Events about Syria in and out of Syria is not a huge problem for me like it is claimed that it is. The truth about it exist in three dimensions

1.       That when there is a conflict, the last people on whose side you want to be is the side of those who own the wealth and the power because they had every means of making sure that there wasn’t one in the first place and of course this is a fact about which some rebels are very well aware of.

2.       That when people have wealth they do not drive it into violence, unless there are things they should have done that they have refused to do and this of course is also a fact about which some rebels are very well aware of.

3.       Finally when people wish to do something in a conflict about the plight of those who are suffering as a result of it, the only reason that all the other two facts are not taken into consideration is because they are riding on a history or even a programme that is even more surprising a position to be in considering their role, if not dastardly.

In Syria the real problem there is the leader and he has the benefit of hindsight with respect to what happened in Egypt and in Libya, with regards to his decision to do everything possible to ensure the entire country remains his personal and private property and of course has started off with murdering people.

So the Communists propose that seeing things his way will work because he has support but anybody who has wealth and power would have support, it is the nature of the support from the position of an independent adjudicator that really matters and we all know by now that he is not interested in the social or political nature of the country, has never been and is only interested in what he must do to kill people so they do not take away the life he currently has and his personal property his father gave to him which is Syria.

The rest on the other hand claim to work in the interest of those who are suffering as a result of the war but in actual fact we know perfectly that the reasons that the route to doing so being not to take sides with the current leadership and to be aware that there are rebels who know that such an outcome is possible right from day one but is not being followed is clearly because they have a history that is completely surprising and are working along such parameters not to mention dastardly.

So is this really something I ought to sit around and be personally concerned about? Of course not; no normal human being would live or exist in that way, all I can say is that they love these their stuff, where others are working hard locked away and they on the other hand spend exactly the same amount of time for mockery and abuses designed to ensure they can control and manipulate the feelings of such persons. As for the choosing a side conundrum and the stupid women who want to control other peoples earnings for it as well that these idiots do not know others are very well aware of, hence they love their boasting as well when they damage peoples property pretending to have rights on it, I do not know what choosing a side has to do with the process of having a job, having your office respected by such fools and your earnings as well but it seems we will find that out too as we progress and then we will have the space to think, abuses put away which allows the means to do well academically as well.

The US President simply supposes that we wants to acquire for himself an important person that will spend most of his time to deem him one of America's wicked leaders and I do not think I want to play along either. His people I am very well aware of and they do not trouble me; as it is the case that if it is some kind of work, then such things get done and either way I do not or they steal my ideas to do it in their name, it will be done anyway, what will not change is that when they frustrate everything designed to ensure what needs to be done is done, then it is good bye to being popular.