It is not and never will be a matter of humiliation, every government operative understands the importance of National Pride, besides which the international community must always enforce its human rights codes. The suggestion by Libyan Authorities that the uprising is a function of criminal enterprises does not hold sway as a case. It is not criminal enterprises; it is that person that got drunk during the 1001th drink party since government Policy started going wrong for them and their people and promised to publicly express their displeasure about the way things have gone, being suppressed to the point of public uprising and demonstration, which has created the need for regime change in Libya. In Bahrain it is much the same too and the idea that the possibility of such things happening in the UK does not hold sway either; the Monarchy in the UK provides such a good government that Parliamentarians can no longer hold and support a system of running Politics based on criticising or attacking the Establishment.

So what they do is locate individuals like myself and try to turn me into the Christian that was tied up somewhere and detached from his God forcefully hence now being tied in a corner anything he does for freedom and to worship including anything pertaining to career will be used as self improvement for the kind of evils that Parliament needs to have, when I have come to the deduction if I cannot beat them must join them, then it will be time for me to be charged with providing those evils all together hence become the Christian that was blessed by God but never was because Ministers were to sly and cunning over matters of spirituality and faith and now they shall inflict him for the rest of his life for the kind of Politics that world politics and people and the world want. It is for this reason I latch onto every structure they have created to ensure they fight for power by making sure they are using the expertise of the Monarchy to Punish members of the establishment with work based oppression, since I do not even have the right to exist in their books and to ensure I do absolutely everything.