I am told that I never discuss matters as a case of bullying but I never will – discussing it as bullying generally means that I do not have the means to enjoy my own fun, fooling around with the fact Politicians spend so much of their time on me that they do not know where their jobs are located anymore. What happens is that it is bullying in terms of the women constantly running off abuses that mean they want to see me get into trouble with gangs and criminals because I do not look like a big spender, Arch Prince living with them and not wasting money thing, which is as they wanted it, making an 18 year mess of it everyday i.e. it is no longer a quiet Hermitage that they do not notice all the time – the Men will then join up and ensure my academic work and career was completely wrecked to get me spending my years sorting out abusive women, so they might have freedom and this was largely due to how important they are; once I had decided that I was going to find them some back breaking work that does not pay them anything and will take up their time as well, the White people join up an call my shots as abusively as possible and they can never be satisfied: talking about it all as bullying then means saying Politicians should not spend the tools at Office that helps them ensure idealistic goons do not take advantage of them at Public work, helping them wreck my life where they would have failed, thereby showing the Politicians where the Political jobs were located.

The other part of the whole thing that gets serious is this bit about the Boys teaching me lessons on grounds I keep boasting about solving big social problems which is incredibly annoying – the Boys will not teach any lessons beyond blabbing all the time once their stupidities had meant they were my main concerns as well and we all know that – just as we know this sort of behaviour happening where I am studying or trying to write some Books I trade Equities by will make me smell of what I ate, so these Industrial gits may get out of hand where they wanted to and like I said, if they tried handling me over the smell, I would make my own changes that will alter their lives permanently as well. The one they complain of endlessly is that I encumber their access to fame and fortune and yes I do, as we can see that a little while yet and access to fame and fortune will be something that only their children had a promise of and I would have my revenge for years of abuse and vandalism wrought by idiots that have wanted to be more important than I am by using my own public image, as stupidly as possible – like they say it’s the power of the USA which power of the USA was only a case of the fact the US is a very diverse Country and they always say that the British Hijack what everybody should enjoy when they want to take advantage of British history and culture to get rich quick and we know Celebrities and low level Government Operatives tackle and pass their insults at an Arch Prince to control his Books and ensure the money he wanted to make from it counted as a tool for social equality because it is partly criminal activity or more accurately described as an adage; so should I respond to their abusive insults and spend more time I on them especially if I travelled to the US, I would only end up leaving the US Government wondering what their relations with the UK has become, so their need to get involved with my concerns is incredibly stupid. The outcome is that they now know they say I need Popular culture to be done with my Public image because it is important to sort out the way society and culture people levy obscurity on others, however which no explanation is offered for the destruction of my Book sales to control me, the destruction of my academic work to mock me before then and no explanation has been offered for the abusive insults that have now grown into a profitable means for very disturbing advertisement to be made on my Family finance base – the fact then that I have shut down access to the fame because of their need to make my life toxic creeping into my concerns to extract money from the Public effects of what I am doing, has not yet appealed to the boys is something that a person who thinks he can do whatever he liked would do; I mean if a range of the consequences were considered and it were judged in terms of my ability and what I did if I lost my temper, it does not yet appear like somebody they should not want to get a response from over practical jokes their stupidities have devised. Hence mostly I don’t respond to the American ones the way I want the British ones to give me my space and not get seen following me around when I attend an academic institution ever again – I don’t respond to the American ones because it is all USA internal affairs but worth noting that the US Government is now going to get off a disposition and say some people have been a problem for a while and there are now a few things they may do if they dared, somebody needs to say we are not necessarily in a hurry about it, we need to and can always take our time. For my part personally however if I hurtle down a Rabbit hole and find myself at the other end facing down Industry troublemakers, Hoodlums and Paparazzi doing my career and Royal Office, making a mess of this Hermitage, I will sack their Interests again.

So the rest of the time, we find the fall out to be a matter of what happened when I considered something of insecurity they said existed due to my disposition and it was about secret services operatives – a world where you can make assumptions about where your Ally stands on issues but could never take chances with those who are not allies which is not to say you had no involvement with them where you had agreement. So I took to social Media to clear this up and found the Boys had started me a public image which said that I had accepted personal liability for what happens to Armed Forces operatives in the field – none of which surprised me since what happens with them is that they are constantly in a state of disturbing The Queen’s peace – saying people are weak and need to be beaten down for finances that can be grabbed off them, saying like in my case that I think I have solved huge public problems and they want to handle me properly, so it reaches that stage where they are called to join the Armed Forces as well – most recent development progressing from the effects of claims I had accepted liability for what happens to them, to fighting my battles due to how easy it is to complete something I had arranged than to fight their corner to protect the insulting Girls they run off their abusive vandalism with – it keeps blabbing at me and I don’t suppose having this level of detail at my finger tips counts in terms of how vulnerable I am to them altogether. So, it all feeds into that case where it is said that the problem with me was that nothing done fails to get criticism from me but it’s a matter of ignoring what evil looks like and playing into their game i.e. I don’t know how they notice but I suppose if you spent enough time working on hating women, you would have noticed that in every age group and groups of people, there are always people who have over the evolvement of society developed an ability to prevent conflict and violence, such that if you want the Government to do what you wanted, you would either get them killed through gangs and crime because people loved them and you were in need of attention or you could do something to damage them, which leaves you the means of blackmail Government with conflict and violence for the business of getting rich fast – the way we have conducted out concerns have continued to allow them label such persons as sitting ducks and take those persons out, which creates a war without end and military interventions that are never successful and yes I do get asked what I propose to do but besides the fact we have Asylum facilities we can use to our greater advantage, they are always oscillating between being friends and being enemies and since I had worked out how to set out a message which means Armed services people do get tired sometimes and I will be using them to plug the shortfall, there has been no love lost basically. I have issued the warnings like a sermon at this point about being seen handling my concerns, following me around or issuing threats at me over the matter – we all know at this stage their Government can never play the game with Celebrities that means an idiot owns the market I worked for eventually and sits around somewhere calling a friend who denies me a job I was good enough to do, so most of what looks like it is made up, I will be deploying the same amount of energy to ensure the threats and insults from the boys had stopped once it begins to take up my time the way their insults did, which consequences they are always complaining and issuing the threats for in the first place; it’s all avoidable, down to the part where they became too old for fame and their children were the ones who had the only hope of attaining it, all they need to is allow me my personal space, starting for the business of shutting down those stupid losers victory abuses they believe will develop into insults that make me weak enough to be handled without trouble – I understand the incentive for it to be that I detach myself from the fighting bits to a point where it appears cowardice had become a habit for me, only making worse the business of Politicians spending tax payer funds to wreck my career and spending some more of it to build their stupid confidence but people don’t do that when they don’t know where the fighting is located in the first place.

The reality of this is that they are all criminals or as I mentioned before adequately described as goons with adage; the sort that facilitates the behaviour of small gangs blabbing how somebody will do their stuff, Midsized gangs becoming obsessed with Politics and money and big Gangs blabbing about Power – it is based on making others work for money endlessly while they put up their feet freely and lawlessly, to threaten those who have tummy issues with violence, claiming their Public image was either affected or taken in the process; it loves to issue those threats at me from its position somewhere between the Communities and the Children who passed exams from it to get jobs that help control the High Street and because the Communities are always chasing their bums and those who control the Highstreet are always worried they might steal, they smell of what they ate and tackle me because they had no plans to down alone besides the business of handling me allowing them to get money off wealthy people and blow off their big mouth at me over whom they think I am, due to the activities of very stupid top employees and contract based high paid Client employee fools especially at the Fashion and Advertisement Industry – it does not mean that I afraid of them like they have made out that I am and their Celebrities justifying themselves by telling me of the importance of Popular culture and then without reason or purpose ripping up my Public image and any other work involving Diplomacy is about to become a major reason for the complain they lodge against me to make it self known as a global stage phenomenon.