An ideal world would have been the one where people are not investigating others to an extent where they become tempted to deploy their victims public life to make themselves famous and comfortable but we have had laws made in the none ideal situation that has been created by Politicians delaying my finances until they become a social state of affairs on account they happen so often and I have no idea what such laws are meant to serve anyway – although I have made myself clear about people moving into my right hand etc. They do say it is a problem concerning how much money people have lost especially overseas on account of my activities; all I can say about it is that they are free to continue tracking my movements between 2001 and 2015 to rip up my finances and ensure my market equities end up somewhere else in order to extricate this abusive process where I attend the office of a literary empire without the money in order to find out what it is like to have the millions and then lose and nothing will happen to their own as well, considering the things I learn from the process of reaching the top before chasing the earnings so they can have their prize. As for Tories tackling me and Women however, I couldn’t make it out; the problem is supposed to be about poor idiots seeking civil rights means by which they can rip up my finances and suck up to celebrities to keep it damaged in order for them to have somebody important they can oppress to feel good, while the rich ones just do it because the glory that would be extricated from a process where I end up in gang and crime and violent activity would be unprecedented – so which ones are the society idiots and public transport bullies and the ones that need to show they have the acceptable features physical while I think I am a celebrity which  they actually are. So it can only lead to an outcome where we need to justify how many millions of people they have been nice to and how many of those have taken them to heart which then makes them famous; otherwise incessant appearance on my public life to glorify their stupid selves and pretend they are taking away my Royal Estate will end in a campaign on my part to completely stop the idea that people can be famous and to stop all who try to be so as well.

They do say it is racism that is bothering me and I need to talk about it but I have no idea what they suppose I am talking about here; it is impossible to have a profitable business when you have refused to re-work your relationship with your consumers, relying on the confiscation of the empire that belongs to somebody far stronger than you are to sweeten the deal with consumers in order to be so – thus they want the rest of the world to believe that none of the things I do improves the finances of the Women I have opened up my life to on account they like to turn up to complete things making out it never was because it was not opened up to them as well but of course it does especially when it comes to the part where a product is to get stuck in a home being useful and we therefore get to see them sell any with those insults alongside and we are not mentioning the scouting the world to evaluate various stock markets and make them behave properly to clench deals and make money at the global markets either- I mean I just write Books and the Books do not belong to them in the first place; so that I have now tasted blood and seen how good it can be if the situation is that they are so distracted they are unable to work for that money that gets to their head and I am prepared to keep it that way for another decade and a half and how worse it gets will be determined by the number times they get out of bed to make my business unprofitable too; so it does make the finances of women better and Tories can take Women and Me on when they know what they are talking about too. This is usually the kind of occasion where they say I talk instead of sell and I do wish it were so easy to resolve because then the only thing we would be discussing would have been that it seems impossible to stop idiots from American pillaging my finances in order to take up my work and do a bigger and better version for the US, so the British friends need to join them so we can understand where they are chasing peoples private parts all the time from and leave my Australian and New Zealand and Indian and Chinese Markets otherwise I will cut that up too as we learn another massive lesson on the fact I am not their spare leader, not their spare resources. So they have tasted blood and done things to me which are unprecedented; the Tories who are their friends have now taken them onboard from the City Centre and Financial districts and so have I cut up their asset base for the same they have done to mine on account they are making profit and cannot do things any other way except the gambling economy way etc and could do with another 15 years of keeping them so distracted they are unable to develop relationships with their consumers hence tasted my own version of their blood as well; I just sell Books, this should not mean the end of the World as we know it and these are the kinds of attitude that will damage the Royal Estate itself and then it will blow up in their faces. The story about how people cannot accept the Monarchy thing is primarily oppressive is all very well but at the same time I can ask an 8 year old girl from Ballet school to tell me her secretes and then we will find that they do not deserve any form of justice whatsoever but as for the Tories, those will deal with Women and Me and all questions will be resolved. I mean even with respect to my work with Celebrities that is developed around the premise of making sure they have a public position and are making enough money to facilitate causes, we see the same behaviour and it is their freedom that everybody should be involved. They speak of the Politicians becoming free to do as they please if I got off to mention facts and realities about how I learn visually but do not use it to undress people by the traffic lights or know where peoples anus is so I can finger it and steal inspiration as I drive by etc but it is usually because they think the part where the general population knows and understands what I know about them will remain out of reach for eternity and as for the Politicians, it is not as much as using the process to govern people as Policy is made these days to ensure their interests are protected, so when it is the Politicians complaining about their hurting bottoms apparently that tends to make so much sense too; I shouldn’t be indulging them, I do just like the case of popular culture idiots who promise to kill people being allowed to sell their stupid music CD on my public life for the money and nothing else more so any nonsense about them being famous with the kind of back ground they have being out of the question but I do it on account it creates job opportunities for Celebrities in my Court. The way it really worked was that if somebody spent their money to develop my Equities I would have created them a celebrity that fits the bill for employment and the Celebrity can return to me and help me administrate state office thereafter, until they got involved and my whole systems and possessions became their civil right, so we can find them complaining like these at a later date. It is indeed a matter of wonderment, why peoples dream jobs tend to provide them with money that evolves into other people’s problem – what it is exactly that makes people so stupid. They say I think it is okay for Law enforcement to do these things but not okay for others; of which an evaluation of the means by which people have their dream jobs to provide themselves with money that constitutes other peoples problem, leads down the path where there was a time I used to wake up in the morning to the last thing I read from the Bible or indeed the nice song that I really enjoyed during the day but since I met them it has been difficult to keep my mind clean and I cannot get stuck with them while they hate my guts so much, to a point where I turn on those I love like that without consequences – speaking of which what the Police does is largely about finding out if handling people’s property the way they do and for as long as they do cracks them up – I mean I am just rumoured to be handling people’s property and yet it does me; I do know they are responsible so it is not that big a problem but it cracks me up never the less. I could really do with 15 more years of distracting them from the stupid money as well as it really does burst the insane ego ever so well. I hear I am meant to work with Politicians and not attack them but that is a matter of a habit that has not changed i.e. these chasing anus and penis people are bad for everything but are they bad people fundamentally, is a question that needs to answered; when I get out of bed to prepare for the affairs of the Day, the Politicians raze my candles and grab any new thing to invent something they can do at public office with it in order to exhibit themselves – so I have to handle them and create job opportunities for Celebrities at Court. It’s like the other issue of my so called bad habits; but the reality is usually that Women are strict about it when it is a Woman’s world and Men are when it is a Man’s world, those who intrude into mine cannot decide and it is by the way something that occurs as a result of being stuck with people in whose company I should never have ended up and they need to get off the Public Office as it is not their property; I mean I understand the Women one to be that the bad habits are a matter of Men having unfettered access to property by intense abuse and bullying but then if you do not take responsibility and get about exhibiting the bad habits all together it amounts to destruction, so I do not understand the Men one because it is not where I have kept my world and my life and do not actually care what becomes of it. The part where they are angry for losing Money is the best bit, they will lose the one that will make me popular – they are clearly having the time of their lives, I can tell because it seems they exist in another world when it comes to disobedience. Of course there is really no way I can have anything doing with Politicians without trouble from Buckingham; I have it with the Politicians I do, not because of their Office but because of who they are and how they go about what they do – the complain is usually that the Monarchy is becoming too powerful but the reality continues to remain that nothing has changed of what the Monarchy does and I know because I run my affairs and check myself to that effect all the time to ensure I do not step out; what has actually changed is how little Politicians do and I bet if I have another 15 years of distracting them like that all together it could become a permanent feature of Westminster and therefore amusing as one of those things I can start and stop in my own time in order to change people’s quality of life. The question they ask of course is whether I really do believe I am that important but it’s never a matter of being important, as it is a matter of where responsibility has fallen and in this matter it’s a case of National Defence and we all know what happens is that I get out of bed and prepare for the day, question is whether the anus and penis chasing goons that are bad for everything are actually bad people all together but what happens is Politicians burning my candles and extricating something new to invent a responsibility they can exhibit themselves at Parliament and Media with for personal glory – twice they have made very expensive mistakes on behalf of the tax payer over defence and have had to scrap very costly tools but this is a behaviour that is not changing any time soon – so that I may have had it all set out but it seems will now have to get it done via job opportunity for celebrities instead i.e. if I can just get Terrorists fighting for their own shit, then everybody will see that they have ruined everything around here, especially the diplomatic bits and thereby regularly turn up to exhibit themselves as well in Public places, pretending it is what our lives have become. In response to which their Media and other fools will claim I have allowed Terrorists to kill people thereby making me powerful before I got off to it but we all know all their power comes from their disobedience and that I do not take orders from them either; in any case of which they have protected their academic work and destroyed other peoples own because they are the only ones behaving in such ways and have the time for it, now they have dream jobs and the Money earned from it is a problem for others, what they think I should be doing is to put myself on the line in order to save them from bad company they have been keeping, what I think is that Murderers may be insane in my view but I am probably looking at the kind of provocation that brings about such behaviour. So they say I am weak and this is the reason I cannot cope with the matters but spending decades dealing with Authority that costs you everything because people want to move into your right hand and glorify themselves coupled with another group that rip up your finances all the way to make themselves comfortable is always going to take a toll but then again telling people they are weaker than they seem is not necessarily being nice. They do say it is the little tricks of vanity they play to get away with things that annoys me the most because I have not got the physical endowments but I am not the one bringing through an entire Parliament and National Media and Civil service and Treasury to deal with somebody else’s little tricks he plays to get away things in this matter either. It seems to be the most important thing; provoking and dominating people and showing off what little tricks they can play to beat up those who measure up – the Russians and their European friends are particularly obsessed with it, except they will now get entire Government and Parliament and National Media and Civil Service in order to handle me over little tricks I can play for my strategy to beat those who are bigger than I am as well.