I am now told that I am being eccentric. I am not being eccentric, not that I cared of the opinions of those who thought that I was, however if answers were to be provided as to whether my actions were eccentric or not, the reality of it is more a matter of the best time to be exposed to sociopaths who unlike psychopaths who look sickly and selfish and leave me wondering who invited them into my personal space, always want to suck me dry of all happiness and energy which once finished will move on to my finances and career by the insults of society gits, Celebrities and private security industry who have been working on me for 18 years prior, was the age of 37. I have had enough of them and the continued abusiveness tended to mean that I wish to pursue a process where they were allowed to do as they pleased and I was allowed to do as I pleased, more so with my own crowd pleasing gimmicks that will ensure I got to stop every distracting nonsense that formed a barrier to my financial wellbeing, as will afford me the means to ensure I only stopped when they lost their money and homes as well or I did give them the exit not to run it off at me when I am at work and to stay away from my Books.

They do claim that it shows I am a threat to women which is utter nonsense – if they were looking for an administrative dream, they wanted to seek leadership from the Aries star sign, to which effect, they ought to continue reading star signs to make a mess of peoples lives, I am not the administrative dream they have been pursuing. The Aries were the people likely to figure out how they wanted to match their insults with their jobs, which is the reasons they love to get about with Aries and tear up peoples lives with greed and money madness, being badly treated women one moment and tin can feminists the next. Currently they do not believe Libra like myself were the total opposites of this, they do not believe in a tendency to want to get my hands on their hands and use it to make a statement about the fact all jobs came with merits, to which effect they would never see their own again because they used it to make mine a mess. I mean I do get told these strengths were needed but it would cause a lot of suffering and had to be tempered to an extent; I mean there is the clarity and purpose of administering the insults of celebrities, society and private security industry by a process of opening up a highway for them to assist public security operatives and decide if the work there was done without the exams at school being completed and the business of administering leadership at the work place in terms of the excuse that security service jobs came with merit and I did not have to put up with other peoples stupidities but we know that when Aries tries to see if they can manage their insults alongside their jobs, the society trouble makers get to keep the day job and likewise the abusive celebrities got to keep their own too. It is not to say that I had no affinity with myself as such, it is just to point out the suffering that will be caused if the Libra was allowed to do full administration, cause these gits a lot of suffering and leave it for the Gemini who had an ability to see the story from the side of the worst criminal, if it was his or her job to administrate Government rehabilitation processes and to give people a second chance in life with the supervision of the authorities. The reasons we have ended up in this mess if the way the other star signs depart their world to show up here for all the wrong reasons and say that pushing me into difficult situations because I am located between the Scorpio they feared and the Virgo, was the answer for all their problems, up to the point where their stupidities were entitled to pick up my career and my income margins if they employed Scorpio to attack me. The Scorpios themselves were another story entirely since it was not the first time this happened so that we would find bodies on the beach with punctures all over it, wondering if mere punctures could take a life and to be informed by the doctor that the punctures were inches deep – I have been asked why I loved to describe them as fringe society Scorpio which I do because they are always seen showing up somewhere to handle fringe society i.e. since the other people who thought about passing the exams at school to get the job and secure the finances before responding to society gimmicks, are not bothered by society anymore and many are wasting money on mental illness treatments, the fringe society was the only thing left in terms of the fact I was not vulnerable to their gimmicks; where we say the contortionist bent her body several points to entertain a crowd and is not complaining, so it was difficult to make sense of the endless Scorpio complains. They do claim it was such a mystery this matter but it is not at all – quite silly to suggest a Libra with a Scorpio moon for instance was likely to be afraid of Scorpios when we are aware that such Libra star signs were likely to copy everything that the Scorpio threat did. I am not one of those but never the less was it impossible to say that after years of a bunch of sociopaths hanging about at society to send out hoodlums that will run me down so they can suck me of energy and aesthetics, it was impossible to see them as a group of people who hung about somewhere claiming we thought they spent most of their time with criminals but were financially better off than most of us were, therefore their abuses and insults were to be deemed a declaration of capacity to pay and fund solutions for the consequences, even if they had to do so culturally. Generally on the other hand we see the stupidities they engage themselves with at my expense and how distracting those were. It is not a mystery what I want and the gimmicks that I talked endlessly like a South American dictator was utter rubbish too – I need the celebrities to lay off my public image and its wealth equity and return to the meaningless lives of their various star signs, as I will pick Celebrities if I wanted to get involved with any, failure to do so means that I am going to do something about it at this stage too.

On the matter of not doing myself down, when it really comes to it, the main problem here is the insults of the famous, that of society gits and that of private security industry who are no longer able to protect the Celebrities that paid the most money for security, from me: eventually it played into the German influence abuses and they have been fighting my wars, to which effect people could see the importance of making decisions about peoples finances on the basis that Armed Forces operatives were entitled to carry on with their own jobs as well. They do claim I expected to access German goodwill for all the bad things I said about Germans which is utter rubbish – what happens being that Germans think that the British were good at some matters they concerned themselves with and like in my case, I have had interests from several high profile German companies for it too, these idiots have since run off their media madness to successfully create the sense that the purpose of this was to saddle me with responsibilities that were too much for me and after I spent my resources trying to get it done, they could take it back at the most convenient point to do so. It loves to work with its American counterparts on the business of pillaging my public work to get paid for being popular by idiots with money who would buy anything, then show up here after they shared the money with an abusive community to let me in on the fact they were self-harming goons who now considered themselves public figures at my expense, building communities that had such intense thoughts of my privacy that they got their imagination around my private parts endlessly all day. Again, people say it is a mystery that I beat them back but when people do this knowing that a Libra’s pride and joy is likely to be his personal life and personal space, it was a mystery they were looking for trouble, especially if no ounce of truth could be found on their lips talking nonsense about their size and how tough they were. In the end, the clash with Celebrities need not have happened as such considering the public would always spend money on Celebrities because they think that they cannot leave their culture to others but we are now in a place where my finances are being trashed and they take it upon themselves to try and keep the public away from my Books, claiming it was not up to scratch whilst even the cover shows I am a public figure, writing therefore was a process of setting events in motion as will ensure it was standard practice to convince the public that the best way to get around to their financial matters was through the jobs market.

The other part of this story being the idea that I thought I needed to avoid State provided security which is ridiculous, I mean a public service operative who thinks that his job was better than that of security services operatives and or that he needed to judge them, is scarcely credible. This is not the case, reality is that the whole German influence gimmicks have meant that the abusive private security have been picking up areas of my concerns that public security operatives found appealing, for their own gimmicks, now that the abuses of society and celebrity had joined in, the highway I opened up for them to assist public security operatives is full of traffic, I had also since resigned myself to the fact that area will continue to grow and they will continue to hurt themselves on my account but the public security operatives, had a right to get on with their own jobs as well. It all feeds into Celebrities trashing my finances to work sociopaths into my personal life and show up to suggest thereafter that involvement with me need not receive my consent as a matter of what their stupidities wanted, so the sociopaths knew where to go to perform some work that will assist security service operatives. The sociopaths always having been an issue, considering their interest in peoples personal life, as in my case, since last I went to University and found myself caught up in the activities of people who held public offices, crossing paths with some journalists; at the time I only thought they were public mobility journalists in my view and if I had to assist them with the sociopaths issues, I could just do it and move on but the Media have since completely destroyed everything here, not one has asked the Police once about facts behind cases which show up in Court when women get murdered and the importance of the role I played to express a sense that sociopaths had to share female journalists with a very important public figure. We are now caught up in a massive mess associated with their need to show they were more important, either way which the business of allowing them fool around with my public image had produced results and they were now famous too and could make sense of the effects their insults had on others – hence even a child can make sense of what I mean when I say they needed to stop running it off at me when I am at work and to stay away from my Books. Alternatively, it is usually very well the bragging until I sit around with thousands of people signing away copies of my Books as the case may apply, with respect to an antagonism of their right to step outside of their doors in peace as well. The same group of goons as normal, no matter which direction people turned: the racists who ensure that a challenging work offering the doer no stress was stressful because their nature involved telling people what to do, whilst the Celebrities protected black people from me and from them, to show up here complaining about a failure to protect themselves and an inability to protect me from both – the Celebrities who rip up my finances to make me do their bidding and the Muslims who share my privacy with the hoodlums to build communities that finger my bum, all claiming that it was the anticipation of what I am likely to do about their gimmicks which caused them to perform more abusive madness in public, whilst the Muslims for instance knew what would likely occur if I wanted my privacy back and the blacks did not want to suffer racist attacks for making a mess of my career so publicly.

Eventually we speak of diplomatic implications, which have been that any structures created to police the no mans land between democracy and communism is torn up by idiots who then set about trashing my finances over need to blame somebody for the fact that the Economy of the USA was not growing, a bunch of idiots who never actually spend time to think about doing a job properly as such. It had since eventually developed into a two part issue – one side being the part they played in fighting my battles, so they engaged in traffic to assist public security operatives, such that since their behaviour was not criminal, it will eventually build up to a point where I will be accused of failing in my duties and they will be the people to administer punishment on the other hand were the Celebrities they also claimed I had failed to control. It does not bother me in anyway, the wickedness of it all is within my range – the insults of the society goons being that which is done by people who can fund solutions for the consequences, while Celebrities can be driven into difficult corners where they helped raise awareness for what I am doing; for instance if I had a court of female journalists and none heard of it, I will push them into a difficult corner, so they raised awareness, hence I am sometimes in a position where I assumed their abusive activities were a defence mechanism to ensure I did not get rid of them before they made me pay for it. Speaking of the way I am a threat to women then and how most of these issues were matters I caused, they should not be working so hard more so, to get rid of activities feminists engaged in, to ensure that justice was accessible when wronged i.e., if a feminist is wronged, building a crowd in two Hours should be normal, just as much as a CEO on a million pound salary with a habit of sending out his girlfriends to run me down and call me names, be it German influence or not, will not see his precious job again if I got my hands on it. In the end they were all playing the part of powerful industry people attacking others endlessly and have been setting people out as personalities that can be abused by those who wanted to befriend them.

They do claim the way I worked would bring me disaster although I was convinced that I am doing the correct thing. It is utter rubbish – if the way I worked involved stuffing troublemakers with what I knew, I had no business with Celebrities who needed to stop running off their gimmicks at me while I am at work and needed to stay away from my Books. There is really no problem here, the public work is well done and none will come through from the Monarchy to say that this process was incorrect and showed I had failed in my duties. The only problem we have is the way that celebrities have proceeded to make a complete mess of it because they wanted a broad based access to the public to make money through popularity and Media, which had since grown into this gimmicks where it became obvious that after years of getting to the heart of this issue, it turns out that the main problem was the people who got to tell me what to do, chiefly which was the celebrity and media wrecking my finances to make me serve them, as they have always dreamed of being treated like Royalty, finally growing into an abusive process of building communities that share my privacy with street hoodlums, so they can get imagination around my private parts and make me comply – it has stagnated everything here including my personal and love life while they got on media to blab about what I would not have done if I had no support, which is incredibly stupid. Other still have said that I am doing good work here but it is utterly necessary - we are now at a crisis state sort of Capitalism, where Households go into their closet to find family Crown Jewels that can be used to facilitate the jobs of wealthy people at Industry because they thought the Government will make something of it for the future of their children, which is the opposite of a process where people had no business with family fortunes and only the partnership with members of the public who worked with them because they were being paid enough to make them rich by those members of the public who got an income boost from the products that they were buying. In my case they say that my work was messy and I am never going to put myself through any extra work to pin it down for them either - there is no messy work, just an exercise in the respect of other peoples profession by those who considered themselves more entitled; none should be picking up my assets to make their own money as a continuation of some crisis capitalism that came through because the sales men had put the recession in the minds of the Households or they may assume that nothing will come of it.