So the new and most recent question has become that of the one about the extent to which I think what people do to make fame and fortune is actually taken out of my property – when I answer such a question I should clarify I am answering a straight question and not trying to reason with them as nobody really has the ability to while the Police is made up of murderers. So the reality is still the same as ever, that I have told them enough times to keep off my Books and clear my space while they have told me enough times that everything I do still does not make me any financial progress, so the residual image of this company is becoming more and more and more a bane of contention in the matter and there is a saying that there isn’t a thing in the world that looks as good as a thief, yet they really give meaning to it and I have no idea what I will do to them to stop them cashing into my faith and public life or grooming me for that yet. In their defence they say I think Industry owners like me when they don’t, whereas the reality is a matter of those who broker equities and those who do just a little bit of what I don’t like every single second and claim it is their idea of progress; a little bit is clearly a fight their wives can win as it were and they say when I use these kinds of prognosis, especially one about how much a thief tends to groom himself, it predisposes women to abuse, so that when I speak of how the abuse always starts with abuse of beautiful body, then I will be referring to all women, while they set out their stupid girls and put them on media and began a campaign of violent involvement with me, talking nonsense about those who have everything and those who don’t trying to secure some, for the fact those who have nothing is because they have nothing on account it is the fault of those who have everything. So as I said, I am answering a straight question and the big idea has always been a matter of their age, then a matter of generation gap insults and then a matter of those that will sell out, usually stupid women like them and then a matter of men with wives and mistresses who are far below their age causing me lots and lots of financial trouble over their need to have fame and fortune and the Police is made up of murderers.

They claim I restrict their freedoms while I complain but there are three personalities in this matter and one of them is mine, the other is their own and the third is the one they have created to get rich and comfortable without working for it on my possessions – when we speak of the fucking liberty with which to ask me how much of it is actually mine; they are driving me to a point as a people, where they will be using their own to do that fame and fortune too as it were. Its nothing unusual, just the effrontery to pop the question in the first place – I mean they know what their relationship with the Police looks like and that when the Police have a conversation with them its a person to person conversation where they understand the Police and the Police understand them and they also know their relationship with me is a clear one too but when they get on media they feel its a separate world, so they develop the guts to pop the question of how much of their fame and fortune I think is derived from my property; its the same old tale where we hear them complain about people having all while they have nothing – the business ones say what I do is really stupid but when they make themselves into an alternative costs that determines if my resources are spent on their needs while they do a bit of what I don’t like or is spent on me and any other choices I might have to make by the fact it is limited, people who have businesses and know what the challenges of looking after the accounts books doing such things clearly isn’t very stupid in their view –this is not something you open up to ten pages of an economics text book to find and this behaviour is practiced by people who work in or own large businesses and they have no plans to make the losses at the market if they can get on my Books and encumber my space instead and this is what they think is stupid with a big mouth and it is the same old story – bullying somebody is more important than a day job, later on others have everything and there needs to be wealth equality (they say every penny I own for a Royal Estate will be extracted from the markets and it is not clear exactly how that makes me Royalty but we all know about their staff based insults and their complain about how they are treated at the Royal Household and their anus and penis insults naturally; its dicing with injustice like that one moment and then complaining about Injustice in order to take their problems out on me by using my Books without getting a copy of their own, which will make them friends with Industry idiots that do not wish to engage with the consumer during a recession and regularly employ them to distract people from what belongs to others talking their insolent problems on media; in my case of which it has now reached a stage where the British and American governments let me do what I like no matter how evil and they will get off my Books and clear my space my way or their own too depending on how annoying they get. So the basic reality is that its been 8 years of zero sales because of them, while they claim I am allowed to do whatever I like and we cannot understand what they are talking about if they can spend our time just making us hear it at the top of their voice, a behaviour that wants human rights but abuses the civility of others in such ways to alter peoples quality of life and steal it at the other end with popular culture laughing at those they inflict all the time and wanting governments to come to their aid; so it seems it is becoming impossible to reason with them over being found near my Book sales as well all together). The rest say it is homosexual impossible for people to understand what I said but I do not think there is anything impossible to understand when somebody mentions an 8 year media campaign to wreck his Book sales and get the world to laugh about it or that it has been happening everyday over that time while they chase his anus and try to ensure the fact he does nothing about them affects people at the highest levels of authority who anus they want to chase as well while they complain about injustices? I mean these behaviour are a form of nepotism they practiced on those they really loved to enslave before they travelled to the UK to meet people that are too much for them, I am only asking if it is impossible to understand what I said.