Of course I am aware of what implications are when every Liberal idiot believes that whenever they speak of nuclear arms they are supposed to make references to me; to blurt it out in simple terms, it is not just a matter of really insolent women and girls that control my finances no matter who I am but something a lot more serious than that all together and of course Nations in Asia and the South Americas who have a shared Heritage with the UK demand that the UK has nuclear deterrence to look after our Interest, if as it appears, people did not notice that. Naturally nuclear arms is a horrible thing but of course what is more important is Liberal and populous idiots looking after their own attitude to prevent a process where they are being used from happening and not getting on my case for their stupidities looking for ideas so that they might never have to do so. I mean Germany keeps its nuclear arms because of small countries that look to them for leadership; countries like Bosnia and Austria, which of course if I were to mention them would mean I have said something about German power and there needs to be more etc and will lead me to get people out of my affairs with their silly media. It’s much the same thing as the matter of MPs expenses reform in the House of Commons which is definitely not more important than the fact every stupid witch in the land feel they should press themselves against my penis because the Labour Party and other Liberal idiots in there incite them to do such things and get them to fantasise about it so intensely that they operate and abusive violence of a sexual context by which doing it is possible, they cough on me and sneeze on me to keep me disturbed and relied on, traumatised everyday so their Politicians can wreck my finances to expose my personal life and provide them things to steal from me since I would have them but cannot protect what I have in such conditions, while their foolish children do it so I can continue to supply ideas while they also think the murder of Stephen Lawrence and the behaviour of the Police thereafter has something to do with me as well and these are the kinds of nonsense that show nuclear arms to be something that must be phased out as it were. The reality of which is that they have two tasks in front on them; one of which is to get the world powers to give up their nuclear arms first so that things like the Middle East Burning up all the time because people want crude oil might cease to happen, otherwise either leave me out of the UK nuclear deterrence or offer their own clear alternative and stop passing up insults at me with questions they find incredibly difficult to answer but at the same time do not want me to because it will not serve their insolent purposes. The other part of the task they have on their hands of course is to keep themselves from thinking whenever I say Muslims are not normally Tyrants or Terrorists, I am talking about their desire for money and their need to go into the middle east to get it on account I said something and they enjoy insulting me to get rich – apparently of which should indicate they have some magic wand they can wave to make nuclear arms go away and should not be talking nonsense at me with that stupid media as well. What I really mean by the way when I say such things are clearly that in terms of terrorism, the general idea is Muslims being besieged and trapped by insolent socialists who claim people in the Middle East look like them and the rest of which we know is entirely the usual stuff, then on the other hand the tyrant bit will suggest that Muslims do not have fathers and children and single men and so on, hence they are all tyrant; so unless the cool Muslim dad or the cool single Muslim man is killed in a civil war, there is no way that the government of the United States breathes the free air as it were and the government of Russia caps arms they sell to defective governments, which may not necessarily be required but can be done as something which indicates we are all human beings and that a person being killed and more so by another person is a big thing. It’s the crude oil all the time and they cannot leave people alone – so liberal idiots have a big task on their hands that has nothing to do with me, to get them to get rid of the nuclear arms and prevent the nuclear arms from being used by doing something about their attitude but above all they should be out there preventing Countries like Iran and Syria with out of control clergy all over the place to site a strong example that comes to mind immediately, from acquiring some of their own not getting the UK to give up its own. They do these things time and time again for every generation - I mean if they were going to do it so American can Police the world and become the worlds biggest economic super power, why did they not start off somewhere at the beginning of the Economic crisis, rather than continue to nurse the delusion that Europe for example does not exist. I am aware the reaction to this paper piece is that of somebody who speaks of nuclear arms, crude oil, stupid liberalism and Stephen Lawrence when what the scumbag is really talking about is competition, therefore as such calling for more conversations since it does indicate somebody that wants to have one with them. The part about being bad on the other hand is largely simply the fact every evil thing besides what I say and write that the media do can be traced to the fact the money they earn gets to their heads - no idea whatsoever where they got to wrap me around their little finger to the point where they tell me any attention from me, controversial or legitimate will be good enough though, so it is fair to keep to the old mantra i.e. continued clinging to my book sales and then finances to keep up some power to make me a gang member that beats up people to protect them and those insults by which it is possible will eventually blow it up and then it will be altered beyond their recognition or knowledge of it.

The realities of the world we live in is of course the simple fact there are Mr Sun shades who must make money in this life all over the place, who are convinced the UK has it all storied up and somebody with a bigger country like their own, which is full of idiots like them needs to spend it for the British, especially the Africans who think there is no other route to economic progress they would possibly desire, like their fellow media idiots who must have things whenever they desire them and hence I need to live in fear of making them desire things. The Labour Party got itself into this because it is full of idiots with plans to use my personality to get things done and since I get my pay for my public work by selling my books to a general public that shares a trust system with me, it is easy to attack my finances and make noise about how government employs people and wants to make savings at the same time; so what they do is slap my various trust systems of public and private sector workers, Government and Industry Business with austerity and stifle my income in order to run off and lay up assets for themselves in developing economies where people can treat them like royalty the way I am as well and so I intend to show them how each time they return to the UK and its affairs they can do public work without being paid for years and pragmatically show them what nature of precedent that really is – hence it is clear as it were that while they complain the attitude does not change in the slightest bit as it were. I do not think this matter to be that of a serious problem; they are all criminals you see and they hate me so much and attack me all the time because I have taken out a collection of activities that have very badly crippled the earning power of criminal activities in the last collection of years and that is the biggest question of them all i.e. if their game was to commit crimes and only get into trouble when caught by Law enforcement, why did they get into league with the Labour Party to wreck my finances and since then have done nothing with their time but jump on my book sales to extract an income from my property every day? Some will even say I am being excessively vicious over the matter but sustained periods of abuse over years after you are made to carry out government work without pay and because of that cannot secure another alternative employment, with the sole aim of using that process to change your sense of self and mental state in order to change your quality of life which will not be restored even if you do go on to make enough money to ensure their activities that you should never pay attention to in the first place does not have any effect is a typical example of why people should ask why I am so vicious about the matter. I believe I have been clear I wish to set out means of trading on the basis of creating problems for Africans that they cannot find answers to, so that each process and manner of thinking about it or doing something about it will mean a privilege I can extricate and therefore with it a smile on my face which is what my customers really need to see in order to be to dispatch the products and becoming increasingly confident that my business is working, so that I might become as stubborn as they are when they have media to play around with as well.