I have mentioned the issue so that they might understand for a change, the reasons that some people chose a life to live which does not involve the sex at all. We hear its a matter of my own sins as well which is an old story about how they show up here to watch me and interfere with absolutely everything I do, from the Television programmes I watch which they think is not in agreement with my skin type and various other nonsense but in the end of which it always has something to do with my tummy and they are constantly in my personal space doing my body type thing 24/7 and then this is so that whenever there is a bad smell they might issue those stupid threats they think will not lead to consequences unless like I have, somebody is forcing them to go everywhere they go with their toilet too. I mean the Americans are another example; I wrote my Books in 2009 and since then every 24/7 passes by with me having to grapple with incredible abuses levied by idiots teaching me lessons about rejection while the scum that are providing the leadership for it claim I will get into trouble because it is my fault with their big mouth. They say I had shut down the left hand side and that this is what brings about the problems but we all know I did not just shut it down, they got from stifling my finances with practical jokes to competitions about who is the best man aesthetically to express their total lack of respect for my thinking space over the need to exploit the public manifestation of my personality, to a stage where they were starting to get matrimonial services from my existence, issuing those stupid threats they become used to as they go along – so this is where they will not be getting any matrimonial services from women affiliated to me as well and I will get a lot worse if they tempt me further talking rubbish with media salvation like we have to listen to them do all of the time. Its not just a process of going from having to live with the fact every 6.00pm the headlamps will be switched on and motorist bullying and ganging up on others will have reverted to expressed satisfaction concerning the evils of the day being completed to providing those who are fond of it some form of matrimonial services, its the other stuff about how they go from warning me about humiliating people and the consequences that could come forth from it to developing a cliché that communicates to me a Royal Estate I have lost everyday; hence the hatred for my Books will be a start of the things they will lose as well if I did, we have had this conversation about the fact they need to keep away from it and be content with all the other practical jokes they spend their stupid time on just as well. The girls do say there is nothing much I can do of course which is an old story besides the one about the fact its very well having conversations about Christians on sex but when they put that stupid culture and society in my face we will find out again if what happens is that when I rip it up I get killed – besides which their big mouth is set to ensure I take steps that will get them off to the pornographic industry to fuck their stupid brains out too. They like to say what people utter and write hurts me a lot and its utter nonsense as it does not; the reality of what is happening here is that their need to make money is a threat to people and when it applies to me they will make the money and they will understand what it is and how it is used and will use it while I supervise and if they throw their big mouth at me I will ensure starting from processes of pillaging what putting up products to sell means to them as a community set the stage for them to go off to the sex industry where they can fuck their stupid brains out basically. I do get told I use the word clown as an abusive term but we can see that this sort of mess being made for others is amusing for them but threats are issued every time it started to get a little bit serious – so its an apt statement to say that it does and the clowning around goons need take note. Its their sense of curtsey that gets them making use of me and my work and my public image that causes the most trouble led by very stupid Americans talking rubbish as well and for me, it is the price of my Books compared to how much they earn that will turn me from a normal person into an animal too. Of course there is bragging about how difficult it is for me which is utter nonsense; we have three main ways in which I have been provoked here and one of them is my botched academic work, the other is the keeping me from jobs so I do not build up savings and put aside money to help facilitate my Books and the third is tackling my books because I did not have the afore mentioned two items; so it does come down to the meaning of those times when I go to the bank to say its not so bad and the bank balance tells me I am lying by explaining exactly what they have been doing creating problems for me because they are fans who want me to share what I know and then the biggest issue they have got since I wrote my Books was that a pipsqueak like me is actually now going to sell Books for a living – I rather think that since these activities are aimed at building up a series of things people have tried but not completed, so they can just sit down and feel as though the Country belongs to them when it is possible to get across its length and width and depth to extract some money from the stock market every time that they need some, I have already made the market that existed as a result of their involvement with me dormant so they do not split up my Estate Literary Empire and all it has done is expose me to bullying and abuse on media, so I am going to open it again very soon and then they will have to witness what I can do to ensure it is secure as well. Eventually we hear I am getting closer and closer to the stage where I will be clear about the reasons they do it and why it keeps coming back and of course we know that means they are referring to revolution; the things they think about and say which are similar to the things I used to think about and say when I was a teenager, so in their case they found a way to tackle the Head of State and since they ended up complaining about it I also ended up getting bullied for it too but in my case I quickly grew out of the ideas I had once I got my academics and Finances separated from gangs and crime but then ended up with the persecution of their feminists who like to think their insults and civil rights money loving threats is the worst thing that ever happened to the world – so to be fair, its still the old case of unbridled evil and when they are able to practice it by saving their skin and hurting others, people will be fighting for their lives in the neighbourhoods but when I had detached it from mainstream living, I will be punished for the rest of my life by them, I need not be clearer about their stupidities especially the Americans getting into a habit of threatening me, as I have said before not that I am complaining, this is not a media relationship gone sour, it is a difficult divorce from the Media, complete with settlements and alimony etc. they do need to keep their fingers off my Bum and their filthy mouths where peoples appreciate them. I understand it is difficult to fathom my personality but imagine that we had to say the Monarchy was incompetent, what kind of situation would we end up with in the Country and what kind of conditions would we need to replace it with something else and how would be replace it too? The problem is that I have dropped out of University and had my whole life explained as an existence stolen from women by these scum in order to get them to understand this and it comes down to that old case where you are famous and they had invented some revenge against you claiming the problems you resolved to be famous affected people who had not committed a crime in a certain way that calls for revenge against you, the revenge will eventually make them famous and then the problem will just have some fame attached to it but you cannot solve now because they have money to dominate you with – result being that if you are male, you become a very difficult person, if you are female you end up doing things that attach diva label to you. The reality on the ground is still that these are a handful of cowards and their abuses which they claim signifies their hatred for the system goes beyond the need to ensure every time difficult and violent public matters as settled which should last decades, it lasts minutes because they are making a gladiator out of you on media with practical jokes – where they are always brave however is when you had started a campaign to suggest you are in love with women that are older than you are, so that society idiots can continue to abuse you on account they want a reaction from you that works for them against women, it is brave for that, brave for the opportunism and the insults and the losers violence that you will suffer and be scared of its stupidities for; I am sure they understand I do not need an education from them about the reasons they keep coming back to me, I am sure they can understand a decade of financial complications solely to tolerate them. I am not saying this to set it out as a Public Policy related process, what I am explaining is that these goons did not recruit themselves properly into the work force, so what we have is that they have got Media jobs which sole purpose is to catch those who had recruited themselves properly into the work force and the industrial communities and then set about making sure those are out of work and out of pocket sharing everything they know with others; in my case the whole thing has now been set out as something I can trying to manage by writing Books, which then makes out that the Books really are things they can play with, the Books really are their toys, the books really belong to them. My liability of course is that I have a mind according to them which responds well when I am being told what to do but we can see they have a liability too as it is the same mind that is borrowing their whole culture and society; they always say I need to give up who I am in order to sell my Books and that is why I am always being made to get off my own life and chase up problems associated with men chasing deviance until they are stuck with it i.e. my Books are equities and they will decide how it is deployed before I can have it among other things – so we can see I started off handling their own liabilities by borrowing the culture and society before they came up with the idea; for my part I have always been clear they will be free of me the day their popular culture and celebrity culture pays the bills. I do get asked about the Political side of it and that would be the same case as ever i.e. we have a problem in the UK concerning playboy characters and daddies, pure cowards who have a problem with women and religious people and I like to set out the British Leyland example for it; that vanished without a trace, one of the five biggest auto companies in the world and there isn't a single company today that can be traced back to it – all spent: I have been clear they can have all the practical jokes in the world save my Books and I did make dormant the part of my markets that involves them, their inability to keep off my Books will see me open up that market again and then they will witness what I will do to make it operable. Its Divorce from the Media as we can see and it is going like it should; the outcome should be that I no longer smell like my toilet whenever I step outside of my door and if after it is complete that is still happening and the individuals are linked to Media jobs, then they will end up with an enemy they do not actually fancy. We hear the excuse concerns my sexual habits but that is because they think the sexual habits will get me into trouble; it started in 2002 by the way, the vulnerability of talented Christian whose personality they want and therefore wish to keep off jobs and career and academic work until they got it, is that he is vulnerable to sex and women on account that he is single – what came off this was various other public and social problems but we all know they were never stopped when it came to a head as the next gimmick that takes advantage of such things did i.e. are we on the side of Democracy or Communism; we have seen it is still a dogs life for them and has not stopped, we have seen them become obsessed with making gladiators out of Public figures instead – I think they are bluffing when my vulnerability to women and sex is their answer to all problems, bluffing when they say my sexual habits will get me into trouble – they were warned enough times that I am unable to function around all the things that make them tick such as soul and boogie and all those alternative lifestyles associated with their insane civil rights movements, it only encouraged them to issue those insulting threats and tell me at the end that I am doing it the right way if the problems they set up at my expense get solved because I have been compassionate about helping others.