The Middle east can be divided into 3 main areas


Of which there is no such thing; what there is instead is abstinence from interference because it is imperative that leaders in the Middle East see that there is no such thing as the threat of terrorism being used to anybody’s advantage. Bearing in mind it is easy for me to sit here and write something which provides clear leadership on managing the religious affairs of a faith orientated state properly. A religious state needs schools, Hospitals, Good Amenities and crucially a civil service which comprises of government operatives and a Law Court and the outside world will not provide or aid the swift creation of these things by interference.


Of which there is no real Law an order issue if it does not come from predictable Law and Order problem sources. What people are saying in Egypt, Algeria, Libya is that they have a definite amount of resources and that if they deploy these resources over a period of time they will be able to make themselves okay, Bearing in mind that even if the state gives them money it will never be enough. They have shown a great level of civility here by expressing publicly the limited nature of their resources and of course the fact they cannot do it if they do not have democratic elections. So how long does it take people to provide them with one exactly, years? I mean this is not what leaders want, this is not the lives of leaders, this is their lives, this is what they want. My guess is that after long periods of delay somebody will create a ballot system and it will be completely useless with respect to the future of the people who vote in it. hence a clear message that this part perhaps the rest of the world will never recover economically if these middle eastern Countries do not have their election and choose their flow of leadership.


They always say the Country needs me. It does not. We all know what happens when people do not resolve their disputes in Court. Here in the UK for example there are Law Courts in every county but idiots with opinions are still able to ensure that when people are angry about something they cannot just forget about it, in order to create civil rights disputes. So no body is deceived or in a condition of faking it when it comes to Countries in the Middle East or that area. We all know that the result will be blocks and blocks and blocks of people who find common ground over similar disputes. So first of all instead of taking paths that will surely lead to divisions and conflict leaders might want to provide people with a Law Court and if anybody feels they want to be people the Country cannot do without, it is rather simple because they can always become the people who work out what remedied disputes people have should be served with. So that when Mr A cannot get the same remedy as Mr B over the same kind of dispute they have their work cut out for them too, which will give them a clear sense of what people are really going through. So when they say they have six years worth of resources to have a free and working and thriving Country, they get an election in about 3 months instead of wait for years and get murdered on football pitches. I personally do not know why people do it anyway: when you have become the leader of a country it is an elite club, your life has been settled and you can go off to do something more challenging and interesting with it but most always like to pretend the Country is their property and therefore spend it on that tyrant stuff where they blind fold themselves with responsibilities and then never carry out any of the responsibilities become murderers and then get paid some Government money for it.

In the end the barest minimum is that the highest authority in the Country must always be elected. It is something that the People need in order to secure their flow of leadership and the rest of the world stands with them on it because they want to get out of an economic crisis. It is their lives not yours especially when you are not elected and there is as such no connection which therefore implicates you.

What I get out of it personally which is a matter for much debate on the other hand occurs because people have been so taken away they cannot see this is what I do for a living. I have no Political powers in my Country, this is purely vocationally persuasive.