It has been going on all day since yesterday that there has now emerged a real need for me and my people to justify if our behaviour befits our level of beauty and good looks but I wouldn’t know anyway, it is an old story and Popular culture behaved in exactly the same way before they got the Politicians to show up and rip up my finances in order for them to gain time and rebuild their stupid superiority on which their self confidence depends. So for the Women who have needs and gangs; the Americans can no longer tell me that being able to push moral people towards crime as a result of such nonsense amounting to their freedom and capitalism is their right, so I am at a loss as to what incentive they think they have to keep getting on my Public image space to improve themselves and getting on my nerves all the time; apparently the best prognosis we have is that they will likely get the Politicians to rip up my finances and allow them rebuild their superiority the way Popular culture did on the basis of being able to threaten me because they are Women, while the Politicians will do it on the basis I am a threat to others in a way they are not a threat to me, which is all such a fabulous use of my time all together. So the main point is that popular culture behaved in the same way, leading to a result where I become so disturbed I am running faster than my daily divine supply of inspiration and instruction, never mind the fact they think they can pull my strings of the source of their power over me was financial – popular culture behaved in the same way and it led to results where people made songs on my image and my life to a point where coming across any meant coming across myself and fundamentally meant I couldn’t step outside of my door in peace, which is how they got those empires stretching from the US to Japan all ripped up, got them complaining about their stupid freedom, so American talk show hosts might think they can shoot off their mouths at me to any degree they bloody well wish, the popular culture in my head still. So in their case it happens because they are really stupid and if I clipped Majority population and minority population and told them to get on my Public life to get successful with some trade that will provide a service for rich and greedy people in the City centre, it will not be like the ones that wind me up here at home in the sense they become more interested in looking after me in their own way, it will be like really stupid and the Country is about to burn kind of stupid; so I have had enough of this nonsense and to hell with making the Politicians realise their lies will not lead to a good end if they cannot work out the need these idiots have to trim those who have a public life to certain degree with disrespectful abuse, in order to figure out their exit is a bad thing unless it happens at a National level – the next time they blab at me, there will be trouble and the Politicians will not stop me either; of course they are Women, I am blown away too; the wars need to come and go apparently so they can find out how they must dominate and bully the Men they can beat, with that yapping we cannot seem to be free from. It goes beyond that old case of being stuck with silly men whose girls want to be famous TV and movie stars etc on one hand or Feminists on the other concerning whom you can never ever do anything right unless they become rich and you had become poor – in terms of that, what happens is one of those occasions where you have colleagues you care about, maybe one of those Women your wife gets cooking tips from, attended Christmas party at her place a couple of times and she supports you at work as you are fond of her, except that the relationship is free for all and you are left wondering why people do such things anyway. We are here talking about the reasons the ladies think I should not be punished by Politicians the way it happens ever so often i.e. it is supposed to be a matter of me deploying my Heirlooms and people being offered structure and security to make their successes, leaving me with some money after – not Publicity as I already get paid by equity both from The Queens and the Government and hence really have no need for it and later on which I can get my Heirlooms back as it were; it is not a free for all stuff where people do such things and when done causing all the destruction and damage that satisfies and feeds their stupid minds, they then remember they want to be free and set about asking me too; it is the reason I have cut to pieces the culture and society and if I see anything rebuilt of it show up around my concerns again the process will be repeated still. They have always thought the Media would control me and they will do whatever they liked with my property, even FBI and CIA goons in the US are busy building an intelligence network on the basis of the girls that take pictures of themselves on my Public image, splash all over magazines and those who have done so wait for it to become collectible, so as to build an underground network of barely legal and illicit trade in antiquities etc.

I mean it is my heirloom, family stuff not other peoples toy as such at the end of the day and if careful attention was paid, they would see people end up at the Court because public imager career is built for them with my property and then after they are handed to me unspoilt, which is so in case somebody has an idea at a later date as to why my Public life can no longer continue. Now they say the government must leave the EU gently in order to protect workers and it does not make any sense if the crucial item of their stupidities which is only seconded by their laziness is detached from the picture; these are meant to have been the idiots who had business and get rich quick interests in Europe but lost the referendum to those who want to control the country, have grandparents that attack people on the streets to build them a public image so they can be famous Englishman which are of course the ones Politicians regularly decide can mess with my finances in order to catch up with their mates who have done better in life than they have because it is their civil rights, meaning there is something they wish to deploy government office and government funds to find out and need to fucking find it out already and leave me alone. The issue with the EU has always been that the EU was created because it was an alternative to the kinds of nonsense we saw of the first and second world wars such as Nazism but it had completely lost its way and the UK has become the first Country to detach from it; lost its way with Politicians making policies on a daily basis over processes associated with getting rich quick, concerning which people are refusing to respond to their leadership and failing to behave in ways which will not encourage the return of Nazism – as usual we have ended up with a part of what is happening in the Middle East and Turkey is in turmoil because that process has taken root, where they send out idiots that want to get around with successful people to slap others over the head while getting protection from the Police and later on build their own Militia because the Police cannot be trusted to do the job properly and then after the Dictator is necessary alongside alliance with Russia and the US Government must have by then done something which means that they are fundamentally responsible for the mess itself. At this stage I have noticed that the group of Politicians that are fond of running through this nonsense have come to find my reaction to it very amusing indeed; so I suppose that it is time to make it clear this is not a Christian that goes along with the Monarchy does moral things politicians liberalise and corrupt so somebody can deploy a new morality to do the bidding of the devil and so I am at a loss as to why they think that a freedom they will never have and none of their Prime Ministers have been able to stop me for or the Americans questions me about, is actually amusing – with respect to which I am at a loss as well as to which part of mentioning the above facts and that Turkey is burning and that it is how what we see in the Middle East today began, they find amusing anyway.

The other part of the story being that of people now recently replacing models with real women when they do supermarket magazines and I am at loss as to how it is supposed to have helped me anyway when they claim my interests are being looked at; these things have already gone on long enough to make me create systems that allow Socialites at the Court to sort it out i.e. these Men of theirs say they have money and know how to make it so they must be willing to buy something as well – I do not think replacing models with real Women does anything for anybody and these need to clear my space too. I understand there is an incentive for people to have a go at me when there really shouldn’t be one but we all know the truth of it is disobedience i.e. when I work with lower classes and need to look the part they will start their own stories of how I am no Royalty and make it stick – so it’s over on mentioning it already here. The part about how I am not in control of anything I own and they can do whatever they like and I am here like some supply for all their needs and the satisfaction of their incredible stupidities is nonsense and deviance that has gone on here like one massive responsibility after another for the last 15 years and I have had enough of it as well; so it should be made clear that it is government office being deployed to create security that facilitates socialites going about selling things to men who have money and can make it whereby it is in all our faces etc and there is a book attached to the whole system by which I make a living as well and I really want to know who the fuck they think they are as well.

The fall out aspect of this matter is the one case where I complete all my projects and discover that Journalist have spent all that time messing with everything I do in order to create vulnerabilities I have, catalogue them and set them all off on Media for idiots to please themselves with and on knowing what they have been up to, have started another set of questions about whether or not I hate the freedom of the press, so that the result being government involvement in my life and criminals inviting themselves and this completely unnecessary nonsense which I am sure everybody has witnessed too. It has been going on for long enough, I am not suggesting it has not; it’s the old story of any scum who has a problem with a low life being given Royal position in the UK, getting in touch with the Spanish Royal family and then once finished with the Kardashians and all sorts of nonsense concerning the wives of wealthy countries all over the world, will show up to express all that nonsense about getting involved with me to solve problems which means they are stuck and cracked up out of my league due to the useless lives they live and have something they think I should be doing as a means of communicating with me endlessly but which changes nothing of the fact they are now stuck, cracked up out of my league anyway – whereby they get to tell me I have lost a Royal position without knowing I have like it was their lives which depended on it all of the time.

So they do say the cracking people up thing is not the greatest story in the world but we all know that the truth is that they love the bit where they round people up like animals and set about making sure people are desperate enough to try and make products to sell to them at civil rights, so they can wait there and ensure it never happens unless they had become oppressors for a change and it is the same about Politicians claiming for years on end that when their society scum pick on me in order to catch up with their mates financially, it has something to do with their rights. So now they have gotten themselves into corner in which they are poised to find out their stupidities can be the least of the worries others have to deal with and I do not need to come to any sense that my behaviour towards the guys is unacceptable either, they are now finding out how the trouble makers do what they do as well. The other face of it is that I think I should sort out my finances by myself, which is utter nonsense – the truth is that majority of Women in this Country do not think I should be  punished as often as Politicians think I should be but it is a behaviour Politicians put up because in my view there is something they want to find out and hence these events amount to them finding it out already and everything going swimmingly; I personally have to deal with the one whereby the fact somebody else is a bad girl generally means I do not have the right to breathe, having developed everything here to contain equity of creativity and developable assets and structures and secured with enough buffers to protect me and all associated interests from emotional fall outs, my biggest problem and greatest source of financial losses are still emotional fallout, hence cracked up out of my league must be resolved, still thus insulting and abusive beyond comprehension  because she has been inconvenienced. So they say it is the paranoia I build around Women and do not seem to accept it is the wrong thing to do, besides which I am talking like a porn star anyway; in terms of the former, I am not building any stupid paranoia, it just seems unclear to the guys that when I say there is nothing they can do it is possible that was not the truth but for the Women it’s a matter of somebody deciding that passing insults at state operatives opens up a perspective which provides her with exit every time she is done screwing around with life as much as she wishes and the Politicians stop me from protecting myself from such crimes because they want these stupid Women to be doing it at a National level to create an effect on the whole Country in order to provide themselves with their so called exit – a person has to be stupid to fault to live in that and not least political rhetoric about claimed evils of religion is what encourages it the most, never mind the fact being accountable to those you lead must cost you all of your health and when all you do is linked to legitimisation by good law, you are walking around their neighbourhoods like you were their boss and the list goes on endlessly. In terms of talking like a porn star, I am not the one rescuing pornography from an Arch Prince since the last time his Heirlooms turned up around it on account European Politicians and Hollywood Celebrities but are the most insolent scumbags in the world, so I am game for more if they like. I have in any case made it clear it is easier to watch them pornography than it is to open a criminology text because I do not have a normal life i.e. government gets involved with everything and criminals invite themselves into everything; so now that my people can do counter pornography as well, I am suggesting they should do the animated ones where it will be possible to express things that simply wouldn’t work with another human being’s body, making it far more exciting. It does seem that when they do go off and kill themselves it would not have been because I was the bully but because they were.

Now they say I will serve as an example for any who thinks they can block off the left and I wouldn’t know anyway – the reality is that jumping all over my public life to get financially comfortable is not something that happens with an outcome whereby they go their way and I go mine; so I still have no idea who told them they are famous when we all know they are popularity idiots bred by another group of idiots in the work place and churned out like that like a thing; so that if you get involved with a celebrity, you have the part where you can get involved with them where their spouse and children are concerned but not so where parents are concerned because they are normal famous and it’s the same with everybody that was originally collected for me during the set up of my Office and commission in the first place – the rest are just people who know involvement with your concerns is distressing for you and so turn it into a financially advantageous thing to do and do it with a take point attitude everyday because they never ever listen and are stupid beyond comprehension, making people sick to the stomach all the time and pretending it is power as a result. Here the way they are mostly done up has something to do with realising its those idiots that have a need to get out of bed every day to work out how they must spend my property on themselves talking nonsense about being famous and then when push comes to shove remembering abnormal aspects of their so called fame, such as the fact any relationship with parents is iron clad hidden from Public eye while they are at the same time able to convince other peoples parents to let them fuck around with the kids as a matter of a right they have to do so, pointing to existence of bad people and all sorts of nonsense they can perform at Politics and Media for it; I want them to clear my space as such and they are still getting on my nerves without taking it seriously.

Thus the follow on claim that my problem is largely so because I have become a very unhappy and miserably inconsolable person; the reality of which is that I am not; it just makes people sicker when they are happy people that are lumbered with other peoples miserable stupidities – hence the reasons I have this three personality issue where one is the bit those who get involved with me create and the other is the shiny me that I actually do not get to enjoy because another me exists in my head which works for those who get involved. The simple case being one of the fact that the Court is female only and while the Men love to make a story out of how I treat them, getting involved which I find very distressing and is largely used to develop financial and public image based bullying is not just something they do because they are addicted, they do it to leave behind opinions that cause a stir because it will make me sick as well. So what is happening now is that the whole need to rip up peoples finances and set about way laying them at civil rights in order to ensure they are living at the mercy of other peoples financial generosity by selling products that will only sell if allowed by those they want nothing to do with and those who are bad news for them in every way, has now given way to a process where they are getting around the world to get involved with like minded goons from every developed economy that is bigger than the UK one and each time I find any of those stupid arrangements I cut it up myself all together; they are only just finding out how determinately abusive it can be for those who come up with things they do not have, so that their needs might progress into violence that destroy other people’s lives and it is the least of their stupid civil rights movements problems as it were, since the one they actually fear is the tyranny one, when that abuse then gives way to a history that has been collected and will be handed to those that are important and only those who serve those that are important thereafter will be allowed to be healthy and strong as it were. The court is female only and they do not get to tell me what to do.

Even now, this is very gruelling and difficult work but at the end I will not be getting paid and it will be utterly pointless because I am not selling Books – the reason either being that an idiot is feminist or that a male one is a fool with personality problems and so it gets right up to that point where they find I have a problem with my temper as well when I get hold of that stupid self confidence and beat it down comprehensively especially over the fact I have lost means of administrating the relationship I have with customers parents. They do say that the problem is that they love me and hate my minders at the Monarchy, which is quite incredible a set a choices to put together, when I am obviously such a happy person that I am still happy even when they are dead; when their own hurts as well, bloody waster thing.

So they say it seems I am looking for  a war, it is utter nonsense; I mean the general story is greedy people following me around because I am a Man and know my way around Industry, the violent ones follow Women around if they are celebrities and Journalists; so when Politicians want to rip up finances and tie us down, it’s like a special show – hence we get together and decide to come up with a security arrangement by which we can sell things to these people but what is not clear is where the Media ones who turn up to give them publicity to steal my identity if they make use of my work without paying the mumblings of foolish Women who never seek sex with their own mates and the results are that other peoples find out how their jobs work as well. Then again which is the same old story of the familiar cowards and their inability to handle the problems which creates a need that is just as intense as the desire to control those that can and own them like an item as though there is a problem with the respect bit; when I explain it is funny when I don’t they think I want a war with that big mouth. So we will hear that this is a world I cannot cope with but everybody else knows normal celebrities spend a certain amount of their income to maintain a profile while waiting for others to call them up for a job – these scum however want to have everything, from the wealth of the great and good to being film directors themselves at the expense of those they can fleece it from to ensure it costs them nothing, while their civil rights fools are always right and need to be able to tell others what to do every single second of their time; it’s only a world that wants me to protect myself from them in an active way and nothing else, especially in terms of the need they have whereby their disobedience must be profitable and they must insert it absolutely anywhere they wish. The money people have always assumed, the most outstanding being Hollywood money, that the whole process of people brokering equity to make films for instance will last once because they will take over everything immediately after and that if they make these trouble makers deals concerning money on other peoples public image there will be limits to the vandalism; what we have seen instead is that the newest trend in Hollywood is not to be famous but to have your name on the Hall of Fame, not to Act in a Film but to become a Director of one and it all adds up when there is a lamb to the slaughter to ensure nobody pays a price for anything that goes wrong – hence time for me to claim my exit. So we hear I am not actually prepared to take advantage of poor people whereas it has always been the rule of the job to provide a service for as many poor people as there is in the world, who buy the products very, very cheaply and it depends on whether doing it myself will have the reach or getting a contract will and I need to rip up anything that rips up my own depending on what the public image these get rich quick goons have created for me actually is.

 Now we hear them speak of their stress and the reasons for it; makes no sense whatsoever all round anyway; I am involved somewhere of course which I am but I bet it has nothing to do with the fact that the way it works is that when people are stressed it is because they do not have time to get organised, so it is important that what they spend time on makes them the money with which to clear it out – except others like to play with my income; they do not have Heirlooms vested in anything, they do not have government involvement in their lives or criminals inviting themselves but are stressed anyway as such, even so; most of them are stressed for a celebrity’s salary or a Journalists one and I am stressed for nothing, so I have no wish to discuss the left hand side thing I tend to shut down anyway and their stress has nothing to do with me – they can get it all back when I take a holiday and they let me get them out of my hair, otherwise I can join up with those who inflict the stress and ensure they love it even more than they do at present – they all do need to stop getting involved where their involvement is not needed, it causes stress and they are not paying either. I mean in the last 10 years I have finished work on collecting my Literary archives to drop out of University the same year I got Published, after that gone through hell to find a job and on finding a job discover selling my Books have become even more difficult than it was when it was actually published and these are just the major examples of a life of intrusion and cascade of vandalism that they express here, one success brings all the hidden destruction crashing on me after another and they love to show they find it amusing too, whenever they speak of stress make mention of that stupid left hand side I shut down too. They do say I have no idea what I am dealing with whereas the simple fact is one about Midsized gangs and big gangs and the feel of this nonsense is one that says I can say I do not like the smell of marijuana all I want for instance but wouldn’t dare mention it if I room share with gang Members; so when I listen to news or what is happening around me with regards to the National services and the Monarchy, they get involved with my personality and ensure they lay out fame and fortune and popular culture pipelines and self improvement abuses right across the world and show up to insult and abuse and tell me what to do but when they speak of stress do not see a reason to leave me out of it as well. So it’s the same old story of the Media and their connections at the corridors of the US Congress and sex and drugs and rock and roll and Aid work after that too; to pain an accurate picture I will say, get published and drop out of University the same year, find a job and discover the job exposes the problems you had been facing while you were trying to sell your Books etc and your depression takes a spike you have never actually experienced before every day, in which condition they play up that routine of gloating over the Body of the Arch Prince who is somebody that looks a little untidy around his head area but has a soul that is cleaner than sanctified and there is something that moves through my head and down my throat and into my tummy and down my arse and there is a smell and it is funny, all day long, only to talk about stress later; they are doing it for government salaries and Journalist salaries and celebrity salaries apparently, which is why the stress story beats my imagination but makes me angry as they have involved me yet again like we are of the same social class.

So the concern is that I enjoy degrading myself and showing it off which is not really true; the truth is that I created an Empire and broke it up to broker equities and sell Books for my money recovered at the market – the reason was that truth be told, poor people were going to pay for the economic crisis i.e. if 100 of your Hours made Mr A his millions you will work 300 now that there were less jobs at the market and the Nation needed to be successful and nobody is monitoring how many Hours Mr A makes you work anyway: so it was going to blow up unless I had like mind investing in my work and my Equities and the fewer they were the better even though I have gotten such a vast amount of interest – it meant I could show them off to indicate to the world that it was not happening everywhere and also that I could provide security for those who were running their businesses ethically so that the Government might make the right Policies and the other bird that was killed with the same stone being that I had the Government influence with which to provide for the small handful of interests – so I won again and the goons hate my guts, it’s incredible.