Now officially back to the good old social normalcy, where matters of social unrests are developed around goons having their fun with a process of immersing themselves into every aspect of my work, life and endeavours, so that when they groom me for a bad thing, issuing an accusation is something that they can drive on until it makes sense to the public which means that they can bring those stupidities into other peoples mainstream living and make it into a means of investment as well, claiming victories concerning being able to use peoples lives to make their own work later on due to their purely evil nature. However as it stands currently it is the British ones that went quiet some time ago as a result of people getting themselves into racially motivated attacks and getting themselves into trouble with the Police so that they can claim I am involved and damage my possessions and career in order to share it and the reasons for that was that enough had died but they had invented their own version which was that I killed myself to make them feel comfortable in the UK and to deal with extremisms they bring out to people to make them feel safe, over their violent integration with white people, don’t ask me why and their war on the Police that never seems to come to an end which is entirely typical of how dangerous jobs become their main concern over their need to stir mob justice and seek out trappings of power – so it is the American ones that are now up in arms, those claim that enough cannot die to keep them quiet like the British ones because they are a very large and well populated people but I don’t care – it is the ones that stalk and follow me around especially the women who extricate sex and sexual context abuses at me from it that are realising that is an evil and menacing thing to be doing at present. 
In the end it is all about money and some I know better goons are usually affected by it encouraged by their democratic ability to work their corruptions of involvement, in very perverse ways and there is a sense going about all the time that I am interested in their problems when I am not in any way whatsoever – only business I have with them is that they claim to be poor people trying to sell things and whether or not they have something I need, not having my life altered by the fact they are stupid and a bragging on media following suit along the lines of societies and communities I have dislodged them from and will therefore restore – they do not seem to have gotten the gist yet so far, that it is their jobs and livelihoods people will use in such ways as it were when I done with them but while we are getting there, it does not mean we are pals or that I want to take any more crap from them. So this has never really been an issue, the perverse way in which money affects this particular lot, is the one where I am a Police Officer, so they are telling me to Police the problems they know because it will lead to a case where somebody else makes a report and the Police think it is not credible, I am a Journalist and they tell me to highlight the problems they know because they don’t like their own lives, I am a security guard and I ought to know they need it all as their daughter needs a new life to brighten up and feel happy for a change and things like that endlessly with a need to call up entire communities they claim people have dislodged from them; we are not pals and they are not getting the gist that the things I do to them amounts to the fact their jobs get used if mine is used by them and gets destroyed if mine is damaged by them as well – it is never really as funny as the need to prepare and sit in front of a beer to copy peoples finances like that was a worthy activity to engage in the evils they love to serve and to boast about how you were using your own to do it, like they think it is. We are not pals and I am never really interested in what their problem is.

 There is no aspect of those claims made of my fear of people which is actually true; what has happened so far is that there are evil women with evil children and a madness that was brought about as a result of their behaviour towards the existence of money and a certain Labour Party wickedness and lies and spiritual evil as a whole to show for it but now we have to exist in a condition where I am being tested by them 24/7 because white men enjoy giving them media attention to facilitate a condition where we end up living in the same life so they can try and determine my perspective with their useless lives all the time. In response to this white media men are now fighting for their lives and trying to stay out of racism and showing their faces all over the world talking as much nonsense as they think will get my attention too. There is no fear of persons or people involved. We have to see its a matter of people thinking that the prognosis that either what I have been doing over the years is wrong or that my opinion of what I have been doing over the years is that of regret is based on truth because they have respect for nothing whatsoever in their lives and that was never a matter that was going to create common pl ace between me and them. The sentiments have never really changed - they say I am the one looking for trouble, I say if they keep their stupid eyes off my canals and their mad fantasies of my private parts there would be nothing whatsoever to worry about - its hard to just move on each time they do and they do it because they think fate is in their hands, their arrogance has reached a bloody level. If I had to deal with the reasons I am always pointlessly associated with them to a fault however, war on celebrities and their goons is still on the agenda and I am saving it for when heir talent shows is about my public work again this year.

The game of how I have suffered revenge and control and a condition of knowing my place at the hands of Industries is not actually one that I appreciate – at the moment it encumbers any progress I make with myself considering the damage they have done and secondly, if I did set out a means of managing the involvement of every company or establishment with my public life and property, in the end, they have not paid for the damage they have done to my possessions since 2001 in cash; so it is clearly not common knowledge that such talk and such games are actually things I would relish as it were. It’s much the same with the poly population where everything I do at work defines me as a person when I never asked their opinion and that is just an improvement from a need to entangle my public life and property with gangs using media and public gossips that keep getting violent and yet a little definition of them by their jobs seems to be a subject about which I am being threatened by their risk taking stupidities. It has always been as simple as the fact that I always want to be by myself, I always want to be away from an evil world and I do not think my concerns are any of the business of persons or institutions that I have not broken out of my bubble to get involved with, which I usually do only when absolutely necessary; they are not winning the lies and gossips and media/celebrity bullying either and they know it. Everything else is supposed to indicate the positions of the abuse my job and I abuse yours crew – 90% in my case of which are black guaranteed, as for the abuse of my person, they like to say I will one day get mortally hurt and that is because they think they have altered a Man looking for trouble as it is not what their MPs that help them with such things who always, always end up listening to what they are told in the end when their case is followed up as well, want to discuss along with that need to make public speeches setting out those whose alimentary canal must be messed up and if we put it in context, these are the fucking idiots who think they are better people than I am – it makes one want to kill as it were, people can be stupid to that extent and they know this is the truth and are perfectly aware my tolerance should not be confused for an opportunity to secure even more of the same but act the way they do not because they need more information about their actions and its effects as per they might have gotten used to it but because they think some profitable evil will result from it before they are stopped.
It is obviously common knowledge that these guys are said to be evil people, so there may be the media advantage to tell lies and make accusations all the time which facilitate endless streams of cheap shots, resolve building and threats which help them grab people’s property but the reality is still the same i.e. not only is it difficult to just not lose your temper at being targeted like they do from their stupid women who were beaten by their mates and are now living their useless lives marrying goons that will beat me up, to a process where the boast is that their media advantage is a function of their money and a process of being more important than I am while being able to read my Books before I sell them which is the importance and advantage of being a large trouble making company or generally just being older than I am and having more savings which was gained from being a member of the work force etc lies and gossips and endless destruction and need to entangle me with gangs – the way it works had always been a process where being a moral person means that I am the one creating allowances for an outcome where they want some of my possessions and I will end up losing it to them in unacceptable circumstances but where we are now is the whole apparatus of state helping them with the provision of setbacks after setbacks for me so that their money and media advantage might come to bear on my Book sales profits as they have no more energy to deal with their own problems and look into the problems that bother them as a society, so it is not clear why they have become really fond of boasting about trouble I have gotten into with businesses anyway but we all know they think they are more important than a Royal Prince and need to think it like an addiction too, it’s simply becoming too expensive and I am sure they understand that too as they do have a business and know what it takes to manage accounts.