It is impossible to talk about North Korea without talking about India and Pakistan. It is largely a matter of margins of error not whether or not people want to be important on the world stage.

The margin of error of a situation where Pakistan and India were at war is between 30 minutes and 1 Hour from when a cease fire will had been agreed and the death toll from this would be in hundreds, the margin of error of 30 minutes to an Hour in a nuclear war in terms of loss of lives is annihilation; the question is that of the exact and precise reason why these two countries have Nuclear weapons.

North Korea however is another story all together; what we are looking at is a group of people who have gotten access to a country, got people to pay taxes in it, split the money among themselves, set up businesses that they own, then get together and buy what they sell because everybody else is too poor to buy them. So if they have nuclear weapons that must mean that they are someday planning to bomb to pieces the rest of the world so no body can stop or change their present established condition of things.

However it is even more difficult to get my head round their leader all together: here is a Man who scuttles his neighbours ships with more than a hundred sailors still in it when he did today and bombs their borders the next day but hates it if the media goes on and on about the fact he is a killer. Here is a man and Kim Jong iL murdered his child. Here is a boy and Kim Jong iL murdered his father. Here is something we don't know what it is but the west says it is a human being and who has murdered its mother? Kim Jong iL. He hates it but if he does not do it, if he does not kill it, how does he suppose the media will go and on about it?