As for the Fashion ones, the primary case is usually that there is no need for them to be as abusive and insulting towards me, when they know their low lives in the US and all over Europe will be on the streets but the chances that each time they do, I will come across one of those who will have seen me and cause me incredible levels of anxiety over what my day will become thereafter does not actually occur to them, until we find them pretend that if the Russians can protect them I will not be able to prevail – which again has an impact on me with respect to those concerns I have that if a day does come when a far right party governs the country and mass exodus has been arranged for none whites, I could get killed because somebody still kept his street cleaner job never the less and did not become something more important thereof. They are always far better and superior human beings than I am, all cracked up and out of my league and cannot keep the insults to themselves for their problems. Like the Public transport ones who control me for everybody and make me smell etc; what happens rather being that when they confront Politicians about woeful treatment of Women and even in Parliament as such, what Politicians do with them is top up personal privileges and decide what happens on the basis of what is going on around the world, which of course is woeful treatment of women and then it makes the Politicians financially better off at their expense, what the fucking idiots then control is myself as such; this has not been an issue in anyway, every one of them now has a history with me – the younger ones are always blabbing war, the older ones are always giving me house because their insults suggest they will laden me with problems they have to deal with concerning the fact young people have their eyes fixed on other peoples bums all the time – the ones I have not yet handled are stupid black Men and their wives and when that has been completed the process where people screw with my property when I have issued a warning will be done with a sense of respect; so the parity here is that they are in a more secure position because Administration of office is about governing them, as compared to the really insulting fashion and television scum mentioned earlier. I mean if I fight for myself I say something about people screwing with my possessions if they have the guts – if I fight because Women are involved it’s for whole communities – these idiots are neither, just the bums that occupy the places of Women and cannot see that they are; so I need to ensure they come round to play with me at the University again when I return to my studies; the fame freaks who have ways of moving around ugly perspectives and those ideas about shit and who is stomaching it that creates the sense there is my stomach and there is shit and both are with each other etc never stop any of these fun games when the victims experience the most distress, they want to at their own time with which their stupidities and evil moves conveniences and decides where it ends up. It was never their job and never their livelihoods losing it characteristic of freedom idiots will now mean I have done something wrong; otherwise will they thus so maintain an infinite source of funding for processes of winding me up; their whole lives apparently depended on getting a certain kind of respect from me, with that big mouth.

The truth here is that they love those statements they make way too much; the one about how I go up against the Political system at my peril, whereas the reality is that whilst the Politicians want everybody to vote for them, those they really care about are people that will run up to you and kick you if they see you carry a Bible publicly; I have to take care of myself and ensure that every fool that has trouble keeping his opinions about other people’s religion just an opinion ends up in a condition where he finds out what it feels like when religious people are doing the same; so I expect the Politicians and their media to keep ripping up my finances, giving them money and telling me I am selfish by knowing where my anus and penis is. In retrospect, they can keep doing that too, it does not spill over the last time we checked according to history. It’s like that mix up of religion where they decide with their stupidities what the outcome will be; where we all know that the more a Christian is dedicated to his faith is the harder he tends to work for income while a Muslim is the opposite for instance and the Christians who kill do it because the Grace of God was sufficient for a personal act while the Muslims who do it, do so because it is entrenched in their faith; to think that all these happens while these idiots chose what to work on and cherry pick people lives to make it convenient then damage people’s property to create a sensation of being correction in carrying out such activities with regularity, showing up on that stupid Media to exasperate me and expect society scum to collect my reactions by which they can climb social ladders and decide when they show regard for bills they are not paying as it were. So there is nothing I can do about the abuses, which are performed by the security guards of envy and discord and the 7 deadly sins etc – wondering who they are guarding thereof as such, yeah right; I simply do not see what it has to do with me except when they lose any connections with me and ways of abusing my personality to tell me what to do, like the City sleeker of evil and financial vandalism and Media insults, throw up a tantrum and then I will have to see the goons clearly love it too much, that they can affect my life without showing their stupid faces. We are now in a place where they cannot see the trouble that the need for rock and pop have, to rip up the lives of people who are engaged in s different social activity such as religion, in order to make themselves financially comfortable at the behest of Politicians as a matter of right will do and will do to them as well for the time being.

Today they say I have lost my Book sales once again and am losing a Royal Office as well in the process and it is utter nonsense, I am not actually losing anything as such; it’s the same case all round, where each time we speak of the fact the bullying conducted by broadcasting businesses and their staff appear to be uncontrollable, what they say is that the owners and the staff and the managers are separate entities and that there is nothing anybody can do but it continues and they need to have a Church that became violent and got put down by the authorities, so that they can have the kind of lifestyle they want to every single decade; they had one for the 70 and another for the 80s and then the 90s and then the 20st century etc and then we will hear them claim I am an impediment to their freedom but refuse to listen when I warn them of the fact I like only classical music and they need to keep their Popular culture outside of my mind. It’s never really a crisis, I seem to be getting into trouble with them, losing a business and then a Royal Estate but when asked what problem existed which does not anymore because I provided a service, although they love to steal the income especially the black ones that cannot shut their insults up on television, they have no idea – especially when it is about the service I provide in order to secure the equities I get from the Monarchy, which meant there was a problem that does not actually exist anymore because I provided that service. I do not think it is a serious matter as such in terms of the complications and whether a crisis is in store; the reality is that we are only all just starting to see the fruits of handling this matter in order to find out what it is exactly they are going to do when they are finished; I mean the stage at which when cracked up out of other peoples league carries on with an activity that amounts to bullying is actually supposed to be the point where people are not buying the products of their victims – I lose things apparently according to them but they do not know what I have lost and it’s the story all day where the insults know no limits and a fashion model cannot do her catwalk without passing some at me, forgetting her idiots from Eastern Europe will turn out on the streets and anyone I meet will ensure my whole day is hell because of them and that they will pay for it but still it will continue to show itself to be a behaviour they have chosen with respect to a lifestyle they want to have. I personally do not think it a problem – we see their bullying on a daily basis and see that it lasts all day long as well because they think they are on top of it and it will lead to those eventualities where I start to consider what service they are providing to have that money that gets to their heads and will end up combining a process of dealing with them with that condition where I do not have a problem with seeing Men lose business contracts and walk around the streets finding it impossible to feel comfortable financially and I suppose that it is only then that staying away from my Books and not addressing me as we are not mates, will have constituted a viable advice if not warning. I do not think it is a matter of grave consequence, we hear them say I speak the way I do but still am an impediment to other peoples freedoms but their freedom means ripping up my finances by getting involved with me to create their queer equality, then getting up on media to try and become me; so that it becomes the point where what the entire world has seen is about to be altered because of their needs, as it seldom has any respect for other people’s rights and the case here is that I can actually shut it down considering it is not in my interest for them to be famous but should not do it lest it costs them their freedom – such a joke as it were. They speak of taking risks with my life by behaving in such ways but I have warned about the big mouth threats too; I know when I fight for myself and have to ensure people do not mess with me for instance and likewise when I fight for women and have to think about whole communities – they have somehow found a way to be comfortable where Women exist and cannot work out they are bums just yet, so one of threats will likely result in another of them complains about Police brutality or something in the near future. I mean the facts on the ground is that I write my Books on work done to separate peoples evils from mainstream living, so that the moral and the religious can carry on with their lives as well and the people who take the most interest in my Books are queer scum on broadcasting businesses – it does not stop there either as we all know that before they complain of not being able to think properly, what we find is that the Politicians give money to bums so they can say those who claim that what they do is wrong as wrong themselves.

I love it so much when it grows up to this kind of level and then has to be reversed because it is the one that usually shows that the Politicians are wrong and I am right i.e. he needs my morals to do customer service with because his life hurts people but he hates my religion from which my customer service was made in the first place; so I really, really love it when I let it grow up to a global party and then start to reverse it because it always tends to mean that I am right and the Politicians are wrong. As for the so called rich people I have no respect for, before they complain about war and terrorism, the story is usually that I behave the way I do because I hate other peoples success on account of problems which accompany their privileges but not long after we find owner of cosmetic A company lounging in her 20 million pound apartment so that when people get in touch with her, she is all worth her station and having ripped up my income with stories of how I have a problem with it, when people get in touch with me a few things are not worth my station and my fans are violent people; hence the fact we clearly need to be so disrespectful. Their freedom is not actually located at the point where I am beaten down, it’s something they do because their Fashion and Media and Celebrity can be so abusive and insulting and show a lack of regard for what you can do as well when those goons of theirs meet you on the streets and determine what your entire day becomes just by doing so; we see them pinch it all the time i.e. the aspect of me concerning when I fight for myself and not Women whereby I think about whole communities but what is remarkable is how inferior I am to them once they had successfully stolen it and it’s like a pandemic on Public transport and on the streets and everywhere, while they complain about the consequences of popular culture in my head and people moving into my left and right hand side as a result when I actually like classical music which makes me very distressed and we will find out two things if this current condition is altered in the negative again, the first being what will happen when that stupid popular culture empires are built from the US to Asia across my Royal Estate again and of course what will happen when I return to university and they follow me there to play with me again thereof. All those years being held down and having my finances and health ripped up because they were making sure I am not a threat to their civil rights and so on – it was apparently credible that I was such a threat on account I attended Church etc, now we know they are protecting interests of them criminals and barely criminal goons I have no respect for as well for my part all together. The question then lingers as per whether misogyny is a crime; which it isn’t naturally since it’s all just idiots Politicians give money to, so as to let them tell others they are not stupid if their insanity does make them money which becomes such an issue whenever it is important that what you are learning does stay in your head thereof but it becomes such a point for bullying that is in their interest especially when they are driving and have made their statements about me being the stupid one and they the clever ones while expecting everybody to assume they do not know what they are doing when they gang up on the roads and interfere when I am in other people’s business premises and so on; so it is important that they know I cannot breathe, leave me alone and stop getting involved, clear my Public image unless they are here to buy a Book I wrote. The other alternative of course is to start a personal vendetta on that stupid money which means being at war with the treasury which supplies them with it and that you do not think the Country should be successful – so that when they know this is the case, they really become convinced they can do whatever they liked and you wouldn’t tackle those stupid businesses and contracts and warehouses of theirs as well while they have no clue what they are doing thereof, with anything that was a possession of yours.

It is not lost in translation, they need to clear the Public image space unless they are here to buy a Book or I will be at war with that treasury that supplies the Money, make it safe so I can skewer them and their stupid bullying for my part as well; I understand they want me to show myself to the Public, which is just as well considering it is something I would do to hurt them when I wish to begin this process all over again, so as to place my Bookshop on the High streets, but I am trading online and they need to get lost. They do say when they crack me up each time I step out of my door I do nothing but everybody knows Politicians are good for ripping up your finances and making you worry about bills while they build up such stupid confidence thereof anyway – it’s an old story and all I am saying is that I will get after that treasury and those warehouses and any stupid contracts that makes the Men such a problem as well and it will cut up the lot. It does not do to get after people like this simply because they do not know what they are doing but I have had enough of this stuff and enough is enough; it amounts to bullying when all that personality and freedom based nonsense gives way to the obvious fact that people are not buying my products as well while I am being used by them. So my business has not done well for a decade even though people need the products to a point of National Media involvement; these scum would not tolerate others making personal decisions with their property in such ways anyway. It’s never been an issue, just the kind of leadership Industry idiots want to provide, so doing their Fashion and Popular culture and Media and so on does tend to mean that they have had my Royal property of course when they have only been either awarding or getting rewards from goons that give them money to abusing Royalty – the insults and abuses do not have to be so intense and violent while they are doing these things anyway, I personally cannot imagine what the mindset f those who abuse others because they are doing Fashion and Celebrity and popular culture etc must actually be but in the end, they complain that their bottom hurts and have not yet realised it is the beginning. Obviously they say I think it is okay to treat those that are more successful than I am in such ways, which of course is one part of the story; the other is that they agree with every nonsense their goons cook up and then tell them of how nobody knows why the hell I am, knowing they will not be personally responsible for Policing a process where those idiots use their money to ensure peoples wives were my responsibility and that I was being pushed up against society and its idiots everyday really hard, in order that people might chose my crowd for me; I am never actually experienced an apology or an explanation for it even though they are aware this is what their idiots will do with their money, no matter how wealthy they were; so I suppose it must be that my Royal Estate thing that I am about to perform again, over and over and over, if I must please them in order to sell Books, which does their fucking wonders for my Client bidding too. they do say that my people and customers are violent as well and yes they are; after all there isn’t a rich trouble maker that has not read my Books without paying for it these days while those who are poor and need the Books wait for years and get frustrated – they have read it anyway and know what it does as per when it is said a solution to a problem did not previously exist until I created one and that I am actually selling it.