We get together to pass ballots hoping there has been no perversion that cheat the system, which says we want a certain person as leader.This generally means that we are not interested in the "bigger than you, leave the money behind when you have finished the work or any other benefits that cannot be legally quantified" violence of a few and their popularity seeking friends but still get held down over a certain period of time, which will enable them to find out everything about our lives and get off to be what we were in the world to get rich and have an income while showing no respect for our incomes, followed on with their Politicians being allowed all kind of perversion of people's happiness and corruptions of a financial nature, while they demand democracy from those who have done better than them despite what they have endured from them at the other end.

Which of course is the reasons I get off deciding I never want to see them near business after evolving in this way-not something I just feel I can and therefore get off to do.

I created my intellectual property to sell to those that are always being tied down somewhere so that all the good things in life about them that cannot be legally quantified can be taken away from them:-the bit that is sweeter when stolen,including their health by those who claim to need help but work hard get through and make an honest living never the less:-after all they do not force the state to spend millions in enquiries and investigations to catch them by doing something bad and pay millions in tax as well but have had my privacy abused with the use of public and media perception over a period of time, which allows people to get on public places and exasperate me demanding my personal life. Therefore it became something else.

Now it is the condition and nature of the mess they create for me in diplomatic circles with these pervasion and perceptions that cause me to defend myself from the abuse, the violence and the insults, especially the creating of fights for me by knocking my head together with a statesman somewhere with the media.

Thus have I decided I don't want to see them getting involved with business, trading and market except they are getting employment and carrying out economic transactions; the basis for this being that while I am to come up with those things I can do business with which they want to copy and get rich with from a position where I cannot stop them from having what is bigger and better than what I get from it and generally making sure they are better off than I am on it, followed on with accusations and dissention they create between me and important women, which they also think the apparatus of government exists to provide them with a means of doing, as though it was their own private and personal property but for which worse still the attacks continue from people that are obsessed with getting my attention to peddle things (as they try to use the advert industry to blackmail businesses and determine who gets to have the right to earn a living by the powers of their organised societies) and then think I will do nothing about their business that exists to hurt me because they have decided to be successful only by making me fail over my own income which has nothing to do with whether or not they are successful at theirs, hence making me weak and of course the abuses from the ugly evil wicked community based versions of them takes a new turn everyday for the uttermost worst.

They have put these issues beyond the point where the law can intervene on their behalf and thus give them privileges of injustice before they settle down and make their oppression successful; so in terms of cause and effect, they have nothing to do with my business or job except I am not hitting them when I must or hard enough when I do. Where it involves me personally is the High diplomat that is me whom they have said is creating home for them to move into and so feel comfortable especially the idiots from Africa and the United States of America; thus when I have begun to move into the personal lives of their Politicians and diplomats that unleash their wives and children on the rest of us as enemies of freedom and embodiments of wealth mad opportunistic social corruption idiots, it will get as bad as they want it to as it were; until then no more business for them.

They continue to beautify themselves by hurting me; the men will not walk by or drive by each time I venture outside if they have not served me some violence for letting a white man walk by and the women want to become Politicians to keep up a good work of oppressing me which never existed, by having control of my books and moving into any places they think is reserved for my wife, while their children are good still at what they do which is make devils out of saints and pass exams in Universities just to end up at the other side thinking being successful is based on having somebody to insult and abuse. So the whole process of no sex and a bad retirement takes a new turn for my part for them all the time.