Now we hear I am some pipsqueak who likes violence but does not want it practised on me and it is as annoying as only they can be since we are all aware that they are really good at tackling people when they have got a big bad scary person to hide behind while they are at it and if they do mine again I will make them squirm again as well – these are supposed to be the worlds filthiest bullies as we can all see but it seems that they always have this mentality that those who have attended a religious organisation have made a promise not to defend themselves. They always say there is nothing I can do about the media and that it will never stop as seeing they have now got some money but without going into the bits about gathering information on people so you can direct their hands on where they are to put their money at the market place and then failing to pay homage to the National Anthem when your Vice President attended a Football show because you were told to get lost in the nick of time – in terms of the latter we can clearly see that its about those violent gossips churning my tummy which propels me to stop their fame as well and we can see I am always being tackled because I take up actions that cause black peoples entertainment industry to lose money, some of whom are clinging to me to end up selling the mansions to pay bills, which is not unusual since they need to stop hurting me and their girls need to stop passing insults at me considering their stupidities are neither linked with getting involved where a work force is or indeed linked to becoming a part of Industry but is wholly developed around clinging to my Public image to practice narcissism and misogyny on me while extracting an income from my State Office Public image to blow off that big mouth as though having the same skin colour makes me their mates or that their civil rights looks like that, about me being their bitch that stays at home while they go off to earn money and see the world – so it does need to keep away from me as the fact it is complaining is not an indication that there is an incentive to continue. As for stopping the Media, we have done the routine where we go past the various excuses for their abuses that mean that you may lay to rest the violent gossips by culture and society goons but can never stop the media ones that gets you beaten down in your bed by community croons 5.00am everyday and for the rest of the 24 Hours after that – we have done the bit where it says I have no job and spend all my time watching television and can speak well, after I was said to be chasing vanities that should belong to people who are as successful as Celebrities in order to me to lose control of my academics to begin with that is, we have also done the bits where it says people never pay attention to what their jobs entail but only see them as tools for fighting civil rights now we are starting to see the true extent of wickedness when it comes to its ability to get stuck with an evil situation and find ways of getting others sacrificed by it and then get out of it doing so, the same one that gets people dragged out of University to show that everybody fails at something at some time in their lives, because they are stuck with deviance they would not stop chasing but before they even got the media job of which it was about being stuck with the deviance and then realising that it is a position by which they can secure help from other peoples idiot children that got elected sometime earlier when it comes to deciding what should become of the finances and academics of religious people. So it does feed into the case of me having some what I did next reputation that is utter nonsense; another one of their cliché I am fed up with too all together – what really happens is that these scum are always ripping peoples lives to create this service that has to do with people getting hurts and the process being associated with making money and it starts with the times they buy shares in other peoples companies and set off to create civil rights movements that will work wealth distribution for them or the male celebrities and journalists have been rounding me up like sheep and setting out entertainment pipelines for years to come where they will rock star type get famous like they used to in the 1970s and 1980s, then we hear them tell me my problems are a function of how I stop their fame but have no wish to stop the violent gossips that tear up my academic work and build me a reputation of having real world financial problems at a Royal Estate as well, talking rubbish about how it will not stop now that they have got money; money that they will be spending on Celebrities and extremists – the Celebrities one being the ones that always pays dividend since they can secure some super new service that customers will want to buy into by pillaging the lives of those who attend Church but apparently have met with a Book I wrote since 2009 that does not allow people get stuck in obscurity while idiots make fame on the public image that they did not work for and I have become enemy number 1 to be tackled everyday, challenging me and challenging me as though this was their lives, bet it will stop when their civil disobedience becomes somebody else's personal problem. The females speak of my sexual habits, referring to the complicated things I do with Celebrities I work with i.e. first of all they are always providing their service to ensure that the only way that industry relates with people is sexual and involves bottom striking and will do anything to round up other people and do it while talking nonsense about consenting adults at the same time; the result is that each time they make a celebrity less productive they get off on a liberalist platform along with their media fools to become violent about it while the insecurity expressed about a venture we share hits me hardest, then there is the second bits where state provided security finds friendship with a Celebrity that wants to get involved because she has a reputation for handling the bottom hitting goons and is hated for it, so seeing that this is a marriage, my Court is still free for all. So what is about to progress from this goes beyond the story of the US using regime change as a form of foreign Policy which they also claim I condemned but the reality of which is that it was condemned as a case of Saddam made us look bad so we changed regime in Iraq, which got everybody confused while reality is that Mr Bush was playing around with socialists especially Tony Blair and it created an outcome where the Americans can no longer say that their destruction of peoples property while building up all sorts of nonsense in public that projects ideas of what others are meant to do to make them comfortable was a bad thing which is what happens to the territories of those who are not Russian Allies like it is in the UK – reality of which is usually more a case of communists states not fancying fans of democracy in their territories because the prosperity it brings causes them to lose allies and even Countries where they can trade and so picking up the phone to ring a president and tell them to do something about the prosperity means the US likely uses regime change as a form of foreign Policy – the Muslim ones being the ones that have now found out the way it works really is thousands getting killed so that both sides can find out how to fight the war and then thousands more getting killed when they had so they can find out how to win it before they had then started to win it and would be doing so on both sides: what is about to emerge from it is somebody that gets out of bed everyday to publicly undermine the Media from a Royal Office; so the talk of me being responsible for their hurting bottoms half the time while celebrating criminals that get media jobs off them as well sits right in the middle of it – for even if it was not my fault they had hurting bottoms, it would have been the guys who know something about entertainment and wish to find out if they are always passing insults at others with flashy suits and a £90,000 job on Television because they could run 50 miles without breaking down from exhaustion hence gave what it takes to entertain or indeed had any of what it took – but it is my fault and they need to fight, fast becoming a case of how they want me to acquire those things that mean I do not have to show respect towards anybody else too, such as flashy suit and a £90,000 job - still cannot locate at this point where the pipsqueak that likes violence but does not want it practised on him came from in all these as a whole but is clearly a matter of very stupid individuals who think that the fact they share a skin colour with me actually makes such nonsense into something that adds up to their foolish civil rights and especially with reference to telling me how to exist and assuming mothers role around here, its not going to get better until it really does (they do say its real gentlemen and not criminals that are having me, which is apparently that old case of the goons that wish to chase their fortunes not by work but by celebrity and popular culture but their main targets for abusive and violence and vandalism is religious people and women; it still applies anyway, if hurting my bottom means complaining about me, what the incentive seems to be after I ended up quite amazingly with a personality that is a product of sleeping with peoples wives and not the number of hours dedicated to God everyday: it is the time left over to chase the academics and business concerns that is being taken from me here and I am never going to work on them until I look like I have got a Bachelor's Degree as well).