Now it is said there are people running my affairs at the Monarchy and it is utter nonsense; it’s the fall out of all that has been done to clean up the business of Politicians making a mess of the Military and then setting about making a mess of the careers of soldiers that are deployed in active service looking for sacrifice they can run with – so we find the Celebrities have always loved this sort of thing and the need to get the society and culture goons that wish to grab the lives and security of Royalty to make them feel even more important and famous by and this is one of the bigger problems presently. In which it is said that The Queen is not really as happy about my work as I think but its usually a two part case of the fact that if it makes the Queen uncomfortable, The Queen should not be uncomfortable but on the other hand HM wants my work to be set out as what is being done in service of the Crown, which I am always super nervous about, especially because the new culture that the Media goons and their Celebrities have now is about jus stopping me from doing what I do with myself daily, the part were are then in a struggle for being the part where they cannot keep their hands to themselves and I cannot be allowed to take some time and get myself straight.

They do say it is an exercise is self-harming and that people at the Monarchy are stupid, which is utter nonsense – we all know it is even more stupid to make faces during government and public municipal concerns, then turn out on media to build up the idea that doing so was your civil rights which when stopped means that somebody had taken away your identity, the delusion built up then over time is that I have been able to make sense of the stupid things they say and do on Media in the last 15 years, if I am not disillusioned by its power all together. The point of business at the end of the day being that they have continued to insist if people knew what was bothering me they might help to make a low life feel better; while reality is that when they leave the stage or the media studios, their families and friends and homes are not affected by all those abusive things they do to address me and insult me all the time, while for me, it tends to mean I am unable to step outside of my door without smelling of what I ate all of the time, not yet clear what they suppose it will take to make them stop building themselves careers which effectively set them out as a bunch of twats – the part where they claim they enjoy these things as there is nothing I can do meaning we are progressing towards the point at which I will get out of my bed with a single aim in mind everyday and it will be the one where I fight the media, as we can see this nonsense means that community and society goons pick it up from 5.00am to 23.00 hours every day and has been this way for years while they think their stupidities have become increasingly amusing; their own public image obviously does not look like that, I have not yet started attacking them for addressing me when they should spend more of their time with their own mates and they have no wish to stop it.

I do get told these things happen because I court them and it is utter nonsense; in terms of the Politicians we know that showing up at the academic system to wreck peoples academic work tends to have contributed to the business of their children supporting them at a job that means if people detached their personality from the Office, it was a dangerous way to talk about their existence, by acting in a way which is not in the interests of gangs and criminals becoming more dangerous but it does not seem to appeal to them as the wrong thing to spend time on all together. The Media and Celebrities on the other hand tend to think I want their money while reality is that they were split into three sections and one was the people who have always done the peerage and getting along with me thing, the other was the ones that love to think I like to deal with culture and society trouble makers as some form of narcissistic fun we may have with each other, whom I must get out of bed to decide if I want to follow on my social media everyday – while the third were the usual celebrities doing the abusive gimmicks of getting society and culture trouble makers to take peoples personal security parameters which people usually build up because they feel threatened in the first place and spend it on them and ensure the victims do not have it anymore, then once they gathered up the money begin the drugs and suicide routines that happen to have been the fault of their victims. It feeds into this story of the British finding it impossible to get along with the rest of the world while reality is rather that communists always speak of being beaten down by richer Capitalist economies and hence it becomes a matter of their personalities at National sensibilities and people hanging around my concerns to decide if I am worthy or not all the time, the Americans are more like Mr Obama spending 8 years in the white house to get us tied up between the Democrats on one hand and the criminal feminists alongside terrorists on the other as a fundamental issue at the heart of case associated with the criminals that the USA supports who do nothing else with me but punish me for the rest of my life for stopping them peddling my Faith, personal life and public image – hence usually a case of the fact that they come in methods every time as the younger people who are friends of media with a terrible behaviour and a need to rob themselves all over me and feel good about it once they grabbed my public image, tackling me because I had shut down the means by which those who are superior to me could have grabbed my fame to keep it up, while the older ones show up to ensure I did my Book work over and over and over, so I get spread around and they can pick off whatever they wanted to make money quickly whenever they liked, leaving the new forms of homosexuality and the insults that will make rich people feel good at my expense for the goons in the City centre that want to blab about the kinds of respect that Millionaires deserve, to run with.

So I do get told that they would want to stop these things but it is not easy while I rather think it is i.e. it started off when they thought that if I got involved with people, it was free for all: those were the days when Married Journalists would jeopardise their 5 figure salaries by befriending somebody as decided by the male colleagues – since then it had become a matter of all sorts of twisted and stupid behaviour that creates an outcome where they don’t like themselves anymore, leaving them the need to take advantage of the incredibly tired me who exists in a condition where every problem put to me vanishes for good and leaves a public image I cannot defend for them to make a new leaf by, only to find out how difficult it was to handle the reasons I am always tired, besides which they claim it’s a matter of little men putting their hands to big things, while we all know it is usually as simple as a process where people decided which ones were important and which ones had nothing to do with the self, until the kinds of things the USA wants to do to support the criminals as a matter of its global influence. So we see it feed into the Industry ones claiming that when people get around with me it is an unfair advantage which is utter nonsense when they make their money for the purpose of hurting people and those who want to chase up financial matters are never allowed to at their own pace, never mind the Fashion ones who wreck the business of Fashion Clients at this Hermitage by playing around with my corporate identity on account they have a gut feeling they are superior to me and if I did anything unusual they will simply walk away with what they have handled and nothing around here gets complied with, while I appear to have written two Books; the free one through social networking, dealing with problems they build to stifle my earnings and the one I am actually selling, while the fight is now about me being the tease that had put up the free one but does not want people to access it; what gets damaged is that I could easily see that their need to own all the money in the world gets them making some and spending on Celebrities who help to do the dirty work of grabbing markets from the people they deem low lives, then they make plans to get into Government buildings and get closer to National treasury, has given way to a narcissistic need for getting Clients into a law Court over new Creations and patent matters, so I might give the Clients an edge and build publicity for it on social Media which ensures the hassle goes away because they faced overwhelming odds – this will be impossible to accomplish while they are allowed to believe their version of Fashion should involve making a mess of my Royal Hermitage corporate Identity, besides which I understand their women cannot stop doing such things to support them completely as it were, much the same as the Male colleagues chose my friends when female journalists get involved with me and Pop stars who pick up my Public work for popular culture at a Court face the revenge all the time and Hollywood says criminals buy more films than I do once they were done gutting my Assets – such that even when they sold the drugs and made enough money to chase legitimate businesses this is what happens because it has to be said obviously that some things never change.

The point is that there are no persons running my affairs at the Monarchy, Celebrities are meant to get people ripping up other peoples lives to grab trophies that will make them richer and more famous and these are meant to be done by Culture and Society goons who sell them private security industry services – apart from Celebrities I share a Court system with which from the very beginning of what we have done, it has been about supporting people and its been about making sure they had equities to make films and provide the support by, especially for the very young; it has never been free for all otherwise it would not be sustainable, I don’t know why Hollywood sells more films to criminals than I buy which makes the criminals better people and I want my life and property back where it belongs, back where I placed it, back looking like they found it.