The rules of government hand over have never really been debatable. It is understandable when people are worried about the possibilities of loosing their jobs but at the end of the day, it is just a job. The only way a government can exist is a factor of gathering a cross section of day to day interaction of its people which is a functions a certain group of interaction which they carry out as opposing sections of society, represents all these interests, positions and dispositions publicly and solves its problems by law; it is the only way a State is a territory and a Government is its administrative component.

The argument is that government can assume office by gathering the cross section of interaction of its people which are a function of emerging circumstances but circumstances are not gathered in normal conditions and do not reflect those that are being governed,  such a government fits the word illegitimate and an illegitimate government struggles with government itself all of the time. There is nothing wrong with government and there is no reason it should become a person’s personal property; if a man buys a land, he can lay claims to it but there is no known way of laying claims to a country even if it is still a land, which is why imperialism and such stupid games are precisely stupid. Hence the only means a government can come into office is popular elections, as there is no known way of controlling the problems of the powerful few whom others may not be able to stop when they get out of hand, from the smallest which affect law enforcement officers to the biggest which is civil war.

The rhetoric by Leaders of the Arab world where their people have demanded change that this is due to some kind of terrorism bred misfortune does not make any sense.

When people have decided a government has given as good as it gets  and must leave office, the rules cannot be bent or changed when a government stays a bit longer.

Likewise the rules of hand over for the people which has not changed either, namely:-when you have removed a person from a job, you are not to follow them around making them do things for you or getting things out of them, otherwise they have the right to return to government, if they do not deploy the right to fix the situation by blood shed altogether; since it is better to have a problem than to have a situation which has no name.

I must reiterate here that the behaviour of the peoples of the Arab world over the last five months have been worthy of emulation all over the world.

The idea the rules of government hand over is a factor of those that are always paying for things when things need to be done, is a set of nonsense which those who effect corruptions of involvement deserve and the idea of those that are always tagging along and perpetually broke for anything can only be explained when people have explained how some know that if they do nothing out of initiative, locate where Politicians and big business which attack them all the time are, waiting for feeders to hit them telling them that they do nothing about their enemies because they don’t want to be liberal doing something for others, by which they then tend to know where every one of their enemies are and if intense enough about what they want to do for security, provided you fix the problem of the corruptions young people dish out, none of such things get to make a difference anyway.