It is not exactly clear what the Syrian Leadership does mean by results of another Afghanistan or many Afghanistan resulting from foreign interference in Syria. First prognosis is that he does have links with terrorists in Afghanistan but if itis some kind of ego trip, then I fail to see what connection there is between Afghanistan and what will happen if he stops killing people in Syria.

The situation with respect to Afghanistan is that it is a Mountainous Country where most of its inhabitants generally are able to roam freely and so there are a lot of similarities between Afghanistan and say the State of Texas in the United States for example or even its Northern Counterpart Alaska at the other end of the spectrum. The problem with Afghanistan being that it is recognised they are generally very uncomfortable with foreigners, especially when they come with Arms and provoke them by telling them how to live their lives but when you have had things like bombing other peoples World Trade Centres and Train Stations, then the problem has become that they do not wish to come out and sit on the negotiating table. which is not to say the approach of the Americans on the issue is correct, it is not, it is wholly wrong. There is less similarities between Afghanistan and Syria then there is between Afghanistan and Texas or indeed Alaska and these are all States inside of the United States of America; so I completely fail to see what the Syrian leadership means by an Afghanistan or many of it when they actually stop killing people in the Country.

Here in the UK, people speak of foreign interference but you cannot stop stumbling on children that are friends of the children of people at school, whose parents have been slaughtered over the last month or so in Syria and so if the Syrian Leadership do know how to bring up their own children away from such traumatic life changing occurrences, now that they have enough money Houses and Cars for three lifetimes at least, what is wrong with leaving alone the government? Besides which they could always have stopped killing people. 

It is no longer a matter which involves outside pressure for the most time, when leaders have come to the point where they blame outside pressure interfering in their affairs for the unresolved difficult issues.
  •  On the plus side, being the President of a Country is an Elite Club that very few people get to join.
  • On the down side you have failed on the job so badly the Country has now been divided and so acutely that it is along military lines as well, which indicates you have been clinging on to power.
  • If you have at a job so, you should tender your resignation once it is clear that your position is no longer tenable, there is absolutely nothing wrong in doing so.  
Political leaders especially at the top levels of government are not poor people and should not get to cling onto political position as though they were poor people clinging onto a job. It brings war and bloodshed, nothing else and nothing more; everything people claim it brings before it goes bad are forced innovation which destroys economy as well and makes everything continually worse.