The constantly made assessment that people need to run with, that I am unable to look after myself, is not really based on reality or fact – what happens is that these goons spend most of their time corrupting my state provided security my spying on me and chasing my bum and they have another group of busy body idiots who complain about the bad smell while they never stop getting involved to make stupid comments about their expectation to be served by a process whereby I got into some violent behaviour over it, we find their stupidities complain all the time but the simple process of not disturbing me to avoid being disturbed does not appeal. Much the same as they claim I serve myself with a Public position which is utter nonsense as the only way they are to get involved with what I am doing is to buy and read Books I have written i.e. usually I have a problem I may finish in 6 months but there will arise a public matter and then I will dispatch the information because it will not make sense to humanity if I did only when the Book was completed, so the result is that they enjoy starting off conversations on media that gets crowds expecting this information, shooting up my stress levels of work their stupid criminal popular culture, stock market and politics and have said if I named them a group of bloody idiots I will get into trouble for it with the spying on me dirty bullying big mouth that they have got. It never stops making those stupid comments about the violent things I could be used for over my Hermitage engagements each time I step out of my door and has not stopped complaining about me disturbing the neighbourhood that shares my personal space with me by working in the night and there is always a sense that beating it up seriously would solve a problem but if it is complaining about my tummy giving up on me that should be fine – however the business of doing it and getting me beaten up is where they are bluffing and I am certain they understood that I am not.

I am never in a difficult situation either; what happens with these goons is that they show up on my concerns and make statements about a problem which bothers them and I will gain from should it be solved and then by the time they are happy with what has become of it the reality would be that they were deploying my life and career to do whatever it is they were doing and since their lives and careers have not been affected, I need to know they will do it again if they felt threatened by me, looking like their stupidities needs sexual activity all of the time. They have consistently loved to play up those insulting gimmicks about getting around with people at the Monarchy whom The Queen wants nothing to do with and will not now keep their corruption traps shut since last they got their wish – as far as I am concerned, these people are supposed to do whatever they usually do and end up in the Company of Celebrities, these goons are not celebrities in any case however, they are aspiring criminals. The talk of revolution is nothing unusual, most of us people who use our brains know it’s a matter of people who want to live in an understanding that they fundamentally dream of Political instability and we all know what that happens their stupidities will go from running off revolutionary nonsense to failing completely at doing anything about it, but then again it is allowed because it may not be said that such a thing did not exist in a free society; the Political idiots they have voted into Government buildings have never really changed the behaviour, we find them complain about wealth inequality, then show up at University to rip up my academic work and express in public places all the time, that in order to keep winning elections on wealth inequality issues they relied on me to keep their secrets with the big mouth they have got; so apparently each time it does the damage or makes the insulting comments what I say will be very expensive but the fools will still find it is impossible for their corruption bloated stupidities issuing threats at me, to keep their mouth shut – fighting me would be impossible, winning if they did would be impossible and we all know when I find those friends of theirs they drop out of the system and do not know what anything is for, while they will break any rules in other people’s lives to get rich quick and show up in Public places with the money and the fact they never broke their own stupid rules to get it, the whole thing will go hay wire, no idea why they cannot keep their mouth firmly shut.

Speaking of which we all know the hurting Arch Prince bottom business provokes the Armed Forces but they cannot be made to stop it, especially the blacks and the Liberal Americans who like to think they live in another planet but do not fancy people reminding them they are insane; so it has been hurting my bottom and messing around with Armed Forces Personnel right up to Royal guards and I have had another mess to clean up and put out on social media to hurt its incredibly stupid feelings. What I am expecting which is to set off after doing that to a stage where I got my Book distribution operating in a way that lets me do it as a job despite the existence of Liberal America and to set about completing my academic work without spying on me to hurt my bottom and keep up stupid dreams making me smell like my loo, bearing in mind  do sometimes think I deserve it due to the fact what I have done to them as well does mean that although their idiocy can defend itself when being bullied by society trifling with me has meant it is never enough, what has happened with them as a result being that their ego has grown bigger since the business of defending themselves from bullying society got to mean that I feel sore all day long – same as the popular culture ones who have not been able to draw a link between their Popular culture handling me and a process where I get a job because it is all over the place; they must have known by now that I do not like it at all, that I get involved with it because I think it exists to allow lose women facilitate sexual activity and that I do not get involved with it at other people’s expense.

We see these behaviour everywhere and we also find them claim I cannot be trusted with women alongside it, while this conversation is itself possible on account they corrupt my state provided security to spy on me and make a mess of what I am doing as their busybody idiots make stupid comments of violent things I should be doing to make them all feel comfortable – so the stupid women who always show up to fool around with my Public image and finances will soon get married to them that they might preserve their genes and then I will be very grateful for the things they have done to protect me in that. Meanwhile any women I have business with can never feel safe on the left and on the right and do not know which way to turn while we find the bloody idiots show up on Media to follow on the business of using their media jobs to ensure everything I did to organise my life is spent every 24 hours, which is what causes this, to tell me I ought to open up my life to them because their cracked up out of league bodies want to be safe, talking nonsense about how I have controlled their access to fame while it is obvious that if I do not shut it down completely all together, there is no prospect of me getting out of this stupid blackmail and bullying lies of theirs to complete the academic work that I need to facilitate what I am doing all together; it thus enjoys telling tales about the difficult situation I am in. I am rather not in any difficult situation whatsoever, a typical expression of what is happening contrary to the idea I am unable to cope is what we see happen when Carnival comes to Town and the business of being a person plays out; so we find that National security operatives would probably be doing what I am doing but with respect to the matters they must know and understand very well in order to provide security for the Country in a way that will make somebody that lived in any part of it safe should that be applied, the same way Journalists do get involved with my Hermitage Estate because it is the way that they understand their person and the Media career they have; so we find the condition with Carnival is that at the end there is always stabbing and shooting because we have to make way for the good people first; civil servants, NHS staff, Police right through to beauty product traders and then what it is exactly their corrupted and criminal popularity stupidities are doing with the National backyard gets a chance to parade itself, the incredibly stupid Politicians that get votes from them blowing off the big mouth all the time because they are convinced I am beaten down every day on account they were a bunch of low lives. As I have mentioned before, I will run these warnings till the end of November 2018 and then get myself a life from then on – we all know it appears anything I may do to tackle these goons will be put down to an attempted assassination which motive nobody could understand, the fact they are always attacking me without reason and I smell like my loo because of it is then lost in translation when that is considered, especially because whatever I do would not be understood by anybody since their need to harm me has no motive or reason.

 They do speak of me being dominated by the power of the US and the power of Russia which is utter nonsense; the reality is that in the case of Russia its simple opportunism and the good old fact that if the Russians and fans of Russia who hate the British will not mind their business then the British will teach the Russians another lesson that will get them isolating themselves from the rest of the world, about the fact they are not our ally, they have no business with British National Interest or International frontier, their opinions about our trading partners are irrelevant and they are another Country on this Planet that we all share. The American ones will be the complicated bits where Government is a thing and so a job in government is a specific thing you do in a thing called government, which the general public is paying you for – hence since the Americans love to invent and integrate anything they wish into Government business which lets them extract money from the treasury, you need beware of it and whenever they interfere with what you are doing, you must find a way to stop them from doing it so. The bigots who work this nonsense are usually a bunch of cowards who talk civil rights and seek out other people’s children they can take up to a bad place and abandon all the time, will not keep its dirt mouth shut if it is complaining about how expensive what I say is; so it still comes down to the good old case of the fact if what I say is expensive, each time they got involved with my concerns, they bought and read a Book that I had written. They have however always said that my Books are disturbing, sounds like I need a lot of help; time and again I have to clear up that the Books are creative equities and laid out by means of adjudication – since the Books can take care of themselves as it is incredibly difficult for people to get off reading it without owning a copy to do so, these insults set to ensure I responded and therefore gave away trade secrets and while these fools do it and complain about civil rights issues, I cannot seem to inform well enough my fellow negros that I am not related to them in anyway and this business of being their brother they wish to play up here damages matters of National importance and my finances at this Office until somebody is writhing in pain because of it somewhere – hence the tale of the domination caused by the powers of the US. The Muslim ones are always used to following up Celebrity stupidities with processes of making out there is financial benefit to telling people I am an infidel; the Celebrity ones have dropped out of the system, do not know what the tax system is for, do not know what the civil service or the banking system is for, are willing to break any rules to get rich quick but have no wish to break their own rules, while these Muslim idiots who marry 6 wives at a time claim I am an infidel when they cannot even produce evidence of me having sex and indeed the person that I had sex with all together, so it’s never clear if it is meant to put me off the sex I ought to have with my one Man, one Wife Christian Policy anyway and I believe I have made myself clear about Muslims talking rubbish like that all the time, especially as we know it happen often that it wants everything in life on the same day and has an attitude that comes from an upbringing that really belongs in the toilet, so I will end up preserving its Muslim faith for it when it is engaged in occultic activity and does not know where it’s or how its Jihad should be applied; of which they say if I said it where it mattered I  would get into trouble and I think not if I said it where I wanted to gather up some Muslims and discuss the business of them calling me an infidel with respect to ripping up my academic work to insult me and build up my personality into an atmosphere their stupid children can be a part of in order to pass exams and seek a career in school, especially if they had made it a point of war. I am not an infidel and it’s very rich coming from people who never several wives at a time, such that each occasion since their first wife adds up to infidelity all together. They do love to boast about how much they enjoy torturing me but we all know it’s the same way the Politicians show up at University to rip up my academic and expect me to keep secrets on account they wish to win election on the basis people thought they cared about wealth inequality is much the same way these idiots have ended up with somebody that wants to get rid of their Popular culture, so it all answers to its kind. I am said to cause most of my problems as I am not a successful person and it is utter nonsense too; I am a Royal Hermit and wish to make money and pay my way in the world by making sure the system works the way it should as my ability to pay my way like everybody else depends on it – so it does mean we get to find out what exactly these goons can do on account they were Politicians and other goons with a Public life to play with, having they showed up here to torment me every day on account they were not moral people. So as long as people do not show up here for the purpose of drawing attention away from the Hermitage towards their money, probability is that they will have somebody who is successful to pick on and do not have to hurt themselves all the time because they were wasting their energy on somebody that is not; it’s the same thing we see at the Monarchy with some nasty Royals that will run off their Celebrity and Fashion and Popular culture on this Hermitage and then try to make sense of it all the time when it really does not make any sense whatsoever. In the same way I get asked the question of what I think the Best Political party to rule the Country should be when people simply refuse to be honest about the fact the Labour Party spends its time managing National finances to decide how it should be spent on the poor so they might win elections perpetually but claims it is penny pinching skills when they had left us all intellectually bankrupt just before they left Office for another Party and are in league with people who want to see Political instability in the Country while tending to complain about everything at the same time which their need to rip up people’s lives and get rich quick so they might put the feet up at Tourism economies and pass insults at others that a bird will carry all over the world, made an invaluable contribution to the economic crisis we are now having to deal with all together, the blow out being that we are facing opposition here at home and overseas when we try to invest and trade with other Nations. I mean I personally do love to wreck it because they love their abusive absurdities so much even though the consequences turns them into extremists, they love it so much they have successfully done damage to my academic work and finances and the level of persecution that occurred between 2002 and 2007 when they achieved it was unprecedented, just like I think it is apt that my response, which is due to the fact they have built a future on that and are setting me out as point that shows what is possible, should be as well.