I am now told that I pay so little attention to the fact that people just find me provocative but I have no idea why it would have been assumed that I would care if people were provoked by me anyway; what happens is that I shut down access to my Public image while their Celebrities want to make money off it without my permission more so, which soon progresses to a case of ripping up my academic work by following me around at the University making a mess of the health and chasing my bottom on the part of their stupid girls and sugar babies who have become the most prolific when it comes to thinking that advertisement should show they had power over me and could take money from my Public image if they wanted especially when they were as stupid as Americans can be – all of which then gives way to the big Men that will beat me up, so I would have to explain to these big men that their girls complain because they think they should have power over me but what they have been doing is getting their imagination up my bum and wrecking the academic work and finances, only to be informed by them that it is the shutting down of access to my Public image so that they could not damage anything they wanted around here over fame and popularity that wrecked their family financial structures about which I deserved to be taught a lesson I would never forget. So when this is coupled with that of another group of idiots who were to gain the most from wrecking the academic work because thereafter I spent a couple of years waiting for them to move on which they have not but since I had grown sideways, my career is now reported by an incredibly stupid media as something which is now in the hands of Celebrities from whence I could never recover it, while I have to get to an Office and write some Books, it builds up like that without reason and makes a mess for me every day, thus the reasons being that I did not attend University to pass exams and chase a job, I attended it because I had something on hand that I wanted knowledge to handle properly, so they were after that thing I had and were determined to take it for their own. These are the two main dispositions by which these goons think that I should be worried that they were provoked by my actions, even when every time they had settled up on the damage to my academic work and finances to allow their hoodlums and local criminals following me around and putting up blame culture on the high streets which they do on grounds that teasing and insulting me boosts profits being the reason for all their problems, we find an experimental group of fools on Media lending them some Publicity to claim they had taken my career and my whole way of living which has now ended up in the hands of Celebrities from whence I could never recover it, whilst they then have trouble listening when told this is not their lives, I do not write their Books and we are not mates, they are rather convinced I should care when they are provoked.

So, I do get told there is an underlying story to this naturally which of course there is i.e. I have never in my life really been able to get along with Celebrities; it will damage the academic work and then berate you in Public like its life depended on doing so because of the state of your finances and then it will damage the finances that have been rebuilt and spend time berating you in public places because of the state of your social standing, all for its popularity and at the same time being able to keep up the self-confidence while its wickedness is indeed breath taking. I don’t know why people think that Celebrity jobs need to exist all together anyway – if it is a world of smaller people who play some tricks on big bad people to make away with their lives and get on somewhere else, Women at academic and career pursuits should be the pinnacle of such a structure, so why indeed have we exchanged it for Celebrity culture instead? What I know about it is a three part story of Local hoodlums that follow me around at academic institutions because those who run the school system want my career and a much less interested in teaching me what I have paid my fees to be taught at the University, while some really foolish girls that cannot have enough of their own cynicism get the idiots running off blame culture at the sale Industry all over the career and Public image all together – so it adds up to the hoodlums that CEOs and Shop Manager want to get around with and apart from these CEOs getting around with these hoodlums who ensure when I protect myself from gits who wreck careers in order to keep alive the dream of hanging around street corners to get homosexual sex from young desperate Men, I have their idiots build that stupid popular culture pipeline from the US across to Asia over this Hermitage and blow off the big mouth at me about what I cannot do while they are currently angry about the fact they are stuck with me and will only need to continue for a short period then we had gotten to find out what it is exactly that they can do about me as well – then we find the part that is the Celebrities who once they had made the Money, feel as if everybody else profession and academic pursuits need to be subjected to the practical jokes that they can excuse if they claimed that their stupidities were very important as the reasons for doing it; so it is still the same case i.e. it needs to stop following me around at the academic institutions making a mess of everything, needs to keep away from my Books, realise I do not write their Books around here, that this is not their lives and we are not mates. Having said so, people get solutions to problems from their Celebrity lives for instance – the same way I get stuck with a hermitage and solve problems for people to an extent where I cannot repeat those solutions or I will be creating problems of my own, so the business of dedicating themselves to making people happy thereafter once they were done tackling the bullying issues makes sense of the Celebrity jobs but in the same way have I informed them that it is not their insatiable need to extract money from my Public image without permission and make a mess of everything around here which is the main problem since I can curtail that by setting out deterrence, it is the damage to the academic work and finances and the audacity with which they have gotten after my writing career because they believe this to be some trophy victory as well – it is the question of whether or not it was necessary that has never gotten answered, only the excuse that their stupidities are very important comes forth each time and it is getting on my nerves, I don’t care if they were provoked by me and I am sure these facts will ensure that understood that perfectly. There is some part that is associated with my behaviour they would say but its only the part where they threaten me each time they need money and I set about making sure that if I had the opportunities I would give it to them but so would I see it to that they worked for the money as it were – much the same as their hoodlums at Industry who have now reached big business for instance, are unable to tell where the excess energy that makes them such a bunch of unusual gits is meant to go, meanwhile which they are fighting the effects of spending years to provide service for persons and families and how it may change their personality; so as a Polity we end up with their stupidities and some money on their hands to exhibit it by, which leaves us with massive levels of Political instability.

Its very simple i.e. their part of culture and society shows up at the academic institutions to rip up the careers of those whose personalities would make them rich at popular culture or just teasing and abusing them tends to improve profits at the markets – then the Industry hoodlums – then the Celebrities and I am sure it is possible for them to mind their own business whenever they had made money. We hear them claim the problem with me is that I deploy the National Cote of Arms on my Websites, in the same way they are out to ensure these gimmicks were traded off with the Political system that will give them unfettered power over my existence, like the spawn of Satan literally but its much the same case where we see that the stories they tell of what it is like to work in the Armed Forces is very different from what the Armed Forces is like, the Forces Orientated Schools, the Cadets, the Trained and experienced Soldiers and so on, hence always the sense there is weakness and no prospect of recovery while we know that if a person should end up in that environment he will be trained and taught how to do it – the point being that they take these small matters, something that looks like if a Teacher asked you to write an Essay with five instalments of the National Cote of Arms and make it into something that requires the attention of the Head of State with media, then claim I am a war monger while we know the disposition of a Christian who thinks what befalls him should not happen to others as a first instinct to intercede, is one about which they wish to express that they were so high and mighty, so important that when they were involved in bullying there should be no intercessions, thereby making them peaceful people.

I do get told these matters all hinge on me being tackled by extremists which is nothing unusual – the story about extremists was a Country inside the Country and what is good about their version of country is that they build up communities of idiots with ideas about what to do to me, then run off so much insult and abuse on it that their imagination is perpetually up my bum and if I fail to co-operate by means of what I possess when they have needs, they will ensure I had no life, no money, no job, no career, no Public image and then I will be homeless probably dead; whilst I know this is what I am up against, it did not think another group of hoodlums who claimed to have seen these things and therefore had decided to behave differently would be distracting me from it as abusively as possible – so this then feeds into those dreams of instability caused by an unworthy person that the Monarchy loves to play with until war break out thing they talk about all the time, concerning which there will be no such wars, they are simply convinced that they can perform these behaviour as much as they liked because the price will be so low when Media and Politicians are at their disposal and it has therefore been important to pick up on the goons who show up at the Monarchy to play their own games about being where the money is, spending the money and not knowing what to do with money anymore getting completely out of hand and ensure they were paying such a price as would get them complaining all the time while I was able to set out that I am in the same shoes as they are in; price boost. The other part of the story being that I am surrounded by squander kings literally because I am very demanding about which I am not demanding at all; that I had written Books that will not be read by people who want them is perversion on an incredible scale – the label says Intellectual Property Administration, the Books I write have Titles and descriptions attached to them and I should not be dealing with financial complications while they started to express in public how much their stupidities had become so rewarding at my expense; does not like intellectual property administration obviously but I started out with building my equities and brokering them with Companies I got involved with where being in such a position meant I did not do other peoples part and they did not do mine, until they showed up with industry hoodlums, Media and Celebrities, wrecked the academic work and started a game to control me, which is what this is all about; this is not their lives and I do not write their Books around here – wrecking the academic work and keeping it wrecked as the most important trophy victory that will change their lives of stupidity forever looking for more of what they are complaining about. So we find that there are other gits in the neighbourhoods who want to do some power of their own associated with extremists playing up my own version of the Country gimmicks, doing different things and they all want to be friendly with the people who are causing me so much trouble, meaning it apparently had stopped being such fun all together.

I do get told that when it comes to my Royal Order and the development of British Armed Forces for instance, I am a character that Americans can handle to get back at the British whenever they had any feelings of inferiority and its utter nonsense; these are really some of the most insolent goons in the whole world – while Obama was in Office it just kicked off and ran away all over the world across Europe and Asia that Mr Obama wants to build a future for his Girls which will make them superior to British Princes, so it turns out the ones that will not be inferior were all white people. Then there is the other part where the way that the powers of the US will be displayed for all to see will be that I got to in all I did prioritised their needs over mine at my Office and Public work and especially when I am handling my financial matters – it is still a problem that Europeans and Asians have difficulty handling at present. So it does eventually come down to the violent parts where some goon will get off claiming she owns me and I will want to make it clear their civil rights do not look like that, make it clear they have no rights here, except they can rely on their gits in the City who are tall people getting dangerous with money, to show up and try to replenish the population of 50 year old school truants who spend most of their time grooming me for ageism and racism by claiming my personality is a product of sleeping around and sleeping with peoples wives, grooming me to understand the mental illness that determines what passes on their left hand side and right hand side, so I might get abused at a distance all the time but they also need understand it will not do to threaten me the way we see them do endlessly as there is really nothing that they can do about me and certainly not in a real way too. They do love to claim I suggest the US Government cannot protect some of its people from the British which is utter nonsense; this is about some Americans and nobody knows what these guys find so appealing when it comes to this business of insulting people in a Country where they do not have a Welfare State and rather have agencies that people can register with, who play this role of a quasi-government organisations and if you bother them well enough, they will find you just about any job that is, such that what happens was that a Celebrity will establish relations with me and somebody will invest money on it but we will end up in a fight of our lives and when asked why they do it claim what is publicly available and obvious cannot be denied them and has to be made available to all, obsessively in love with the idea of others being forced to do something for them, as stupidly as possible (just like that).