Now I hear they say some things I have said about the Holocaust not being right but that I have been able to get away with it because I am clever enough to devise a way of doing so; the reality of course is that there is no such nonsense, what is true is that I said every time Israelis see holocaust they will want to be there – and there is nothing whatsoever that is complicated about that but the reasons I said it needs to be made clear as well i.e. one racist and four others with him and they regularly hold a meeting and have a small Political movement, so the one group of people that should time and again show them their career can advance should be Jews and the reason being that they hate the aesthetical appearance and proficiency of somebody else and none of them have answered other questions I have asked on this matter either i.e. why were the Nazis happy to kill 6 million Jews in the concentration camps when 1 million Jews would have gone round to take care of their needs just as well? Why did they have to go as far as 6 million? More grease therefore to their elbows and absolutely nothing I said was complicated. It’s not a new story; they always say racism was a European only thing but Jews were complicit with the system, Muslims raised Armies for the Nazis and they had friends all over the world – it was a world war if we remember correctly. The implications of where I am going with what I say about the Middle East should have been clear by now; there was always something wrong with the American plan to smash religion on a global stage by splitting Israel into Israel and Palestine and starting off a two state solution but it has steadily gotten worse and worse and worse – so we can see that instead of each side dealing with the devil in our midst sort of situation where bombings are leaving consequences for women and children, Palestine should be a Muslim Minority in Israel and not another State: I mean what sort of a homeland of the Jews can be possibly have without Jerusalem anyway – it can be a world heritage site taken care of by American and the International Community if they wanted of course but at what cost and have they ever before throughout history successfully carried out protection of territories put under their control in those sort of circumstances? Hence friends like this for the Jews and it is brilliant as far as they are concerned never mind the fact that the two state solution was devised when Iraq was being invaded anyway. Eventually the reality is that when Muslims cannot stop killing people who do not believe the same things that they do, then there isn’t a two state solution that will ever pay off where Palestine is Muslim land and there is no Jerusalem in Israel – it’s all history and its all war and a functioning parliament with Muslim representatives will always do better than a two state Israeli Palestine solution. Muslims living in Muslim only lands and Israel having the right to defend both Muslims and Jews within Israel and Palestine is the future and yes it does show that the need to destroy what the British did in that region has paid off a great deal too.

I understand it is said I spend a lot of time on other people’s problems and ignore mine but there is nothing being ignored about a sense black people have that their alliance with their evils of their culture and a sense it gives them that they are free of it once it is applicable to other people only will ever be tolerated by me – they bring it here and they lose it and we all know what that means and them I will hurt physically as well as this issue continues to get worse and worse as we are not mates and any rumours and tales that have led to their interest in me was devised by their foolish women who want to fuck a gentleman claiming it gives them back their dignity and they all want a piece of me and will get it as well. For the whites it’s all very well to stand up on media and play irregular heart beat media reports with me over what black people do each time they set them up on media to bother me with and wreck my personal life on account they are not taking part in what happens in it but it makes me wonder if it is racism they are scared of it considering that they think limits is a concept that does not apply to them. The Politicians even speak of this need to deploy my work to build reputation for the Country that they control and the devil we all know was only thrown out of heaven when he wanted a share of the Throne as it were. The story of my interest in other people’s concerns is never a valid one, it’s all wickedness and evil and it really shows over money matters full of nothing but Politicians providing leadership for sales and advertisement idiots whose foundation for enjoyment is when people are suffering and they are not hence compared to them they are doing so much better than others – it is a matter of the number of times that they turn up here and I am not suggesting that they have no reasons, they do – there is something I do to them to establish normalcy and it is about detaching them from the devil and making sure they do not use my Christian faith to develop human relations they can better their career or sell things with, so they can get it from the devil and do his work for him with their own hands and lose that excess energy that convinces them I can be beaten up by them all the time making them take risks to pick a fight with me and pillage my finances because it will cost them nothing, so the devil should be rich enough to give them human relations as it were, since they must take their humanity and offer it in service to him and turn out to talk nonsense about power at me desiring my earnings. So they are always angry about this but it is at the heart of the fundamental nature of justice that you are primarily innocent until proven guilty, which means that those who continue to believe human beings are things that just exist in this world to remain somewhere so they can do them harm are a threat to us all that needs to be legitimised legally so they can shut their filthy mouths for once for a change. We all know they have tried to write the constitution in the UK but it is not because the legal system is not functioning, it is because serving the devil is not rewarding if they cannot deploy a Christians morals to decide what people think of them on media by which they improve their careers and sell things to get rich and like the Americans have been able to stop me they have also thereof seen that a written constitution will not change anything too as it were. In the end they suggest people should be judged only when they have committed a crime and freedom means a world where there is no law but if were applied that notion then the outcome of a murder trial would be a matter of provocation that pushed them to do it and a crime they have committed not against a person but against the state and against the society, hence leading back to the fact that it was the conditions that were there before their crimes which they have committed that they have committed a crime against and could lead to more serious problems thereof; I do not think it a serious matter either, it’s a reality that the legal system has always been as good as it is supposed to have been and these guys are just talking rubbish, I am only making it clear that there are reasons which are even better explained from the point of view of my ignominy of the evils that my own race plague me with because I am more interested in other peoples own and it leads to the same story as the issue on Industries i.e. it is not my fault that I am good enough to catch all of them as I should not have if they were as good as their big mouths would suggest all the time but where the attrition lies is that if I picked on a young person like that for first year to make my career and then second and then third I would start to worry if extremists are copying because he is available to them but these parliamentary fools have no compunction whatsoever and entirely deserve every single thing I do to them like their society idiots are also out there doing the powerful abuses so they never have to work for anything or be nice to those who can offer them help in order to get it and they are out there doing it 24/7 without respite on account of me.

It brings us to this whole case of Muslims feeling like leaving the UK on account of my activities and yes I am happy with that too because a dank and dark and evil existence full of women trying to survive while I cannot get any rest as it were and they bang everything at me especially their cars is something they want to think about – are they comfortable with a writer that rents a room in their neighbourhood and goes in doors to write his books or will simply keep doing that anyway? It is a very far away world from Muslims doing their academic work and passing their exams and holding top jobs even in Muslim lands as it were and I am tired of their crap most especially because they know stories about me being a weak man and not a Christian was created by their women but have become to conscious of the dominating nature of their very own feelings that they regularly forget that to be a fact and it means talking such nonsense as men who open their hearts to the world and think it makes them leaders – which you can only respond to by asking them why they are nervous if they do not feel led and this is the kind of trouble they are good at, so moving out of the Country to another place they will feel good calling home is the kind I am good at as well. I mean their black and African counterparts are doing it currently so I do not see why not anyway: it’s the price people pay when you make them stop these things, the price they pay for their violent and evil and narcissistic fun.

Hence all together, so two state solution in the Middle East, a Muslim population with a means of representing themselves in parliament and Muslims returning to Muslim lands will generally ensure heaven is not full of idiots that were killed by Muslims because of their sins and the need to return them to god converted claiming to be doing God’s work because of course the eventual result can only be that if heaven must be filled with clever ones, then every good person will be slaughtered by Muslims and then the bad ones will remain and persecute everybody else into giving up any faith that they have left and then the final battle will last longer than necessary and we are all fed up with the Muslim nonsense as a planet: this as far as I am concerned is the future and of course we do hear the claim I think I am right before God but those who serve the devil know that I am not, its another rumour that the disposition of their anger being important and mine being irrelevant has brought about of course and it is typically the sort of thing that stifles my book sales and encourages organised criminals to set out their own message that I am not being supported by the public: they tell me I need to be taught lesson as I am not aware Gaza has been occupied over the last 50 years, the last 50 years of which has had nothing to do with today as it were and I fail to see the connection but am pretty sure the connection is that they think there is anything they can do about me and I can assure them there isnt and they need to tell their master the devil Muslim and Media and Politician and black people alike to supply them human relations with which to sell things and get rich and famous and important and to win elections with and stay the hell of the Christian's faith.