It seems we have now come to a stage where people want to discuss the matter of how I cannot stop using people wives properly; I for my part wouldn’t know anyway, there are features in the matter such as the fact they think they are so modern and I am so archaic the only thing I want to do with my time is wish for a smile and a look from them and it becomes so serious I am dodging homelessness in order to tolerate it and cannot believe I have over the last 14 years and yet when I actually take steps to tell them not to do it, only then does it become a main preoccupation as a community of people all together and they really, really love to get involved with and damage my Court which is why I have not been able to write a Journal for my Books in over a decade, makes a wonder who they think they are anyway but I don’t think it is a serious matter all together; the reality they are facing is that each time it happens and especially so because they are taking up my time for their sex and romance nonsense, we will find me respond to a process of being labelled an alternative that insolently by keeping them permanently like animals as well. They do speak of Popular culture Celebrities that will come and get me which is an old story but the last time I checked I wasn’t the person complaining about handling other peoples wives, so we shall see how that turns out too; the story is a familiar one of handling peoples income with a sense that if they kept it to better themselves with the risk is that the owner can claw some back, so they destroy it all the time and squander what they can on their needs in order to move on to another victim. They do claim I expose myself to family bullies when I do so which is utter nonsense as that has to do with men who want to be free because I am single while they squander my finances to keep me so and chase my anus for homosexuality all the time along with their families; I do not think it is a serious matter, it’s a case of being bullied and bullying them back as well for it and they speak of the reason it happens when there is only one of those i.e. they want to feel as though they can do whatever they like, want to feel as though they are so great and important, feel as though making me angry and naked and ashamed is the hall mark of how important they are and a sign they can do whatever they like and I like to show them who is Royalty of the two and therefore can do whatever he likes and this is usually the point where Politicians nosy in.

I don’t think the matter is a major crisis, it’s just reality that I consider the whole abuse from these people; the men and my private parts, women and my money, their stupid children over my public life as things I take into account when I look after myself – so it’s like when I am all done up and want to look after myself I know where to go. However there are serious matters around it like the fact I have always had a personality that people want to deploy for media and entertainment and merchandising and they have never ever listened to anything anybody says to them about feelings, more so if they can tell me it’s a matter of equality and a Royal history of mine that was actually their own all together. The blacks on the other hand especially the women hate my guts over the results that came from the tale of how the world does not do well with Christians and all their bullying amounted to parents stirring me in the right direction of leaving alone morals and going off to enjoy life while they steal it to do Politics an treachery, so the next reason to hate my guts will be the one they get to leave me alone and in their case unlike the men who are about perspectives on the left because they will not clear my space unless I make them, theirs is largely about people they have sex with and whether those look like me in the first place which is something I cannot believe has ripped up my finances for a decade and a half so far. I mean it’s not an unusual matter – they do like to make out they are supposed to behave the way they do because I write a certain kind of Books and therefore have a certain people I need to control to look after my market and they have decided they want to turn up and make trouble to make themselves into the people I need to control as well having their usual stupid fun, they say the reason is that there is something I am meant to do to serve Americans; so I worry about playing bully of Media role but  doing things everyday which affect my Book sales as a state of affairs has been toned down for the first time today 21/12/2015 but its only toned down and not stopped, which is not good enough; I do understand when people are concerned my activities amount to an insanity but we have to see the root cause of these destruction by these people to be that I have prevented them from using my personality to do entertainment and merchandising - so they are beating and whipping me all the way to financial success in revenge, which if allowed to proceed as planned will end with an expression that will suggest I robbed them of their rights by doing so and runs along the tune of doing my stuff pointlessly when the outcome was always predictable all along and it is a problem that somebody needs to gut them for as well.