The breakup of the UK issue being another case where Politicians have completely lost sight of what their job description is yet again i.e. somebody who makes documented promises and goes into government Office to fulfil a role of leadership which means that 80% of his or her followers have a platform by which they can be educated and successful members of society, such that he measures his success on the basis of whether or not the Children of his followers when ready to take their GCSEs will have been living in a world which in the best of their opinion, is one in which their future is secure. It is the other 10% that they want to discuss all the time like a panacea; whether or not Northern Ireland should be re-unified with Ireland because there was a referendum to leave the UK and the polls shows Northern Ireland Majority did not want the result that we got (???), always aimed at a single result every time and it is the one result where they go on and on and on about things that make no sense and gather crowds for it until they have what they want, which is usually a country that exists only in their heads – with respect to which each and every one of them has one of those too; Then it feeds into daily life and the civil rights along with their ethnic minorities want to have everything you have slaved to build because there was inequality and it was given them by Politicians, while the majority population ones will solve their person problems with the use of the entity of the Country and territory. After that we hear the complains from the Politicians about which part of it is the fault of the Monarchy and happens because the Monarchy beats too much; whereas all normal people will see and will know that the Monarchy beats because they are not necessarily clever people – that 18 year old will only start responding to the way the Politician wants him to respond to being teased when he is unemployed right up to the age of 30 and so they complain about beat from the Monarchy but this is still something they do on a daily basis, find amusing and have no wish to begin a process of stopping any time soon and I suppose they can always be the fucking idiots they want to be until somebody gets to stab them and end up in prison so to speak etc. What they want to do instead mostly is talk about how the Monarchy goes too far with beating them and will lead to bigger problems with a big mouth; what all other normal people know is that when others are concerned with matters of leadership, they are concerned with building alternative ideas about what could have been on the public image of such persons and when they reach a certain point with Media and local communities start to pretend that their whole disposition and means of gaining followers was not built from insolence and then start to assume their opinions and disposition actually counts or that others will or are supposed to recognise it; usually therefore when the Monarchy goes too far, it is because they are very stupid people and to add to that are very destructive too.

Even now what we have is that they have made friends with the American ones and those are telling me the UK has territory problems because of my attitude; the truth of course is that there is no such thing and if at all it crops up I have it under control i.e. the Monarchy relies on the Arch Prince in order to govern by Law and the Americans have an exceptionist way of handling their allies; so my primary objective is usually to broker means through it which is something that The Queen’s Office already exports, to support people on the ground when they are trying to move their Countries towards a more democratic and free living, the result is usually that the Americans arm rebels after making a mess which is not a guarantee that they are in control. Then we hear them claim the UK is not a democratic Country and cannot export democracy, which has nothing to do with the fact we all follow The Queens leadership doing charitable work and supporting charitable causes while One is the only that has business with Government – so what they need to understand being that it would be really difficult to tell somebody whose grandfather for instance got charitable support personally from the Queen, which resulted in a Family business that has branches overseas and has now passed down three generations that are still getting some form of charitable support or another from institutions associated with the Monarchy, that they are supposed to hate the Queen and then suggest it is wrong to share with others overseas when the opportunity might have presented itself and the situation was dire. In the end it is much the same old case of those who spend time building themselves a future on the basis of insulting those who have their hands full with responsibility for others and half of them are usually the ones that have wrecked their lives and are really good at leaning on people where people have a personal life and a public life in order to share both – while the others are the ones that use people’s lives and property to fix their cases but it does come to a point where I who does not bother people and deploy my own to do my own starts getting pressed by them and the only thing about me that they are interested in is my tummy and whether they can make me smell and so on; but the trouble with taking the matter head on being that Society idiots and Public transport operatives either control me or can punish me when I have been bad or have insulted them and the truth is that nobody really controls me – we all know I wrote a Book titled Answer to a Father’s Call five years ago and that they are the last group that can ever get to control me for instance but seem to be the ones that want it most apparently since my anus and my penis and my tummy hurts all the time and there has to be a reason and since no reason has been forth coming I have created one. I understand they say I think so but that people at the Monarchy control me, which is not actually true; people at the Monarchy are minders, it usually appears that when I deal with Public issues, I do because I have done it but the truth is that I do when I have found out where they have hidden it and the same goes for the society ones who do for Politics and now hate my guts because I have no respect for their own i.e. my anus and penis and tummy hurts and I have dropped out of University while my current employment is a struggle on account I am always being punished by this particular group of low life family heads, so there either has to be a reason for it or I am going to keep making one for them as well.

It is much the same as their Politicians and the part where the 18 year old will only start responding to being teased the way they want if he is unemployed until 30 because of them thing; it happens because they are evil and when they are evil they want to be in government Office in order to rule people. What these goons actually do with religion when  practiced by young people is not just a case where it becomes the main reason I cannot get a job for instance but also because they are setting up accusations that its purpose is to dig up violent issues and then get the older people to sort it out and what they do with that after is to build lifestyle over vandalism and enjoyment of life and the destruction of more young people etc; so people do not control me at the Monarchy, they are minders, it’s just that their own part about controlling me is only going to reveal the fact I actually have no respect for answers to Public matters which are hidden by them; it has taken 15 years of my time for me to react in that way and completely justified in my view too. As for the abuses in any case; I will do nothing about somebody’s crap on the left or right ending up all over me and pushing down until I smell and so on so they can clear a perspective and make progress because it means society people control me.

It feeds into that story of how Men handle Women or whether or not Men are always abusive but then again that is also I suppose a case of such facts are realising Women have body parts that are not half the burden that our Penis lays on us for instance and that they are particularly sexy when flustered about it. I mean I had to build myself a court system from which I did most of my trading and business at the Royal Estate and it meant that the feeling Women got from involvement with me was never developed into clothing they could wear – since it was clear that American Politicians were more deserving of that level of exquisite democratic leadership and have been deserving it for the last 12 years of my time as well; now that everybody is in pain and complaining about me as well, I do suppose it is time to return to and continue with what is really important anyway. It’s like the Industry one where Aston Martin is a Company that Brokers equities with those who want to lose an opportunity for instance and when somebody buys pigmentation for a car that runs into millions and mixes them such that it is to reflect my personality or my image or my Public work and any other equity and stores them in a vault for a car, another will develop involvement with me that means that although he does not know that is what he is damaging, it is just pleasurable to make his disobedience profitable and then make out it is my fault after and find out things about even more of what he must gain from when I speak about it too – soon after, considering they are not complaining about me presently, football people will buy the Aston Martins and expect me to behave in a certain way as there was clearly something dictionary wrong with the respect bit of the matter in the first place all together as it were. The way it is supposed to work then being Aston Model one was developed to be a show with my Temperamental and Industrial Colours adorning it – model two was my creative Equity and Model three was my personality – the three models are photos I am supposed to collect and display and then make my Books about to earn a living; except I should rather become more content with writing those Books on a platform of ripping up peoples society and culture all together and making a show of myself for it which is what I am now doing extremely well. They say it is competition which I do not mind; it’s an old story about anything Holy in this Country being chased down and corrupted by them whereby peoples religion are the reason they cannot get jobs and I am not saying they shouldn’t compete either, it’s the damage we are complaining about since that was never competition and if they do not behave in such ways until my Books sales are bottomed out at zero and  behave in such ways until I am physically sick, it is not competition to them and I too need to handle them in the same way when they are doing politics and civil rights and all those modern religion that constitutes their own forms of morality too; so I do not actually have a problem with them competing, they can come round and stand here and compete.

In the end if I have developed creative Equities and aesthetic creative equities and Market equities and they are all income viable, it is a certain degree of Economic control which I do not wish to lose and if the Men will not let me get along with my own life because they have needs which they feel should be prioritised all the time at this stage, it is important they bear in mind they will are on course to lose all economic control that they have all together and its quite possible that I am bluffing too. yap yapping it’s all people that others deploy to make things happen and could gain from my Books but want me to crawl on my knees and live at the mercy of their generosity instead, so all involvement with me should concern those who are interested in me being a successful person otherwise involvement is looking for trouble and will get it too, as I normally do set out a decade and a half of my time and just give it away like that. We are not talking about the Labour Party either; I am pretty sure another occasion where they support my evil mother to get around ripping up my finances and public image for them so that when I leave home early to ensure my religious persecution thing does not affect the whole family, she will ensure that when she says religion only creates violent things that older people have to do, she might be right – if it happens again, I will rip up that stupid party too and that will lead to an outcome where I am never wrong as well.

It’s like the old tale of the Prince of Wales and his continued plans for big show government which has determined how the celebrities that get along with him behave obviously but of which could just be an opinion of the results where every idiots wants to make a mess of me and get to the Royal family by doing so, however which all together it’s still a matter of Men and their stupid games anyway. It’s also like the case where people think that they have been extricating an apology from me for past actions of the British, which has no basis on reality or truth; I do not apologise for any government and certainly not the British one as such – what really happens is that when you have damaged peoples criminal businesses they want to bring up matters about past National crimes but before then they were rounding me up like an animal to claim they were taking charge of the lives of their kids on whom their future depends; so what they did with that was a story of those who did as they are told making fame and fortune popular culture on the personal life and Public image of those who were destined not to do as they were told so they could be excluded from civil rights and community – the result being the same tale of taking my normal life and then making a gang into it which was me on one hand and their obedient kids on the other while I had already as we spoke been excluded from a community, the idea I am apologetic for anything is therefore very delusional.

In terms of a story that runs every day concerning where violence is and how it is to be linked with me, that was an old case where I thought I had finished my work but Media invented something new; so I will need to get prepared for trading and start a process of real leadership where damage to products which mean something to me and to the customer will be followed with costly consequences, so as to ensure I am financially successful too. For now however it is a case where they end up asking me endlessly why my behaviour always tends to suggest I am looking for war, which then feeds into the things that Europeans do not accept they do which has led to brexit. In terms of looking for war of which the case is one where you grow up and get past the violence to complete your academic work and thereafter achieve and after that get called up for service and thereafter get known for National service as the case may be, so that what we have is that I had attained all these processes while I was still a student and got given a special arrangement to carry on with the Monarchy and when bits are taken off my life to provide them a better world, their gratitude is to come up with an ageist insults which suggests I have no respect for celebrities and television personalities and journalist whom they claim are actually more important than I am; so I had to find a way to make that stupid violence work for me and what they are seeing is the beginnings of a process where starting a fight with me will mean luck of victory on my part, after which it will get followed on with what  they have learned from it to get better and thereby have the last laugh, whereas the reality is that this very process of their social stupidities are the reasons I cannot enjoy what I have achieved and it will form the backbone of the fight process itself; so the most common insult attached to it is usually that I am just a kid who knows more about life than they do and hence entirely unacceptable, whereas the reality is rather that I do not see anything wrong with my age while they are currently complaining about me anyway, so I must assume that will lead to new problems in the very near future. As for what European Politicians do to bring about Brexit; it’s an old case of the fact it’s not really clear if the whole idea that they are working towards getting rid of the British Monarchy is actually fact but what we see is an effect of whatever it is they are doing is such that the only forms of Countries are the German model and the French Model and the Spanish and Dutch Model, thus it follows on from this effect of the incredibly insulting ways in which European politicians communicate with people and was in the same was responsible for the part where the Economic crisis was laid at the Door of the Greeks essentially so to speak; Brexit therefore was never the end of the world all together anyway, they have just made it look that way. As for the story of keeping away from Women that are older than me however, it is an old case of these Women having a career relationship with me; whereby I have something to do about crime or crime control and a Fashionista wants to do something with it and when I am finished she gets to, or I worked at Admiralty matters and a TV Actor did something with it and set out an acknowledgement etc; so those who are just getting involved really have no reason to, are a terrible source of anxiety for me and do more damage than they could possible imagine, while the ever important male fame freaks will gain from my private equity intellectual property administration books when they read the stories, pass insults that spend everybody else’s time showing that they are complaining about Women who decide a certain number of their kids should be criminals because it’s an unjust world, cannot handle the ones that actually decide to commit crimes because it is an unjust world or indeed police such a situation but have a problem with my age which I think is perfectly fine and cannot show some respect for the Bills they are obviously paying as it were, especially while all their time is spent on making sure what I do to see people do not make use of my work without paying is perverted and yet naturally having a problem with all that live their lives in such pointless manner and reserve some 10% of its which is paid for by those who are making use of their niceness, will mean having a problem with all of the UK traditional allies but so are they grown up enough to know when somebody is doing something that is rather serious and important and does not wish to screw around with any. In their minds however they have their excuses in the sense that I shouldn’t be getting involved with what the Queen is doing – whereas the reality is that I only get about my Christian activities and pick up on anything which concerns my relevance – I am so successful at it that I am always expected to pick up on something as a matter of daily routine as it stands; so this particular story is not really an argument they are informed well enough to make but as a whole, they are now the ones that are being tested. Much the same as the war on Women rhetoric while people attack me for not letting them make use of me as they see fit with that big mouth - so there will be no war on Women if there are no gangs of communities Women pretend they are dealing with a kid that can get beaten up because they want to steal his market and income and likewise the same when it comes to relationships - again, I have got them where I want them and the Americans can no longer explain this nonsense to the world as the existential form of their stupid freedoms.