NATO Coalition does not have a programme of regime change in Libya, it just expresses its support for it period. What has a plan of regime change in Libya is the Libyan people. What happened was that Gaddafi was meant to be the one and only great almighty leader in Libya but had chosen to lead some and discard others, like they all do in Africa where they spend their time on nothing but embezzling government funds, chewing snacks, boasting about what is going on, making friends with insolent white girls to negotiate diplomatic corners, sleep with very young girls and pulverise the lives of young men, to create migration based political problems for everybody. 

 The result was the emerging of a group of people who formed a habit of entertaining themselves and drinking their brains out every time there is government Policy because it will be predicted to go against them and then it will turn out to go against them in unpredictable ways, until some get drunk enough to boast about the fact they will display public displeasure at the way policy was going and each time fail to do so, hence will be reminded during the next drink party and people will go on and on and on until one day they drink their brains out, walk into parliament and when policies have gone against them again walk out so everybody can see not everybody likes such Policies but what happened was that when they did on the occasion the finally did, they got shot and they died.

No body told the Libyan dictator to create a one party state so when people refuse to shake the hands of the Leader to express displeasure at behaviour and or Policy they get shot; would have been nice if he could arrange that sort of Policy with the people who agree with it, so he can use it only with his own party members except it is a one party state he himself created.

 The UN has done all it can therefore approving measures for the protection of civilians, arranging a security council meeting in which countries voted on the matter and countries expressed their opinions about the situation there-so in actual fact regarding which there should be a general election in Libya right about this second but there isn't one, what we have there is the one party leader killing people still, which then measures the kind of response that the coalition has the power to follow.

I personally do not like them taking privileges from bullies and idiots from my country because there is nothing I can do about it, so they can sit somewhere hunting me with their insults.