So I am asked these days about what my case with American young people seems to be, of which there is no such case – just nonentities turning up to tell me my Books should never have been written and will never get sold because it has caused nostalgia; the kind of behaviour that will lead to outcomes where my scared Books lead to me taking responsibility for school shootings because I am being accused of it. The other part about encumbering their freedoms is utter nonsense, what they need to do is clear my space otherwise the Books will be there to decide for them their own lives the way they decide for other people. I hear of this other part where there is a problem in the EU which I refuse to accept exists but what really happens is that Industries create products on my Royal Public image and broker Publicity with me in that way while I broker creative and creativity equity and security with them – having been they have realised that the British are better at IP administration, they have turned up to take advantage of it and having been the British realised others are better at manufacturing they have sold Companies to them and so it all works in the grand scheme of the EU, there is really not enough migration into the UK as may cause a major crisis like the Politicians have claimed – what happened is the same old celebrity vandalism where they will be the first to complain about anus and penis insults not working together with their million pound jobs that involve self exhibitionism but will be the first to set up community croons that rip up peoples hospitality and their children or society idiots that take it up and manage it violently for the owners to everybody’s detriment, there is no migration crisis or EU arbitrary behaviour as claimed by the Politicians that think they are celebrities themselves. Now they cannot stop setting out messages on Media to tell me I am supposed to be worried about one thing or another here and there all of the time; whereas what they have done is set out success as something that can be accomplished on the basis of who can make violence profitable the most, which means they are always sending out the stupidest of their females to challenge me and handle my property for a reaction – all I am left with now is to decide if feeling sorry for the economy which facilitates a process where these incredibly stupid scumbags can punish me when I refuse to let them deploy my Public life to live on easy street, actually puts money into my Bank account and if not I need to decide whether or not I have finished with what I set out to do with it as well. The case of how difficult this challenge will be because the Fathers and the Politicians claim I have taken up the glory they should have had is very well understood; when I look at a nice car I get reprimanded by an idiot that will get Politicians involved if you touch him a little bit as well, claiming it is how I become more concerned about that than about the job where my level in life is and if I step out of my door they will gather up at the city centres and Media to pillage sensibilities until they are pillaging the ones concerned with personal and family life to get rich and important and famous at the same time, ripping up my academic work because it is the only thing that will likely close down that route; so the stupidities of Politicians spending tax payer funds on their ignorance to start them off in life is all very well but at the moment tax payer funds is not my money and it is everything to play for now that they are financially well off and are not making too much trouble; this is my property and every fool that buys shares in companies and sets up their culture and society fools need to bear that in mind, it will not make me human if I continued to bang off these messages for years without consequences and we know every process of asking me to share something with them means destroying my Book sales income by making use without a purchase, it is not challenge at all whatsoever.

They do say if I stayed quiet and carried on with what really mattered everybody would win and all would be well but there will be no way whatsoever of doing that when the first time people hated my guts it concerned the process of them asking the Politicians for help to dominate me first before I am allowed to do my academic work and then find a job after that but they still had the effrontery to rip up the academics on account it will stop them from sharing when I turned up at the University, so it is easy to see that what they want me to do is what is right at all times as it were and we will find out what they are made of instead rather. The way we live these days, to keep the Politicians informed as a whole is that I am me and they are the people who travel overseas to find trouble makers they can bring into the UK to brew blame culture with and I am not comfortable with my environment because the debt I owe them is that this has now led to a process whereby they are disillusioned about being British, while I am comfortable at home because I am more British than they are – so if carefully observed the ones I have shot off due to being attacked by them will be noted and the ones they have shot off to start will be noted as well. What happens is that I am completely detached from where I grew up and how I grew up and even what the outside temperature felt like when I lived at home with my parents and so on and everything about living in the UK has been altered in my mind, so I don’t know where to begin when it comes to getting out of bed to attend to a job, while the way they have gotten themselves into the same position is to travel overseas to bring in trouble makers that will help them with blame culture they can shoot off at me to secure the conveniences I have been hiding in my personal life that they were meant to deploy to make fame and fortune; the Politicians get stung when they chose sides.

Of course they do claim those their stupidities that means you are always caught from all corners about how I have taken the whole world for myself like we Royals always do; yet when you meet the society low life’s of Women, its one accusation after another and female equality at home attached to it messing you around all day long and when you meet the fashionista and fashion ones it becomes a matter of whether or nay you actually know what the reason for their problem really is and each and every section of these incredibly stupid Women has its own stuff like that but at the end of the day, they buy shares at the high shops and inform their society and community idiots to turn up there to look after their interests abusing me and asking me to share something all the time as a basic form of existence; so we know they complain about the Royal all the time because they cannot keep their hands off my property and if it is not good enough the way it is at the moment whereby it is all to play for, I am going to take their property from them and find out what it is exactly they can do about me like we hear the yapping all of the time for it as it were. The Media on the other hand is much the same story; parts of me they wanted to see as it were, women having the need to claim I sleep with peoples wives, getting involved with my work to lace their Media careers and dominate the ones that Men do not like on account they love journalism that involves some truth telling by talking about what is actually fact and hence there is no evil in them that causes them to attack others over how it affects them to work in such an industry even though the pay is considerable, now we have reached the point where it is my turn to have fun as well and they will get involved with my work to stifle my pay and income and then I will say something about it and the result will be libel and then they will own my life because I can neither turn left no right and then it will get worse until they take everything right down to job and income etc – in their dreams, so have they seen those parts of me that they wanted to see for my bit too.

They do say it is about making me work on what I can do to deal with corruption all over the world because my Parents are Nigerian and it will never make sense; I mean it is a big country and there are Igbo in the West and Yoruba in the East and Muslims up North which are split into about five massive main groups and tribes and my parents come from the South and the State they come from is such that there are languages there which people speak that even my parents cannot speak and therefore I cannot because nobody has taught me as it were. So it is a country where other peoples personal Gods like stupid British Politicians can go to become celebrities as they want generally; it’s like the Middle East one they are complaining about at the moment where you go to a Country and end up seeing behaviour you never actually thought human beings could exhibit and anything that looks like humanity actually exists because it is being protected by very powerful corruption; I know I am hated by these British Political fools because nobody has ever held them down to commitment of bringing these things through British borders before like I have, so it does not work like a mystery to me at all and we are not talking about putting their own House in order yet either – that will be a case of 10 middle class scumbags were playing cricket in the local park and I stared for so long I got hit on the head and ended up with brain damage in hospital and yet when they want to pillage my personality to a point where they are doing personal and family life to trade and get rich in the City centre, it is as though we are related if not hinged to each other. It’s like the complain about the Media whereby somebody has to beg me for something in a life changing way on National Media 4 to 5 times every single minute which means that when culture and society people follow him u, people tend to prefer whatever it is that happens at the end of that begging to a process where they buy my Books to get involved with what happens in my world; so I have to say again it is pointless asking as the part of me they wanted to see is the one they are seeing all the time too.

They say I have no preference of Women and will sleep with anything and everything; it is utter nonsense of course, the reality is that most of what I do is designed to extricate a process where I become studious at academics and Faith and the management of my Book sale business at the end, while everybody else’s case lies all around me in absolute carnage – so to say I have no preference of Women is entirely deluded. As for the story of what I can take on and what I cannot take on however, the reality is still pretty much the same; half of them are always handling me and will get the Politicians if I handle them a little bit as well, the other hand are always handling people on my behalf and both are always complaining when I do something with the disposition which exists between the two; however I better not get too good at it, so that the other industry idiots that were supposed to manage this problem of those who take up peoples hospitalities and run it for the owners or simply just ruin and destroy it when they cannot have it but chose to spend time on me and my income can be keeping them money. The talk by media idiots of what I can handle or cannot over this matter is precisely what it appears to be i.e. talking. I mean it’s a simple process of people building a product to match the public image of a States Man and when those products are out there it is Publicity being brokered with me, it is my own Assets and property that have been put into action, my own expense; I am not a gift to these guys and they need to see how tough it is as well, as we all know that buying the Books or letting interested persons do so seems to be their biggest problem simply because it would have been an amusing prospect should they behave in that way and it will never ever get real and serious as long as it continued uncontrolled and undecided. Of course they always have problem and my problem is that their problems have not been solved so as to sell my Books; I do not mind either, it is the reason I ensured the problems persisted until it was clear they were meant to buy Books not get involved with me and tell me what to do, so I do not select a depression from my many stores of it that matches their case as well and besides which I warned this time will come when it will be me versus Politicians and Celebrities and Media since we all know that although it is as destructive the fact that all that self exhibitionism and ripping up people’s property to make fame and fortune no matter how bad is actually the start of a condition whereby they want to become business tycoons, none of which asks them to get into a habit of ripping up my income for attention all the time too. It’s the old tale of how Media idiots select their victims for crimes of passion and how innocent people get caught up in conflicts they have no idea how it came to; cowards making sure their loser image is no more as it were. It is a familiar question they ask of what I intend to do with how much it costs the Government to keep me going; which has no basis on reality as I work in a way that ensures my needs are cost effective all together which is why it seems I can never displease The Queen, in any case of which I do not think that when you have turned the Liabilities of British currency into an asset that belongs to your company and Royal Estate, there is actually anything left for you to do to cause such expense that will become a concern for the Parliament anyway. The cause of expenses are Politicians that are always punishing those who have achieved something that has taken the glory they should have gotten the praise for but when asked to do it, we find them at foreign National Interests chicken that leads to an outcome whereby it becomes ever increasingly more difficult to defend – I do not think it is a problem either, I just need to stop pretending the buck stops with them and take charge of my own work and property, however the great idea is still that when they ask me for things and happen to get it, that is my Book sale gone with the wind. In the end as I have mentioned before; most of what I do are designed to ensure I am studious at Faith and Academic work and my Business Finances – the plan was to end up at this stage with my concerns broken into two main blocks i.e. business and Faith but now its business and academic work and Faith, so when people want to wind me up, what they will do thereof is bring up the fact they ripped it up for me at Greenwich University and stole my Literary archives to get around the world making a real financial mess of me to set themselves up as the stupid women that control me and use me to fix all their life’s problems and there will never exist a point where the vengeance will cease to be as swift and savage as it currently is. I mean mere taking public transport leads to that result where I am the kind of Man whose exit women block off and his person to use as a fix for all their problems in life or they can make him smell and cost him his job, never mind the fact they can confiscate his public image on the left and push him into trouble with violent people, whereas he could make it simple by simply giving them what they want from him as early as possible – so when people really want to wind me up they will show they stole my literary archives and ruined my Academic work at Greenwich University like it must be that cheap as it were – same problem with female population being that they are in such a position that they find it impossible to declare that a very large proportion of their population are incredibly stupid human beings.

They do say I have an off-hand method of dealing with Government matters, which the Politicians are not happy with but I do not – if I did, my facts would not have ended up in the hands of culture and society people to stop liberals and freedom goons from stealing things – it’s the Politicians that are fond of throwing tax payer funds at ignorance that must now decide what kind of leadership they want to provide. It’s a case of changing something whereby we the democratic part of the world get to do better and somebody gets all prepared so as to bring these facts into Public sensibility and all, especially the one where the powerful and not the one that owns the resource decides which shall be the opportunity cost in their world, running campaigns to deplete the customer base equity of my literary empire all the time without reason or purpose except some narcissistic customer service for celebrities and the fact they are stupid, so as to tell me that the problem is that my disposition suggests others do not have the right to be famous, when they do have their own left hand side to get famous with on seeing that mine comes with trouble. In the end when I want to describe the way things are actually done; it’s a matter of stocking a shop and going off to buy an expensive suit on the opening day which will show people you are prepared to provide a service – these idiots mean to ensure that does not happen with the Prince’s business pretending their advantage is that he is scared of telling people he is One; the American ones love to make out nothing in the world will move unless the worlds greatest economy that is that of their Country has been acknowledged and need to spend even more time than they are presently to hate my Books and try to keep their insults to themselves thereof.