That my work raises questions that I have not answered clearly about whether I think democracy is more than what happens at the ballot box is entirely understood but I have also mentioned other facts around what I have done as well. To be clear as such, what happens at the Ballot box is supposed to be what we leaders get a declaration of the population on how they intend to co-operate and work with each other and not necessarily a ticket to power as some people generally consider it to be. So in places like Egypt currently; those who got elected into Power have spent a year so far doing nothing about society and nothing about the economy (clear indications that the Arab spring got elected) but have set out an Islamic constitution already. Having done so it has become apparent they cannot pull the country in a direction by themselves because it is way bigger and way heavier than them, they cannot pull both the Country and the people in it in a direction because that is many times as worse as the former (so they have worked out the only way they can make it work is to give the general population more and more and more information but that it will never work in an environment where they are stifling it and of course that if they did not stifle it not doing so will unravel their Islamic constitution; Indications of the fact thereof some people are a Political menace and the general public should have the right to an updated report on them so they can avoid electing them which is not to say they cannot take part in Political activities anyway as it were, so that when they decide to get off that menacing behaviour and live with everybody else around them, then such a progress report will have been updated for the public by a free press as well - so to answer the Question of whether or not democracy is more than what happens at the ballot box) – so they have figured out that the Islamic constitution needs to give me overt powers and more and more of it hence what has happened in Egypt is neither surprising nor unusual. In Syria it is another case entirely i.e. having been that the leadership there tends to determine the state of the Middle east and have gotten the Russians involved by buying Arms from them, the realities had become two feuding nuclear armed world powers tussling for interests around the issue, along with the ethnic divide that can easily plunge the Middle East into utter chaos, so what do people do about protesters that feel the whole thing has reached a pinnacle and that they deserve a better democracy than they currently get? Of course snipers on rooftops, shooting them down; so Assad shoots down protesters who want more democracy in the circumstances, blows his mouth off about how important he is and how what happens to him will determine the fate of the middle east and while he shoots down protesters the middle east is going to war and burning up anyway. So all these facts clearly are the reasons people hate him so much as it were. I personally do have a right not to be burnt by a nuclear world war 3 but this is not one of the prime concerns of a certain president Assad in Syria playing US – Russia; spiced with Israel and Iran etc and we can see the degeneration of the current age into some process of inventing powerful nuclear bombs that people can put into their pockets and deliver at conference tables etc, hence the reason I personally hate his guts for my part. Therefore I have a right to life and the Presidential office in Syria is not his personal and private property. In the end it suits him to blow off his mouth about being so important his existence determines the fate of the Middle East, now it is time to step up.


Now as for the story of my rudeness as claimed by Politicians, the reality is that old stuff about things I have not done to Politicians which has eventually led to the wickedness they wreck free to do to me all the time and it is the kind of things that lead to assassinations and the resignation to a life in punishment for it or even retribution by the State. Every encounter with them bearing in mind if they do get off their work of which a very tiny part of their arguments on legislation and law involves me, what they do is drink champagne but I on the other hand am not allowed to have alcohol by my Church – simple to see for anyone that all that matters is sitting down in an office to write a book and send it out to the world without having an idiot bring the pros and cons of his stupid political life and then putting it all over the finances. So it continues from where it stopped where every encounter with them leads to a process of going home to take stock; how old am I, did he really say that, does he think people deserve to be spoken to in that way, what really brought it on? Their followers on the other hand know nothing else but traumatising you every single day just like their Political masters and then all together what they do is make excuses that an encounter with somebody who is treated to Royal Privilege that they love to traumatise makes thinking very difficult for them and then it goes from there even further and they set out to wreck the finances of a literary empire to a point where I live on state support; I mean everything else about the Empire is okay except the finances and there is nothing whatsoever left of that in anyway whatsoever – I mean human beings spend their time doing such things because they want to use your personality to do their career and you told them to get lost. This is not the end of the story either, I am only answering a specific question pertaining to my rudeness when they know that all my problems are a factor of insults from them I have done nothing about catching up with me and nobody knows if they want to get killed before they stop it and stop changing my story for me as well for that matter, to talk nonsense of how I have no respect for the problems in society they have to deal with when those problems exist to ensure things like a one eyed bastard from Scotland who was chancellor for 11 years can go home with that instead of dying hard over the Prime Minister’s office – those things are there to ensure as now they keep their insults to themselves and go into an office to do a job once they have been chosen for it through classified anarchy. The other side of the story are of course things like socialist idiots creating wars all over the world and gradually building up this story where it is okay to kill them for attacking you because it will never go away, then expect support from communist government who want power in return for it, hence they hit us with austerity and run off to build up personal assets using government office and developing economies and these are the things I will cut to pieces as well. I mean they always start a fight and cannot let you be until you travel light and fast as they say and then they say your weakness lies with your supplies because it is fun games for them on account you are inferior enough in their view for those sort of insults, until you build up so much of the strategically placed resources that they claim the economy of their country depends on it but still continue to throw around those insults and make noise about a fight that they will win. We hear of the names I call them all the time of course but you need to hear the ones they call me after what they have done here without reason or provocation but certainly the quest for trophy power - fools that get elected into government office and regularly get out of State Provided security to chase me around the Street and denying me employment and business because I steal their personality and try to cash into it they claim and it is easy to hate idiots of that sort too, along with their followers who are convinced of their ability to torture anybody into raising their voice on the streets on behalf of everybody because that is what is done to them and their insults and barely criminal nonsense with peoples personal lives. The part where I am to get into trouble with the Monarchy is supposed to have been of course the one where offending them means getting into trouble with the Monarchy and of course they do it all the time - I have a big vanity and feel like doing it for a good feeling on your person and property and I want to see you stop me with my flash modern decadent and sinful existence that has respect for nothing and so of course it does create the question of how exactly I was meant to have been rude to them from Church as it were and the rude thing therefore does get to kick it off. The UK is the Queens realm and no part of it happens to appear to me to be a place where I cannot live or work which then creates risks that expose me to usurping fools, hence if there is further questions about how they aid me but I do not appreciate it, this is the answer before hand and they all need to get off my books too; the being rude thing really does get to kick it off as well, its impossible to be rude to idiots like these. It is always said I leave the main issues and that is why the problems come through but the reality is that these idiots think of themselves as men who are set in their mannerisms and I the kid who thinks I have something I can impress them and tag along with which they will make use of and show me they will always be way out of my league for it as well but in actual fact these are things you leave your home to get your self involved with if you are looking for trouble. The truth of what I think about it is that these are the thought patterns of very stupid people - they regularly tell you things like how they think your gospel is twisted but that if you show them respect with it they will show you some respect as well and you always know there is something you have done with your gospel in the community that has given them that thought pattern and that what they have said to you has no bearing with what they are actually supposed to think about and say to you in the circumstances but their wives and children are just as stupid only that they have a thing for power they can get from their existence and are therefore obsessed with controlling me and I want to control them as well - hence we are no where near the end of the matter since it still continues to appear that the world is available to them and there is not a sense in their heads yet that there are things they will never have (I want restored the sense I was born somewhere grew up somewhere and am going somewhere, which wrecking my income to get on media and make me react to the stupidities of their local communities have taken away and I will get it too; not all these nonsense about being made into an abhorred figured where no matter how insulting and abusive and impossible it gets to make it happen, the work in progress gets stronger, looking for some of mine as well). I understand it is said I ought to accommodate the feelings of Politicians that govern in a Country where I have been given a Royal commission and Estate but this is not about their feelings, it is about a collection of twisted evil idiots that need not do that their thing around here getting off to their sense of how to own things that do not belong them and therefore have the view that, once that is the case all they need do is work at it and make it their own, no matter what distress it causes those who own it or indeed other people, who are all clearly weaker than them. Eventually I do understand they think of me as some corner stone of society that they can move and handle to bring about social evils or social good depending on whether people co-operate with them but that can happen to anybody provided such public displays of an abusive manner of handling their finances and property occurs; there will always be that part where after some years it begins to affect society and then it will develop to the part where their personalities are used to make everybody feel good and then it develops to the part where it does not matter if elation is gotten from spilling their blood to take what they own. For me I have reached the stage where their war on normalcy over my right to earn money and pay my way in the world and not constantly be abusively oppressed by their intrusion and wickedness that continues to grow when I do nothing about, has reached a point of reckoning and that is why they must find other ways to own the world and control it and control the industries and financial services etc. Telling me where I am supposed to be, getting out of me what my allies and friends get because it is good for them is familiar and will lead to even more problems as well; I don't care if I have refused to behave towards them as though there is a world with rules, they depend on a process where I have to go along with rules because I am too strong for them and of course it would not have been possible to have things they do not in an otherwise condition - so especially for their American friends as well, the idea that it means they can chose to exist in a world without rules does not have to exist at my expense and is therefore provocative, they must see this and find a way to disappear.