With respect to Syria they say my view are never anything definitive; I don’t know why anybody would get on TV and continue to push and abuse me for views of Syria anyway however the Syria issue seems to be something that must be determined on the basis of which country Russians sell arms to which is an economic and not a diplomatic or Political issue, while the Political issue really is that of a group of people who after all those years of campaigning for public office the many parties attended to be treated as guests of honour, some rich and some not rich but well to do anyway and the end product of always being given the famous and preferential treatment, people still get into public office and intend to keep it for themselves; Entire rows and rows of people keeping public office as personal and private property in Syria. This is the main issue and if intervention should have happened that should have been decided a long time before now.

For my part however it seems the meaning of these abuses to get my opinion are basically a matter of co-operations of respect from me, hence still the same old issue of Politicians and their business men friends and the media idiots and abuses at me that are meant to make me less famous than they are and just like the Syria case where they wonder why I get angry if they want my opinion when they know they are the ones with the diplomatic phone calls and connections, the ones who have all the information that they need on the ground but like terrorism, get involved in foreign conflicts, play around with it and wait until Islamic extremist turn up to try and groom people, shoot those who don’t want to be groomed and those who are not dead join them and bomb twin towers so that it might become everybody else’s problem as well. I am not like Islamic extremists myself and will never see them as some great ideology I have got to fight against; so they ought to understand how offended I will be when they abuse me to get opinions on co-operations of respect and I am not giving back that stupid left hand side either, as I always think that since they are such a bunch of clowns that wish not to give up the process of seeking a royal prince they can abuse so that somebody might work for everything and end up in a condition where he has cleared his mind of every matter of immorality in order to offer them co-operations of respect when they want to go to war or something, they can come and get it. I mean they love their penalties in my direction all the time as it were because I clearly have not got a penis as well as far as they are concerned; hence they are real men and I can see too that it is not going to end very well because this is just the beginning of getting my hands on anything and everything they own which constitutes the problems I have, so I can break it up and destroy it to make them go away.

They like to make up that idea I am supposed to be an abused figure somewhere they take advantage of in order to make wealth and happiness when they show off their products through advertisements and I have never given such approval for such consent anyway; so it will have to be clear that they are rebels, something Muslim describe as an adversary and we Christian describe as witchcraft and I am not giving back that stupid left hand side, as I said it is the beginning of an audacity to get into their lives and businesses and take hold of it and break it up and burn it when it winds me up; so all that stuff that builds happiness and riches when I am some kind of shrine for it is still my stuff and will be returned. I don’t care anymore if they feel that was the purpose of Politics, they always do and like to claim it is how the parliament and democracy was built of which there is no evidence to support such rubbish, like the process where everything I say is precious ideas wasted by the owner that likes to give them away – not that I go to their communities and into their lives to get respect from them anyway of which it seems I will be doing that soon enough yet too. We are not mates and they will have to keep their business idiots and media scum insults to themselves, I have given a decade of my time for it and never did meet them as a child in the first place and will give no more; this is their worst nightmare in case they have not read between the lines yet and it is important therefore that they leave me alone, not turn up to mention powerful communities which I don’t know if they are social business men or thugs to wind me up.

They say I talk like I am the one that will bring about the next apocalypse of course but they ought to ask their stupid children bearing in mind the kind of Politics they promise them and I don’t think it is a problem either; a simple case of what you would do if somebody who had money needed to keep it hidden, its not as if they will tell anybody you stole it from them anyway or they are in a place where they will have no support if you consider their lives and property as your stepping stone, its not like when you abuse them somebody will think it is bad either. In the end they see the process of the destruction of my property as a veritable enterprise, something that keeps my attention trained on their problems so they can ensure the best people to solve them are doing so, hence I am not complaining either, I think I will begin with the satanic cultures too and the best muscles will be doing all my work for me; it did not start here of course as it began years ago when criminals were the best men and I exist to be overwhelmed and now its gone global which is good for them as well I suppose. When peoples govt chefs of staff write books, the important thing is who they are published with and how that means people make a vow to destroy the business and they even have their excuses i.e. who I am published with or cultures that they cannot show as evidence which I am supposed to have damaged and those stupid insults continue like that for their purposes on media everyday too as it were. Where they can talk 24 hours about how what I am most concerned about is how to look after all I own when there are people with bigger muscles around everywhere which those their women and the evil ones that want to be able to manipulate somebody into crime can take advantage of as well; the reality of course is that I worry mostly about how I will kill a few scumbags like them without creating problems for myself or for anybody else because they are always at it, money, money, money, their surname is money and so it is important that they drive it and drive and drive it until there is a sense that millions lie on the other side of the scale the need to balance by killing somebody and then they will have all the power and all the money they want and pay whatever price the stupid laws made by cunts has set out for them to pay. About my stance of which I hear all the time they are normal people underneath all that as if I care anymore these days; fuck em.