They say my problem is that I am convinced that I can control the Media, which isn’t actually fact; the real facts are that The Media must be made to show some respect for people’s feelings as well and if they will not do that, I will in the same way that being the Christian who thinks about his Books and the facts so many times he becomes a freak while they can separate him from his personality and occupy it if they wanted, set about gathering facts on them and dropping daily bombshells to ensure I get the results of getting them after each other’s throats seeing that when it comes to the really big news they always go after the same thing and then I can finish off the smaller news using social Media as well. The outcome is that they have to do broadcasting with that on their minds which gives them a headache, the difference between their headache and mine being that mine is intellectual property administration while their own is broadcasting, they need a Publicly looking clear mind than I do. So they say they might turn broadcasting establishments on my company which has no way of succeeding – it’s a sole proprietorship that can never therefore become the same as a corporation, so they only want me to play up the shareholders too all together. They know what the effects of my actions are and are always reporting their news on people to cause people to make mistakes and bear it for them in the process of doing so; parliament where Politicians work, general society on the streets, stock markets and Industries etc but even so have no plans whatsoever to change their behaviour towards me i.e. stay away from me and keep off my Book sale earnings. The blacks speak of their seniority of course on one hand while on the other claim my involvement with British Monarchy is the greatest betrayal of their race there has ever been; in terms of the latter, before then it is a fun white man’s fault to build an empire in which the earnings and finance equity end up somewhere else like seniority on steroids and there is no pit that black men will not stoop themselves to, ending up with this case where their problem gets worse any time they push it further giving racists ideas around me – in terms of the latter they have always hounded me; I did not get a job because I did not masturbate, I did not because I masturbated but it was not enough and so on and it then progresses to a point where the problem with getting a job is that it will break their record that means they are actually more important than people think they are, so that it is hurting at present but they want me to build a public life on it too all together blowing off their big mouth at me when I speak of the case of controlling the Media. I mean if we do access the whole business at this stage we will find that the pool of people dressing properly and making themselves into role models to climb the political ropes and hope to become first black prime minister at some stage has been drying up – they need to leave me alone or continue to learn that it is important to. They do say it is the kind of behaviour that gets me into trouble but ripping up my income and health like these for a decade and a half every day, to have somebody on whom they can cleanse off all things that make them look like a personality people want to stab and shoot in the gang fight does not suggest I am going to get into any stupid trouble any time soon, not if they are convinced beyond doubt that I will if I sniff any nonsense from them cut up every single thing that causes their big heads to become such a problem for me, which I bet would be mostly about money too. they always say that Politicians will protect me and that if White Politicians are protecting a black Man from other Black Men there is no way that they can be barred from taking part in such security but Politicians do not protect me, they tend to show that they are not super human by being arbiters between me and the trouble makers, the reason this is not readily obvious being that some of them have already abused it for power and you couldn’t have made up an imagination that told you that would be possible at such an early stage already.

They say I am stuck with a problem that is too big for me now after years of prancing around and it is utter nonsense and incredibly insulting – we all know I face the same challenges as they do in life and that if people pay their rent by getting hit by a car, it is not going to hit me any less than it does them but it has continued to be a problem with the older peers, that I have the right to pay my way in the world as it were. This is not a problem for me and I do not want them to get around pushing my agenda, it is as easy as the fact their whole lives are now built around stealing my secretes to go off and work for millionaires and Industries and I want to get the matters resolved in my own time and not their own as well. As for being permitted by them to do my academic work, that was an old story of the fact there isn’t a process whereby they have some kind of power over me, which was not engineered by me all together. And I hear these problems I speak of like I can handle it any time are actually created by racists; I don’t care anyway, none of the racism would have happened if people didn’t spend so much of their time investigating other peoples personalities, to find out if they can make use of it to create fame and fortune and even now they are still ever so fond of playing games with the exploration of kinds of justice by setting up their stupid girls on my public life to make popular culture and respect women, who feel they are so superior to me that the solution to the problem they are creating for me is that I should behave myself and not that they ought to stop it and get lost. It’s never really been a problem – the same case of Mr A is a millionaire but because he is not locking himself away somewhere for that reason and does get to step out of his own and into a public place, then his personality does get seen and those who have similar ones should have been millionaires as well and if they were not, it’s the fault of those who are not of a certain kind of race right down to those that are younger than they are; it is the reason people are terrorists today – those ones are supposed to have been wealthy business men who get around with Royal Family in Qatar and Saudi Arabia and when it turns out they are no such thing they start to kill people beginning with Women ; in the end, when push comes to shove, others have to love the Country enough to act in such ways as does not help them with a plan to burn it and I have a bit of a question myself as to how I can take it away from them since it is the reason for all my problems that they have got it all together. There is no such thing as problems that are too big for me; what we have is the same prognosis of these fools having a need to get off to have three jobs at a time and one of those will pay them while the other two will keep an image going while preventing others from having jobs and I want them to stop handling my possessions, gets off my Books and stay outside of my cleared space. In the end they say I never show signs which indicate I am aware and wish to change something about hoe my conduct affects peoples career, which does not make any sense and will always lead to such a predictable end as one where I am paranoid about facing a threat and act, only to find that such a threat did not actually exist; this matter is based on a game that we are all aware that the Media has always played - one about the fact every goon that shows his face on TV wants themselves to be treated like other peoples personal Gods and that this games of telling lies about who is affecting peoples career by their conduct because they do not wish to be told to leave alone people garage businesses and go into the studio to do jobs concerned with their actual salaries but people will still tell tales of my conduct affecting careers still. I mean the one these fools are doing to me is the part where it becomes some test of ego as per when my Books become social and cultural phenomenon, they develop a habit of discussing with absolutely everything that moves, why it should not get bought or sold and stand at the other end celebrating an ability to be villainous, when they realise they have either crashed my finances for the day or that people are not looking and the the wearing fine clothes and walking round the streets refusing to get jobs, share your property bullies will set off to get involved with anybody and anyone that is helping me sell my Books to steal my income - which I had set a warning some days ago will lead to real trouble that will have an outcome where they hate my guts so much they cannot show their face on TV anymore, if I end up with the financial problems I have at present while they express their need to be villainous by stealing my income or destroying it one more time. It is a game that Media have always played, there is no part of my conduct which affects other peoples profession.