Now they say that they will boycott the Trump Presidency inauguration and that people like me should be worried about it as well and I do not see any reason I should, I mean the Politicians always love to provide them that leadership where I allow idiots and goons to get anywhere they want but the reality is still that it’s an intellectual property administration business and I do it in such a way as means I inform society of my work, so I don’t have to deal with people giving me excuses of having not been aware of it – this then means that if my Books show up at the highest levels of government only for the sales to get stifled while I get feedback that it is being kept away from the public and saved up as somebody’s talisman on which his future career and career progress in government depends, I am likely to turn up the heat and make them do some acrobatics in order to win elections too. I mean in the end when it does show up on National and International Media only for the sales to be completely destroyed, I robbed of income and customers robbed of product and service as well , it becomes a question of the fact it is unprecedented civility that borders on extremism and I am not necessarily interested in whether people change such behaviour for my part either, I am only asking , considering it is understandable that when poor people damage your property to exasperate you and make you dig deep to come up with inspiration that solves their problem, which they can get rich quick with on grounds you are trying to be free from them, it is poverty that causes people to become such inconsiderate bastards – I really want to know whether it is poverty that causes them to exhibit such incredible rudeness. It is completely irrelevant what I write thereof, just like that story of how I need to be made to curb my enthusiasm which is utter nonsense too, as I know exactly what I am doing and it involves a p[process where I talk faster than them and their racists, which becomes a necessary means for Politicians that actually have a real career to run the government of the Country and I am happy to export this to the US as well – I am not of the opinion saying these things will make them change; if they have established a connection they want to latch onto in order to deal with the phobia of working for their money, which they seem to be ill with all together as it were, if they have established that connection that allowed them to show that attacking and bullying moral and religious and hard working people is financially rewarding whether or not it has been mathematically substantiated, they will never stop doing it; I am only responding to the reality that they can actually boycott anything they wish, it does not mean this Office will be affected in anyway. We see it around the Film Industry as well, where it’s my life and I have celebrities at Court but there are whole global villages of get rich quick idiots gathered up to make money on my public image, which means they are living up to their reputation of being a grotesque and ugly venture like they always do. My question besides clearing up the fact it is important to talk faster than extremists like them, so that things can get done, is whether it is poverty that causes them to exhibit this sort of abusive rudeness. As soon as I have sorted out this part about Arch Prince moving around the world, which causes such a stir that it churns peoples tummy, I will export the talking faster than extremists like them bits, so we can find out what the answer to the problem really is, whether it is poverty that actually causes them to be such extremely inconsiderate bastards on a daily basis at Public places and civil venues; Obama thing is finished, it was the one where it was done for them at the Oval Office while everything else goes to hell, now they need to do it for themselves and can be queer famous all they want this time as well – when they do tell me they are famous it makes me so angry,  since it is something others should say and jump into their mess to muck with them generally but then again, it usually means they are informing me that they can do anything they wish and this is usually the main ingredient that causes me to lose it, it adds to the fact nothing they do seems to not belong to somebody else, the fact it has to be done in the most abusive way that robs people of academic and financially success, the fact when they are done getting rich that way they pervasively make contact with the victims to seek trappings of power using what the Money can do with it thereof. I mean the question is not lost in translation – they love to make out people like me are simply setting off a storm we cannot control whereas what happens is that somebody’s entire career value is completely destroyed, not such that he can move onto something else but destroyed at the market on ground others want to exert control of neighbourhoods where rich people reside, so they might sell themselves to the money for all sorts of purposes and for this people have their tummy churned upside down all day long and it is generally a behaviour that moves around like a plague infecting every neighbourhood in which there is new development, ripping up whatever it can all day long and then telling me when they boycott Trumps inauguration I will be affected for it is poverty that causes them to be such inconsiderate scumbags. What people think about doing in an area where three colleges and five hotels and four trading parks have popped up in the last five years, is to get involved with an activity which provides paid employment, get involved with some form of career advancing part time study and take it from there – what they think is ripping up peoples tummy in order to make themselves invulnerable to competition when it comes to sharing the money of the rich and nobody can work out the stage at which the two lifestyles actually met, so as to facilitate their stupid insatiable desire for destruction playing out on my financial well being like it does everyday – they can always boycott what they wish, the notion I will be affected is wholly wrong. They always like to make out I think I can take them on when I cannot; reality is that the Men are learning what I can do when I don’t want it done while they make up their excuses to continue at popularity, while the Women are just one of those things that causes an idiot to get up on the left and claim somebody is being abusive towards Women so his stupid life can be deployed to fix problems and I will like to see an end to their stupidities showing up here to get comfortable with my royal property and public image so such men do not end up having their stupid lives used to fix violent problems indeed all together anyway; hence I will be affected when they boycott Trump Presidential inauguration. The need they have to get financially comfortable with my work is to the tune of such realities as I cannot concentrate on my studies or look out of my window to the brick wall that is the house next door because of their need to get comfortable with my property on account they are Women and have idiots that may do violent things on their behalf following their case around and I want to see an end to this illness as well, want to see them vanish permanently from my concerns, otherwise we will find out, the take them on as it were.