An over view of the implications of American laws which have been liberalised in favour of what Homosexual people who serve in their military should naturally be the concerns of none but this being the United States of American it has to be the other way round.

My Prime problem is that I have never set out that whenever I get teased by the American government I should be defended by media idiots; America is supposed to be block for block a Nation of Prostitutes and violent evil greedy men who are likely to kill people on account people have what they don't, who tease their allies that are never likely to understand why because they are not so lucky with the size of their military:-I have never asked a media fool to defend or protect me or fight the United States of America especially on matters of it's human rights record and how this may impact on its allies in my name or around my interests but I suppose the same western insolence is paying off for them anyway as well.
The truth being of course that I don't and have never wanted these idiots on my property or my work and never will for any reason whatsoever (especially over the matter of their insolent community idiots especially the women) and being that I am very clear about the reasons for their insolence being that they want to rule me because I am the leader of a certain amount of people; expecting me to get up to things which will enable them to have the phrase 'Civil rights' as a nick name and so do nothing but rampage around my work and office looking for diplomatic interests from my office they can take into some kind of war because they don't get treated like women but above all following the obsession of addressing me insolently with racist undertones to feed a desire to tell me what to do, the spending of my resources to claw back power for racists and violent discrimination around the world as much as they can: I have never asked them to fight Americans in my interest: 

I work for The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland not a club.

We can easily see that it always goes from claims they are travelling around the world exploring new cultures and even new ways of having sex but will soon lead to the confiscating of my global intellectual space with all the equities and intellectual properties in it, for the purpose of fame and fortune doing stupid things to be rich and doing no work by it, which we know will, is supposed to and will end with complains about the impact and effect of vicious and violent commercialisation but currently has not reached that point yet, so media is their domain where they can do and undo and they have got limitless power to do whatever they like with my life and with my work and property, especially my income. 

I can understand the reasons they do these things to be that I have destroyed their stupid evil culture of listen to your parents because parents are never evil young people are modern and Christians are stuck rubbish; with which they attack people for being good at what they do and also for being respectful because if they are especially if they are because they are Christians, they are telling them not to fuck if they want to; but it is exactly this sort of attitude ruining my finances by it which exposes me to the worst of their cultures and insolent women who want to talk about and touch my penis all the time and tell me to swallow it and shut up, until they begin to get the best jobs and women begin to make the richest musicians and celebrities in the world that brought it on in the first place.