Now it does not apply like it is put forward a lot that I am getting into more and more trouble with powerful Politicians - I believe I have declared myself properly enough to avoid such things; that is media games, the real reason I respond to it is that I obsessive about my relations with other statesmen and want nothing to disrupt them, however it should be noted in any case that domestic Politicians in the UK are another story, in that I have had everything I own avoid me on grounds I have too many problems because they believe it is okay for their children to wake up every day to abuse me on account I am single unto desperation and then turn out to attend schools to be better persons than I am and have done these things for the last 12 years on a daily basis and hence apparently do not seem to be consistent in their actions with suggesting it should all go away quietly while they continue to pass insults at me every day for it to make their children feel superior or feel better about themselves – hence the reasons I need to crush it for them too. Now one issue seems to come to mind on the matter of the 2013 G8 and the idea the rest of us do not know what is going on in there when in actual fact we do very well i.e. the middle east is split between the US and Russia and there are questions about what we in the UK are up to; hence Syria is a typical example; having been the two powers control interests there, why would President Assad approve a process where people shoot protesters who want democracy with sniper rifles? What are the chances if the rebels are not armed, that the conflict will eventually degenerate into government sponsored genocide and ultimately since the Syrian Government and its leadership have continued to boast about regional instabilities if things went bad in Syria, why they have acted in such ways as well, bearing in mind it could never have been pre-emptive if the rebels were plans to do the sniper attacks first when they are aware of the regional ramifications, hence there is no suggestive evidence to point to the idea that such a thing was being planned and that the way they were treated was a pre-emptive action and not a genocide that started the war itself in the first place? What are the implications of the Syrian conflict ending in genocide bearing in mind what the nature of the Middle East is like? Why we are always sceptical about middle easy democratic efforts just because of a few who think that any change has somehow mentioned the phrase of Islamic states about which we all know the true nature and character of a country always plays out at the end and hence the most important thing is the security of a parliamentary government and an independent judiciary? We all understand the US wants to arm the rebels and that Russia wants those who want to arm the rebels but the US to chose whom the buy arms from – while the Russian position creates competent diplomacy, the reality will remain on the ground that the Assad Regime has access to an entire state to buy arms with and hence there is no means for the rebels to raise any funds to defend themselves but never the less the influence of the US as the main player for the rebels has not shown itself to be a good record necessarily. Hence to answer the question of what the UK is doing there we must go back to 9/11 where bomb trade centres and kill UK citizens, to put up videos for the world to watch owning up to it – we knew Bin Laden needed to be brought to justice just like we knew he had something in for the Americans, however there was the copycats issue to deal with as a matter of security; what I am saying is that although the US and Russia both control the Middle East, there has been a very strong upsurge of relations between the UK and middle east countries in the last decade, most of which is not initiated by the UK and therefore cannot be turned away as that would mean something akin to conflict in itself; these are the interests that need to be protected and Syrian rebels seeking more democracy, while the current president plays into the hands of nuclear armed world powers is a matter of grave concern in deed and explains therefore why the Rebels hate him so much and so does it why everybody else does because in his view it is not just that if you mess with him the Middle east will implode but it is also perfectly apt that the rest of the world will implode with it as well and hence people like that especially their fellow counterparts that love to create Islamic states need to be made to understand it is important that they do their illustrious sons thing outside of the affairs of a Country doing otherwise of which tends to mean that it affects the entire world and that at least has definitely got to be bigger than them. It is never that the UK wants the entire world for itself because it is not content with the Common wealth as such, it is just that people tend to rally these days from all over world to a place they think they get the most competent career ideas for work they do which involves serving a general public in a country and that is why there has also been an upsurge in relations with the South Americas too. In the end it comes right down to the fact Statesmen and women must be realigned with the fact that their Prime duty is to see that there is career connection between them and a process where their electorate since there are no other ways of acquiring public support, have homes in which children have proper sleeping patterns and proper eating patterns.