Settling State of affairs in a Country where there isn’t an existing one cannot be done by dejavus and the avoidance of things that it is suggested cannot be held in conversation. It is with the abject celebration of of disputes because it is only by disputes that it is possible to imagine a due process and it is only by the due process of law, by which every dispute is celebrated equally no matter how small the disputes are, that it is possible to make a Statement which guarantees an outcome of the fact that no body should hold government Office without being academically qualified. In effect of which disputes are supposed to be the power of excuses.

So in effect the process by which leaders that can go on take up leadership and those that have peaked reverting to opposition to plan their next strategy is never done by consent.Therefore not a factor of size and who have the most social power but a factor of what the majority wants.

Personally I do not know what evil and also stupid South African idiots hope to accomplish by not recognising the Rebel Leadership in Libya. These are supposed to be a collection of scum that think a man who brokes Equities with the Queen of the United Kingdom is violently scandalous, until their filthy tongues are put back where they belong and it goes all wrong for them as well whether or not it is really worth it (and I do not mean an exemption for other scum like them in other places all over that stupid Continent either).

Gaddafi and his sons continue to ask people to fight back against the rebels. In their stupid minds clearly it is a win or loose issue not the future of the Country, the number of people they have murdered and lives they have destroyed does not appear in their minds to be something consequential yet so far and they are not selling any homes or Limousines to provide for the poor who are supposed to fight this so called Libyan enemies yet. The world is hoping for a case of shoot at your enemy and get shot at by your enemy as well and who destroys whose capability to shoot wins but of course mistakes happen and the game is very hazardous so people will die. This emerging attitude of the Colonel and his family is reticent of the way idiots that find their way into positions of power in that continent as a whole ensure that lives are run. In effect I am putting my voice to the matter of security here which calls for Gaddafi Supporters to cease fighting. Its not a win a lose issue it is the future of the Country and clearly the country has decided its future and the fighting must be stopped before the future of the country is at stake again, besides which since the world is now certain the Colonel and his family will continue to play games-making decisions and choices have simply become easier.

As they say, blood is very expensive indeed. It was a revolution not an invasion.