So with respect to government plans for economic growth and recovery based on hard work, people get on media and want to find out what my opinions are from there. They site government finger pointing as the reason to set to tone for what I might want to say as well. I have no idea what it is meant to determine either, what I do know is that all there is to it is that some of the most insolent idiots in the world live in this country and that the main problem is the fact that they know in every way social and cultural and political etc that what they do is wrong, so they do it anyway. Hence whenever they want to take advantage of you, they want to pressure you into an opinion about it.

The way it works is that when people want to have a lot of money without raising a finger to work for anything, then what they do is find somebody that has worked hard enough to earn the recognition of leadership to ensure they cannot stop abusing insolently to get him to do things they blast off on Media in their names; this carries its own curses which they are very good at recycling with their even more insolent scary cultures.

All I want for my part is that of the fact whenever people get involved with me or address me over any matter and in any circumstance, they recognise that what I do for a living is write books and should expect a certain outcome when they use my work without paying for them. I cannot actually describe how ridiculous I find the search for my opinion about where I stand on government plans to ensure recovery is based on hard work is to me. What the government therefore said had nothing to do with my predicaments or indeed anybody else’s, we are just here because they wanted my opinion and now they have got it.

I am not just going to blast it all away of course; there are other things still that will create conditions where I have to hammer them for their insults and those will come up as we go along.

With respect to the claim I mess up their culture and come in from abroad to tell Europeans what their culture can be, that is not founded on truth; what I have done to them is a product of the fact that when they want their society to be in my office or my office in their society, if they are determined like they are in this case, they will always make that happen. I do not necessarily have to go along with it as such, just get up daily and get to work and nothing else, mind not what they want or what their most recent suffering for their wickedness has become. I suppose the issue has come up because whilst there is a huge problem with respect from them in my direction they do not wish to avoid getting entangled in the fear, they think any of the problems and provocations will lead to an ending that they want. So I have not actually yet gone around making out what their cultures should be, its just that when I say United Kingdom, I am mentioning the one that exists in their culture or indeed Greece or anything else, I am mentioning specifically the one that exists in their culture and need to give it back; same old story of course about the fact when people have access to your personal life they will eventually get deluded to this point and so I will never blow it all away so these things about their insults can come in drips and I can thumb them for it each time each and every one comes up and to avoid that they will have to leave me alone one way or another.


The cultural part itself is an old story; on one hand it has resulted in a condition where you simply want to round them up like animals and approve of them before they are allowed to exist like they have done you and on the other is the fact it is always about black cultures from overseas and white ones from home, both want to earn your income instead of work for their own of course and it is the duty of any idiot with powers of appearance on Television to determine which culture is doing the right or wrong thing at your expense in order to use you. So we return back to where we started i.e. they want to know what my opinion is of government plans to ensure recovery is based on hard work; fuck all of them. they will never say the big problem is that they visit witchdoctors and turn up to do stupid things to other people because they are supposed to get rich from the powers they got and the fact they are always targeting people who have worked for money and are trying to earn it while being mocked by their stupid witchdoctor fans does not tell them that there is no such power in existence – I for my part just love the games of course.

In the end only three issues come through at the bottom line: one of them of course is right wing and left wing idiots around whom there is always the sense that the rhetoric is that everybody wants everything in the world but that they might actually get to have it because they have access to and can control me and the other is football people that tell me I have an issue with football people which is a little bit more complicated than they have put it i.e. I once used to like watching football but since I came to this country its been that of setting me up for knick knack paddy wag give a dog a bone old idiots and wrecking my finances too because football people feel they are better than me; any normal person would therefore deduce that these cultures are violent towards him and that it does not want to see any of it around. Of course if people are nice to me I will make the effort but I don’t want to see any of it.


It is not as if my fans are my big problem, no they are not. The media is, I mean that is shown everywhere; no body in their right mind would get off watching TV all the time to gather up ideas producers might have for their shows, then make statements along side it which involve the bit he won and then put it up on his websites. The problem with them is that they want to gather up every activity that gets any kind of attention unto themselves and the part that brings real problem is that each time they get on that TV they feel they have power to determine what peoples first impression of people and facts are and so this automatically becomes power and is therefore targeted at me immediately.