It always gets to me seriously when they mention something about black people that I cannot detach from me who exist at a point that winds me up and sits on my income and the progress of anything I do and I have no idea why those are always making up ideas in public places they have something or another to do with me. I grew up in a family where I have always been used to parents who went to work and I have never once skipped school in my life; to get tied down for a decade and have all that cleansed from you and to leave you with cash flow crisis and depression does not suggest people who have anything to do with me so the process of getting off in public places claiming they do to spend my income on themselves and destroy my market place are doing something good except those who suggest it want it to affect it them as well and will have to get serious before it stops; I cannot imagine getting up in the morning in this state to run the daily rat race of having a wife and children and doing the same in the evening which would not be difficult if I did not suffer such a sustained break from the way I was raised i.e. it is the feeling that Mom is in the room next door and Dad is in the room next door and you must wake up and go to school that gets your going even in the toughest of times when it comes to raising a family, no matter the number of kids I have: as it stands this is completely gone at the moment replaced with years of forced unemployment because they have been unable to extract glory from my life and be superior or indeed pervade my faith and have spiritual power and they will not stop getting on public places wasting my intellectual property and making up ideas which help them to get rich via entertainment spending my income on themselves and making out they have something to do with me which is what I mean when I say it will get serious before it stops and we are not talking about all that rubbish about controlling the hearts of their insolent women because I am a Christian and a leader of conscience, then ruin anything I do spending the income or destroying it with lower than low stupidities and set me up for violent feminists to save themselves, which was after they had been fighting for my civil rights before I was born and are entitled to anything I have before I have it because they are older than I am ,which confirms the fact they are powerful when they are stupid and so not up to me to pick up the bills which I am made to by their Politicians for a while in the first place; what do they suppose I or they think is left fraternity? I have nothing to do with them. 

Its like I cannot travel else where in this world, cut off all links to my roots, start a new life with new friends and a new family with their big black mouth. They are nothing but incredibly stupid sociopaths but because they are stupid think they have a lot of power.

Here in the UK they are supposed to be the powerful power base over lords of a system of violent bigotry, where people who name feminists bigots have created circumstances for resignation from their jobs after they are compared to discriminative football commentators because there is clearly no difference between a Minister of Parliament talking about matters of Family and a football bigot talking about his disapproval of female officials, whereby feminists pick it up from there:-the fact that is that there is nothing wrong with getting into a competition with a female and then getting beaten at it, except of course that feminists cannot hold together home, family and career like every other woman and are perpetually out to destroy the lives of men; bearing in mind that the problem has always been disrespect, for the priority to every women still is the home and that of every man still is a career but since modern women have careers as well, it applies that the condition of their successes and work must be viewed completely differently from that of the male, in that for women the problem is violent bigotry and for men the problem is having to choose between home and career; which at some point is where British Royals like myself get involved to become notorious in the eyes of lovers of freedom-for we use bigotry to determine the future, besides which I am an Arch Prince and have an office that is split between service to the Church and to the State, therefore the suggestion when I mention such things I compromise myself so people like the Popular super star Simon Cowel gets more powerful with the ability to lead people astray with money and I have problems selling my books which are created by those who wind up Moslems and create books such as Levit,Stephen and Dubner Stephen freakonomics (2006) Penguin Books, among others including Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, from which they make millions etc-and we all know what these sort of things do to affect the lives of unskilled workers and the things those who work it feel and think about my friends, fans, associates and allies in America; whereas their corruption has nothing to do with me at all.

I always have a special place in my heart for those their secrete society powers, not just because it means that the only punishable abuse of people especially those that are more powerful and more important than them is sexual abuse but especially the first come first serve insolence that convinces them they have created a fight with an Arch Prince aka me, in which they have defeated him and can boast about in public places all the time.