It seems that the Conservative Government in the UK is determined to privatise the NHS and they say the mess of the Political system is a function of my behaviour; I could never make it out anyway, although personally I do not see how anybody can denationalise a Health service if they can get rid of it and establish another system entirely – so obviously they want to keep winning elections, but they have a knack for evil behaviour which has no real special thing at Law making or public Police which warrants it; it does not mean The Labour Part is innocent, I am supposed to have been responsible for what the Tories do because Labour rips up my finances with public funding for the means to and it is the idiots who get that funding finding out how powerful they have become which is the basis of Tory Policies not me. In the end we see these fools doing something to be powerful all of the time and then becoming paranoid about those who disrupt that power in order to have somebody to bully violently; it means that I am not 100% therefore I tend to locate easy ways of making money by which able bodied people can take over and become rich and famous and it is not their Books I write here nor is this their own lives as it were; I know it’s a matter of my ending yapping all the time but then again testing me can lead to an outcome where I chose a side that suits me and find out what makes them tick with it too – so involvement with me will very soon had become something that must be punished every time it happens without people having a copy of my Books in hand first of all and it is going to work on the basis of every occasion in which it hurts etc. Rich they have become and the purpose of their able bodied rich and famous has also become that of making me acknowledge that they are or else and this is where it will blow up too and we are not making any specific reference to my position meaning that I need to suck up to people to get by, being that most of the world is Political and democratic either. So now I hear that I cannot have enough of punishing people and it never will make sense too anyway; these goons are really fond of making sure when I step outside of my Door they had started a certain kind of Media leadership which means that their fools want to accuse me of barring them from being famous as though I am relevant, while they have their stupid eyes fixed on my public life and have no wish to clear it, which is what all those Media abuses and Socialist Politics targeting, persecution and financial delay was all about in the first place. This then means that people I do not know at all can just walk up to and get involved with me since 80% of their Minds say that they are related to me and then the violence begins when the process of each one that does leads to an outcome where the fucking idiots want to as violently possible talk about what I ate in every turn and it actually is very, very, very painful and on a daily basis and then there are the lies they tell on Media which ensures that pain stays that way all day long everyday – so that the details need to be clearly set out in these ways lest we slip down the path of determining some people t be stupid and avoided because they are stupid. It is not as if they are unaware of what the effects of these activities are especially the lying, it’s just that it is what they want to do as it were – hence not quite clear exactly why they would assume I will find it acceptable that my reputation on National Media should be one of somebody that wants to punish people anyway; I do not think it a crisis for my part since each time I see that stupid culture and society is the each time they will bloody lose it as well and most importantly need to get involved with me only when and if they have a copy of my Books in hand lest it gets far more serious than they currently give it credit for as it were. We hear of course that these are the people who support Russia and Communists etc but so do we also know they want to do nothing with their time except steal things from the British for Communism and that therefore also means that they want to be classified as free people and that just takes my pain in my tummy as a result of their lies right up there, which means that handling them as well becomes the main disposition of the public life their stupid celebrated idiots like to vandalise; so this is how it works – the American ones and the Communist ones mostly are under control around my concerns, it’s the embattled Middle East and African ones with their communist friends and a certain Germany that thinks the rest of Europe cannot exist without it alongside too. I don’t have an issue with the matter as such, they too need to stop pretending I need to be informed and do not actually have a clear sense of what I am doing; whereas I do not need a plan to deal with them as a whole, as it is a matter of people wanting to play up what I ate and then attack my endings etc without reason or purpose and then they will feel as though somebody has been made to take responsibility for their problems as a result of it all together anyway and I have now wish to sit on this Arch Prince’s Office to tolerate anything of their society or social lives and have no wish to tolerate any further conditions in which they get themselves involved with me without having a copy of my Books and that would be the end of this story – I do not feel like punishing people and I understand they want to speak of how I tell them to get out of my life and somebody at Industry will tell me too, which is utter nonsense as people need get involved only with copy of my Books in hand or more otherwise I am clearly not the one complaining; the lies especially cause my tummy to go upside down and then the part where they want to punish me for the smell gives me a real sense they want to kill me and unless they want to live like that too especially for Negro freedom scumbags, I suggest they get involved only with a copy of my Book in hand and then there will be no problems; it simply has to be the way it all works so the poorer ones do not hate my guts for juju beads on account I cannot be seen letting Men get what they want and the Media fools providing leadership for murderous fame freaks because they want my Public life to get rich and important and own an easy life and living with, do not complain about a loss of freedom rights, while the Industry ones do not end up with an enemy that gets out of bed everyday to calculate how to create them the same problems they do here at the highest points in the City Centres of which what annoys them the most at the moment is that my behaviour is not letting them cash into the Royal Public life that clearly was their own as it were - the anus and penis and tummy insult games hurt and the lies keep the pain going all day long and it needs to stop otherwise we will end up choosing exactly how it is going to. Besides which there are a few Tyrannies still to clear out in Africa and the Middle East by the way. The state of affairs have not changed much; initial contact with me each time I find a job or social engagement is always one of finding out secretes by which to go away and develop some new extreme discrimination or racism that is connected right through superior Europe and to Russia where they can feel comfortable like Women and then for the Black ones, the part of Africa that is superior etc and once that is all wasted, it turns to the bit about how I am in their business establishments squeezing them which will only last for as long as Mr Obama is US President and I can only tolerate so much (its all spruced up with very insulting Parents and grand parents snooping around everywhere collecting fame for them - which is why the Industry ones and their insulting possessions and foolish Women who have a knack for handling peoples property on account they are feminist but cannot protect anything from any male scumbag such as they are - hence want to handle mine every single second of their stupid lives, put a stop to me at my endings and the Media ones become really fond of setting off this campaign of homosexuality that I do not wish to give into; I mean when they steal things from the British for Communists, they do right through to Military abilities and have no wish to accept that consequences will follow their stupidities when a Country as big as Russia is for instance is playing around with the Military skills of an Island Nation like the UK - what they want to complain about is a fame that belongs to me but was actually their own which I deny them along with their Media idiot and yet all together it is all about Money but they are so destructive of the one that belongs to others - stories of seeing me and getting a little Man to make promises as if that is what I am really like with their big Mouth all over the place.). All I am saying is that it is incredibly annoying; all they do with their time is breed idiots that will get into my personal space violently to settle what is to happen with what I ate, with a mind that says they are 80% related to me when I have not a foggiest clue where they bloody came from and then it is all finished off with a claim to the fame that was my Public life but is actually what I have been preventing them from having by curtailing their freedoms – the threats about Industry people that have spent my Royal Estate and need to keep me from recovering from them State Office property they have handled and thus spent as it were with their big mouth, needs to be tamed so I do not get to blow their top again. I am not sad on Valentines Day as such; they said I cannot stop punishing people and yet they are the same who wear suits and appear on our Television to do their jobs with a total lack of respect for and the only problem that my finances are facing; its not a Market conditions or my products, its irritating Individuals with a habit for making my career end up in other peoples hands turning off the customers for every day they they fail to make such a thing happen and it has been going on like that for the best part of the last 12 years, while they rob it in my face and make out what they have achieved thus is amusing - I dare say anybody would punish.