Here in the UK I have to look into such trash as BSKYB makes moves and I have to be afraid which is just never going to happen. My side of the story is that it is all very well for people to set up structures for a business where they appear on peoples television and play certain sounds which are indicative of their cultures but it does not give them the right or impetus to get off ripping my property to pieces like they and their employees seem to have a habit of doing and they should not assume that crossing me will not get them into trouble; I have got my eyes on BSKYB especially and they know that, such talks will not help their case.

Naturally most of the vandalism is done by Americans and everybody else wants to copy that, what they do not respect of course is that all Americans think about of which I am not surprised is the latest trend and how they can use it to get rich. If you don’t want them doing that you can fight or get together to fight them off things you keep secrete from them, so that you can use them to make money to look after yourself. Here in the UK the media knows there are people who have jobs for life and work for the government, so if they want to be famous know what the correct route to being famous is, if they want no talents whatsoever need to get a job.

It’s the same with the so called demon of social networking sites; it seems that it is those that try to tell people the right things about social networking sites that get into trouble these days. When I first got on one of those a few years ago my prognosis of what it was about was a simple case of finding people locating a few information about them they want me to see, get to know them, their likes and dislikes and then maybe make friends with them or sell them something but those who have their own agenda and communities from which they mastermind their campaigns of destruction of their bum kissing of rich people have other ideas. They turn it into a means of getting involved only with people you personally know and personally get in touch with like very close friends and then get into an ego trip of putting things on it endlessly about their movements on a daily basis which they then presume somebody will not gather up and try to sell them something with. On the side of the people whose bums they love to kiss, it will always be a case of nine people in a meeting and 2 swindled the rest out of the deal and a certain Mr B was the one who lost out the most, especially over contract based work which is what social networking sites help people keep abreast with, then if Mr B knows about computers, he makes a virus which attacks Mr As business and the result of course is that all those who kiss Mr As backside will have lower security than Mr A does so their businesses and whatever they have there gets affected while Mr A looks good at the end-this is where I always send out the mantra of stop complaining you do your trouble making and bum kissing extremely well anyway. They say the internet is a difficult thing to Police, in actual fact it is not, it is the measure of how civilised we have become as a world.  Just because it is in front on your table in your house is not to say that you can do whatever you like. All those things people put on social networking sites which expresses the size of their ego is precisely what it is not some big game. Does it mean that when you get them to respond to you personally that you know them or know them inside and out or know them personally? It does not mean that I have not gotten into trouble on these social networking sites myself but those are with completely evil people. The only thing that I have to deal with is my very name on it and then the things I say as well; I use it as a means of testing peoples respect for copyrighted work which is where my own job is i.e. if I were to say something or write something important of which you know you have no right to use without my permission but then again if you as a famous journalist for example use it without my permission I would not have been doing you any favours in return for such massive publicity, so what you therefore do is look for loopholes in what I have written which allows people to deploy and then use it to make me a deal because you cannot resist showing the world what I have done or said and the deal will be a case of making news for yourself and referencing my work to me in the simplest way that you possibly can, which is something I always come down hard for when people do not do. it is a matter of respect you see that leads to a process of whether or not somebody wants something from me that others have to buy to acquire free of charge or by dubious means. What social networking sits have in common in all cases in compartments for people to say things about themselves and about what they do, some are just bigger than others which then determines what you can do with it. I am perfectly aware that somebody will one day use the things I do on social networking sites to sell me something and in order to avoid getting hurt, I must ensure it has something to do with my business and so when they come along I will have a wide range of choices and will ensure I choose the best which then propels my business into success, easy way to find things, easy way to do things and get them done, that is what it really is about. Those who use it to cause trouble know that it will get them into trouble so much can only be said about why they should not complain as they do their bum kissing very well as such, what I personally expect is stories to start emerging which make folk culture from that microcosmic world of internet and social networking because the story and the issue is the same: what would you do if you had in your finger tips the power to do anything? Send somebody an abusive email for example? But of course they will not get you to pay out a lot of money on damages. Emails are by no means admissible in Law courts.

Now with respect to the matter of the Middle East and peace in the Middle East, the UN security council has met for a few days so far. The outcome for the time being is that the Russians have promised to veto resolutions which allow what happened in Libya to do in Syria as well. What I must say about this matter is that the way the Middle East operates is very different from the way that Russia Operates. It is largely occupied by Moslems and Moslems are not uneducated people that have no sense of justice who are mostly governed by tyrants. Those things are completely abnormal.

The usual stuff is that you have an Islamic state where the government sets out to implement its Policies for example, it does not mean that there are no murderers in an Islamic state, it does not mean there are no prostitutes in an Islamic state, all those things are there but there is so much localism and distance between the government and those who want to escape some Policies they do not understand and might probably make them worse off if they do that there is a status quo on one hand and then on the other you can move into the country and do business with a citizen of that country and get out. Its all changed now and turned to something really horrible i.e. if you do not go to the government these days, the government will come to your house. There is no way that an Islamic state can ever be policed successfully a prostitute has to be taken away from peoples streets and executed for being a prostitute for example.

In Russia what happens is that the State promises to buy people their human rights when they fall short and even then the system there is riddled with so much corruption it is a complete mockery-this is a far bigger problem than whether or not there is another Libya in Syria, which of course is a place where there is promise alright from the state that it will help people buy their human rights when they fall short but it entirely applies only to members of the Party in power and applies only to those who support those in power so there is absolutely no hope whatsoever. Typical example was what happened a few months ago; people gather at National square in protest of a lack of elections in the Country and the next day even if people had money they could not buy gas. Its not a case of you don’t support my Government you cannot buy my gas, it took years to plan and shows a typical example of what people have to put up with in that country. It took years of so you want to be a gas seller as well, therefore I wreck your business and then get the government to help me with publicity which suggests you wrecked mine and now I am building another which will be protected from you and if you mess with me you cannot buy gas-that is the way it works. It does not mean this does not happen in such ways in Russia, it does, what I am saying is that it happens only in a setting on top to bottom corruption that can be cleaned up.