Now the main case is that I tend to underestimate and work less on the matter of people attacking me which means it will not stop and will continue to get worse but I have done what I need to do about it and people need show up here to handle me like a writer not pretend to be me, if they do not wish to end up in a position where they were giving such advice all the time. The reality is that there are no explanation for those behaviour and those abuses that we see; that when I provide security from sex and fear for my friends and allies, it means I think they experience it constantly like I do – that when Politicians work with society goons who tackle people they want to make money from and help build communities of hate that can decide who will be homosexual, there is a reason that is attached to something other than their vile and insulting abusive vanity – that when Obama tries to build Americans a welfare state that focuses on the lives of Privileged Britons, while it is a Country with an employment system where it is not the Government but private individuals that do what the job centre does and hence unless there is an economic crisis nobody is ever unemployed for more than a month, it is because he expects privileged Britons to throw themselves at his feet and ensure he does not have to be a responsible individual at some stage. So, the reality on the ground is that they think that I will get off on an angle and do something drastic about it, while what I am thinking is that they are about to decide if they want to stop when it suits them best and not when it is most convenient for me that they had stopped.

Their excuse of course is that people hate my guts because I came from nowhere to get a Royal Estate while the reality is that it’s all what they have made up over the years because they lie all the time and would never mind their business. The reality is rather that everything to do with people conducting sex and fear on me about which the Politicians are happy to make entire National civil service and Parliament and media available for, the end product of which is their fingers up my bum in their imagination perpetually so I smell like my loo all the time, only ever stops when one process and one process only is applies i.e. a process whereby they have no money – so apparently the system plays out in the sense that they will be stuck with work, shop and family, so that industry goons can take advantage of them and create a Political crisis, hence I had to find other ways but of which we all know it is still on the cards to play anyway and that the Politicians are the ones complaining the most and it sets a stage where they will let me be until they had done their own to impress the Queen as well.

I do not think it is a crisis; it’s the old case where seeing football hooligans as people who are big and stupid and know nothing but violence is the wrong idea, seeing them as twerps who will rip up everything you have and end up having something the society for ripping up things which they have built wants to rip up as well, then try to become violent enough to prevent it, is the way to understand them – so they are really nothing to be afraid of as such but when there are too many of them you end up with the sex and fear smelling like your loo thing and a Politicians that provide them with National Institutions to work it with. It is still a collection of very stupid individuals since by the time this process is completed some 20 years of your time will have been spent like you see them give their own to the frugal. They do like to boast that they have got the better of me and have not done any such thing; an example is walking down the road and in four seconds of somebody driving by you are so sore you cannot get home and concentrate on anything and his point was that he wanted to play with you and his games had something to do with spending all day dragging people in a certain direction because he worked in an importance office at an establishment. Besides which they ought to know I can tell tribalism raid goons apart from the rest of the working population and make rational dispassionate decisions about them at any time – they have not got the better of anything and we can all see they have raised their children to be just as insulting and yet each time you look at those, their future depends on letting them have an atmosphere built from leaning on you, while their ego gimmicks is about fingering your bum at the same time, of which the parents on the other hand, depend on you not handling that nonsense about their ability to decide what happens with front porch and backyard, which means a 38 year old prince is disrespectful of the daddies who want to deploy his life to make money and should be disciplined constantly with that big mouth. They love to say that women carry out these forms of abuses as well but the women one is not that much of an issue, it’s the one that can be understood I.e. one of those five foot little woman takes on 7 foot bully and 6 foot Police Officer is wondering why on earth she decided to take it upon herself – so when I do their own apparently the women get some mercy in life as it were, when I stop them it all tends to stop all round and we all know I can only stop them when they have no money.

Feeds into the story of how I claim male prerogative is bad but get it all the time, while it is the male prerogative women give i.e. those who think they are so important an Arch Prince should be looking after their wives because they need to peddle his faith and personal life and public image, were well aware it will never work – just like we hear them claim I am not a serious minded person after years of wanting to live in my skin because they were the ones making decisions that affect the lives of criminals and need to have my personality, wrecking everything around here including my health in the process and we all know the business of beating up wife at my expense is usually likely to lead to big problems as it were, usual one should be when I take the wife from them and then they have to have bread and eggs because there is nobody to cook for them while spending last penny to fuel car just so they can get to work the next day etc being a real mankind man as it were. The story of beating wife is usually not such a big case in their view but we all know we are good at what we do because it is who we are and we have worked a lot on getting it done; I do not know if they have seen women practice how to keep a home and a family in their whole lives anyway but I do know it is said that what is done is love is done well. They always say that my rude behaviour is the main problem I have but there is nothing wrong with my behaviour, what is wrong is that the need they have to set out that nobody has an exception to their personal rules that apply randomly to members of the Public is more important than a process where younger people have the facilities that help them do well at school  - so I had a personal view that peoples barely criminal existence did not sit well with me and they taught me a lesson I will never forget obviously since, then I dropped out for that and they have ended up teaching me another lesson I will never forget for years without end on account peoples barely criminal existence are affecting them. their goons always love to say that it is the injustices they have had to endure on my account and the danger women pose to them but between 2003 and 2005 the main injustice they suffered was to do with choosing poverty to keep an eye on the younger generation because they had seen what the characters of those who became millionaires looked like and so every stupidity that is meant to make them better off developed along this line and runs all the way to the underbelly of New York City in the USA, all about making somebody suffer bad experiences they have had in order for them to feel that their civil rights have been resolved – even now that I have cleared it up the mess has been made again because they could never stop lying, hence I should never get tired of setting myself up to be able to teach them lessons they will never forget as well, as those lies are sickening i.e. I cannot tidy up and finish my academic work because I smell like my loo and it stops me doing so as well it stops me getting a job and it’s difficult to tell if I am right when I say human beings really are this stupid – so it only ever stops when my sense of a public image and involvement with Church business and having friends and going out on a date etc is about making sure they have no money bearing in mind I can put it up on Media as well (I intend to make them spend all that money they have accumulated from being old enough to spend time in the work force before I was born and therefore makes them a problem when I try to get into it too - it would mean that their main concerns turns away from me and focuses on the jobs they need and the Company procedures that are making it possible).