So they do say my problem is that I am fighting and spend most of my time fighting those that are actually trying to help me and its utter nonsense; what they are doing is tearing up my assets from two angles and one is a series of practical jokes on Media that can be used to build a crowd and a following that has an interests which involves an outcome where I have no money, while they seek to claim ownership of market I have built for my Books with it and the other is the destruction of my academics and any other things I do to aid me with finances as well – the result as it stands is that I am cash strapped, certain parts of the Royal Estate is becoming toxic and my Empire is becoming smaller and smaller and its apparently rewarding stupidities naturally, apparently a start as it were. The one they are complaining about was the little bits whereby its me versus the public, such that I want to see how their lower class stupidities stand up for themselves when they are being bullied so I can use and abuse them as well in the process but as we can see, this nonsense persists never the less and shows up on Media every day. Then we hear it’s the debts I owe them which is usually so annoying since it has something to do with a thing of their future I have wrecked on the right hand side and then the idea I have yet again provoked them by wrecking another on the left that they had built from their right to make use of my public image, so its really difficult to locate what their idea of distraction when people warn and tell them off for it really is especially so for the so called famous ones. Much the same story concerning that stupid narcissistic canopies for sales at Industries they love to target me with all the time; for some reason of which we find they want to spread out my empire to build new markets but in order to do so, I need to be made to understand I do not have one and they are about to rip up and spread the market of an empire that I do not have and it feeds into those stories about me taking advantage of the Media all the time as well; goes way back and it will be a daily case for a decade helping me on publicity over whatever I am doing and that help continues when I have not yet written a Book and continues when I have written it and continues when I am finally published, which means that the Publicity can then be ascribed to somebody else who is actually paying in order that their stupidities might avoid work, so I am speaking of it explicitly because its usually a fabulous use of my time and a sign that unless I make it serious it will never be when they blab such nonsense all together. The point is, funds have to be raised over a period for the Books and this is what they do not want me to have, then there is the part where the Books are progressed at the markets on the basis of somebody else’s good will which happens to be property they own because they believe they control my public image; these behaviour have persisted for a long time, it has only started becoming serious because they are building a crowd around it, in order to get off telling me it is not in their interest for people to read my Books with a crowd behind their stupidities, or sit down somewhere to ring a friend in order to ensure I do not get a job – the celebrities ones especially are happy to pick me up a normal person, wreck some important property and sit about expecting a fight that they are going to win which they have no plans to take part in and nothing really works that way, so they do need to understand that if they are not seeking their Music and film making equities from their own savings and mortgage which is property they actually own and keep off the Public image and Royal Estate, the same process of these media fools getting the job done so they can complain I make use of them, will apply to as well and it will likely be the least of their worries too. They do say they fancy me getting beaten down by the lower classes which is utter nonsense it’s a case of resisting the urge to spear head a certain crackdown on a social behaviour in this Country that has become quite a problem and we see the lower classes are about some plan they had for a future that involved making use of my life, which I took from them likewise the bits they built up my public image and I will be taught lessons and there is hatred brewing and people who do not wish to see people like me who have wrecked their lives and a crowd amassing and something being said about chances taken with my life and so on but if I did something about this, the Middle Classes will be able to make my Estate more toxic than they already have but that said, their insults and abuses are testing the limits of my patience as well, not a matter of me being beaten down by them but still it goes without saying they need keep off the Books as it is their exit and mine too, especially when they say I am partly responsible for their behaviour whereas they are always threatening me because they need money and since I am a Hermit and these behaviour leads eventually to an outcome where I have need of a mistress and I do not want one, I end up making them chase those stupid lives of theirs lest somebody else takes it up for them instead and this is what they mean what I am responsible for each time they want revenge for it, which is nothing serious as well in its own right, their own can easily look like this first before it stops for my part too. They speak of the only life they know but we all know it’s the one they have developed and gotten used to at my expense and when it comes to it those stupid practical jokes and looking like characters people want to take jobs from, building popular culture and celebrity on my public image to follow me around at University as well, I have no idea where they developed the theory from that I need their help, while reality is that I only needed 8 years to complete an academic study and get a job that will double my income then set out some money for my Book shop but it has continued and continued to a stage where it is becoming very destructive and has already started to blow off its big mouth about the destruction adding up to some form of stupid power. They have never gotten the better of me, it has always been a problem associated with getting off my Church business to hate some lower classes in order to keep my mind in order and they are becoming more testing on the matter as well. It is so evil and corrupt that it knows this and therefore takes steps to intrude into my concerns and make itself felt every day, very violently and abusively for good measure. So eventually I do get told I am cruel and abusive but I am not, since 2006 the British labour Party had given the Duke of York Title of UK Trade envoy, earning themselves a custom position at the Monarchy and becoming rather convinced there were all sorts of inventive stupidities I was going to tolerate so they can make themselves wealthy; we have reached a point since where they are failing to understand with consequences attached that causing people to drop out of University does change them. They dream of being a threat to me all the time so we find simple cases where women support criminal activity and like to target me because I am seen going near a Church, soon a white girl gets away from white Community stupidities of this kind and finds herself stuck with it, so she gets friendly with me and sets up some £1.50 stream songs to sell to millions of people and to support children at school, not long after it is taken over by stupid Men telling me how to exist with Media, making their own music out of a system that is actually patented when they do not have the permission to do and not long after that its free for all as well, never mind them making songs with my work and Public image which will get me beaten up by thugs on account they got some Client employee job at Industry and lost it because of some service I had provided, perverting the system itself in the process, then set off to deploy my Public life to make their own music that shows their stupid neighbourhoods feeling safe; so this adds up to the kinds of threats the music Industry poses to me and then I have to add up the Media ones and the film ones and so on as well, while they tell me the Royals are comfortable with Celebrities while I am not, whereas these idiots actually have body guards which protect them from the show business job itself and are keen to do nothing but profit from their insults at industrial popular culture canopies that exist for nothing save abusing people to make sales happen for large business, hence for that reason unlike normalcy where frequently showing up around Celebrities is not ideal since they are always in a position to look after you, hence the reasons people are likely to act violently on their behalf which is precisely what these idiots are after and the Celebrity of which they are precisely not. It has come to crunch time I suppose, a matter of how much insults I would need if I wanted to get the proceeds of a writers Book from his personal life and persistently wish to behave in such a way all of the time (In the end they say my words and actions are not progressive but from the point of view of running business on pack mentality so that years of personal decisions being made where professional ones should be may allow Women to be paid half the Salary Men are paid, meaning that women cannot talk about the crime and criminality they have to deal with because the Public persona of dirty women has already been built or on the other hand the pack mentality decision which replaces professional behaviour affects my own livelihood and finances in a personal way because I am the guy who wants to run an empire on s shoestring which makes me want to run it on a shoestring as well to get the better of them for it all the time; I want them off my Books unless they actually wrote it themselves and I intend to compete with the Celebrities over fame and better personality and win but intend to do so by using the internet, that way they can let people breathe when they have media to play with).