Government operates on rules which suggest that you must not act in a certain way lest consequences be incurred on your part, otherwise without which we would have to presume that bigger countries with bigger armies naturally have the right to tell smaller countries what to do with the most internal of their affairs.

However the issue here is that the Libyan dictator first feels that in a continent like Africa where government upheavals mean people's chances to live out their dreams of permitted carnage, by which the murder of those with whom they have had disputes and disagreements with becomes the order of the day as the possibility of people ending up in prison for it is zero, the world will believe him when he claims that he is not using this system to murder his country men. The other fact is that matter of violent secrete societies and their desire to control wealth and power in African countries, which the Libyan dictator who is at the head of it feels that the suggestion he has not been using it to murder people, torment, abuse and destroy peoples lives is that which can be plausible, The fact that will eventually lead to his undoing however is that he feels just like every other trouble maker like him in west does, that the murder of defenceless and or innocent people and the murder of lots and lots of them can be excused on the grounds that somebody else did something with their lives, which suggests they are awesome men; such as after being a man, did all the things he needed to do as a man and thereafter set about helping women and children, which takes nothing out of him.

The rules do not change because of the risks that somebody else took with their lives, such as give up all they own to poorer people because they had means of working for another, especially over circumstances of security, of which no matter how hard they try to keep it secrete always gets leaked out no matter what, in a promiscuous and immoral capitalism.

This is not about suggesting painful decisions I myself do everything to avoid, that would rather have had more to do with those who cannot cope with the usual stuff, get themselves involved as insolently as possible with other peoples jobs to make it painful and tiresome; just in order to make them feel inferior and then when finished building up new evils with how such persons who have put up with them in hell already,  can cope with problems, they do not wish to keep it in their lives any more because it is painful. Hence seek help to transfer it before the truth is known with the use of media and further insolence, by some privilege of injustice given by a Politician or one of those individuals who want top jobs but want a boy somewhere to deal with the issues without reward, before the truth is known, so they can get away with their corruptions of involvement.