They are supposed to have been the example and statement made about all those media stories and media vandalism to make money at the same time of a games they play. There is therefore no bearing towards fact that I criticise and attack those who travel to the City centre to seek their fortune but am actually the same thing - utter nonsense, it’s just a lesson television personalities and journalists needed to learn and as it stands with their corruptions of involvement I still want my Court back from them this is current, what brought us here in the first place was a case of seeking my personal life in order to manipulate me and then hold on to an aspect of my operations they did not actually know is my working court until recently when I created a website for it and then will banter everything I do onto destruction until I come to an agreement about which part belongs to them or they will continue and when I do so for those I work with they simply realise I need not be allowed to develop a public message that suggests a difference between them and those I work with so they pretend they are as well and that means that I can never ever be said to have finished anything and this therefore affects my earnings as well and means they technically own me and everything I look like the trouble they seek all the time - so it happens over a period of an average of four years with a process by which each time I am set up a counter story appears on media which means I get involved with them when they are beyond and out of my league in a condition where they do not know me and have never seen before and then it happens again and the message comes through it is a matter of their ego all together on account they appear on television and then a decision gets made it will never happen again. This is actually half the story; the problem these days is that of the fact they have created a condition where destroying all I work for or own is a good feeling for them, hence it is that process where they created that interest in the first place which draws the lines and marks me out specifically as somebody that needs to tolerate less and less of the Media. They like their game where I talk and they counter talk and tell me to shut it for a living while they get connections with those that are more powerful than I am because they want some of mine and it is undoubted they will get it too - for now I am not getting any fresh publicity for my work while they have taken it over and feel it is better if they do it instead, so let them do it. It is all the same old question people ask of what my real view of the media is since when that is not forth coming they feel they can do and undo; but my view of the media is simple i.e. think of an older man next door who sometimes plays with you because he is single and has no children and then sometimes does things that you feel is really unfair to you, then think about a twisted, evil, perverted and violent version of such a man who wants to be able to intimidate you for pleasure everyday and you will have the media. I have done my best on the matter and it is becoming a war as well, I have told them to take their desire to be powerful corporations that can do whatever they like with people off my earnings, especially their shopping channels - that said of which the mainstream is still the crucible where they train cameras on women, make out I sleep with them and then whether or not I do deploy that to make girls money and do pornography stories that the sex industry buys from them as well but it gets worse because I have to get up every day to wrestle the ability to sit in front of people who interview me during a job screening in order to talk with them face to face and this wrestling has gone on for the last decade several times every day through the night as well. Now they not only claim with their insolence and corruptions of involvement that it is because they want to look after me to fulfil a fatherly desire, they also make good the accusations and the insults and how I act in ways which attack young women, contrary to the fact they need to get off my right to get work as I do not know them and have never seen them before and therefore very unlikely to care and need to get off my books and get off the Industries not pretend that those who are powerful than I am will protect them from me so that I might have to do that thing where I find a way around making sure it never gets to happen. So this is what the media really is and they expect to get on my TV to do or say things and then a process of doing so will become a career, when they are at the heart of the reasons that radio stations run my life and earn my income for a living because they know where my books are and no matter how they want it or others do it will never be sold because they want to use my personality for other things and as such have links with community croons that hold me down for them for the rest of my life while their idiots think employment means getting in touch with their stupidities so they can pass off my personality as their own and make riches and fame - but in the end to ensure they have control of the source of their wealth I am not allowed to have an income either through my company or through a job I get from another person and the end product of the name calling and intimidation they wish to cash into such as little meddling shit that does not know his level after all these years is what will spark the media war or war with the media itself. For now I say and do nothing about it because Nazism and racism was a German invention, they are the real social perverts and the problem that we have within our British Identity, wants a piece me and will certainly get it too - I do not think it a major crisis, the insults and abuses and name calling and the fact they wish to cash into it either makes me want to delay what I feel about it until you meet them in person and they meet I as well or it determines a means of getting them off my books and off the Industries and job market companies: Otherwise the reality is that they and their girls just cannot stop stealing and committing crimes and this is what we know and there is no need to pay attention to or get angry about the fact it exists, nor is there a reason to let them have their way no matter whatever democracy is being bandied around.

Of course it is said I talk the way I do but when people try to act take alternative actions for my part; the reality is Egypt for example where the question is whether the Muslim brotherhood can lose elections to other parties or the military, it does not matter anymore, it’s a simple question of whether or not they can lose elections. For these other idiots in the UK however I know the reasons their children and young people can abuse me is that I set out ways of living which does not agree with what they want to use people and society for on account they think that it a kind of environment and leadership in which I would be vulnerable. About it they must therefore have understood by now I don’t want any rubbish from them and their stupid children need to keep their dirty mouths where it belongs, since we all know that involvement with gangs means you cannot live a normal life and hence their ideas about people and gangs they have that will beat me up does not work in accordance with the need to be rich and famous about which they are never ever seen doing anything they are supposed to do, along with those other idiots on the right hand side on account they feel they have media at their finger tips and their lives exist for the sole purpose of expecting me to accomplish something and then lose it and even if that is not the case like those insolent accusations and their stupid girls that earn my income instead of work for their own, who will be protected by Politicians they never address the way they address me which sets out this need to ensure questions are never asked about what I did not didn’t do about it all the time. I know what they are and the fact this is what they are; I know that for the insolent younger men I will soon have to collect their lives and career for gangs so that they can go get it there and for the older ones I will dig into their stupid heads and find out exactly what they are angry about and then we will explore it and for the girls and women who gain everything I do or say we all know I look after the pornography Industry for them and they can look after gangs and criminals for me too if they have got the balls for it; hence they are what we know they are and do what we know they do and being angry at it will solve or accomplish nothing but it does not mean I want to take any rubbish from them either. I have long warned before my behaviour towards the lower classes will soon have to be that of fear for their racism so that I might get a job because these guys will never learn that all they have built from the fact I need to be forced to fight racism without a job and fight racism before I can get a job and more so do get to sleep with peoples wives is the biggest problem we have between us as it were. When this becomes mode of operation for me we will find out who in this country they will oppress because they hate those that are hard working and enjoy working for their money no matter how tired they get with that big mouth that shoots off all over the place all the time. They hate the lower classes in the UK and want to get rid of it but like the ones in the US so they can marry into the Royal family and all those kinds of rubbish you have to put up with on a daily basis. As I said, racism is something Germans invented; these are the low lives in the UK and I have no idea why I am having a conversation about their existence save the cup of violence just for you every second story and of course the need for people to know what my real thoughts about the media is. For now in Egypt the question is that of whether the Muslim brotherhood can lose elections. The Muslim Brotherhood is not a real party and if it wants to be one it is not yet one at this stage, its ideals still change during elections which makes a mockery of the system and is really unfair, much like the Labour party perverts Politics in the UK to achieve, except that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt does not lose elections and what we saw during their time in office were the beginnings of that. 

There are the complains about me of course and they always say I find it difficult to accept people when we all know what they are most interested in is a process where they completely destroy my living and then I let it go to such an extent that they then make out to be me in public until that actually turns out to be the case; they would site support from the Prince of Wales of course, such support of which really does not exist. So since this is their mode for success, that extremist might not do things and ask me what I did about them, I have to work out what would be best for them as well and I have located two possibilities all of which I wish to apply simultaneously i.e. how do the lower classes make their progress? They make their progress by starting out from day one being no body and therefore getting no problems associated with money on account they do not have any and they are the ones that abuse people, become richer than them but the reasons they abuse those people continues to remain that of civil rights and wealth equality and then they can count their pennies until they count millions which is then respectful towards the fathers; hence something they therefore do all the time wrecking my life before then, so they can blame the racism on somebody else due to the fact doing so is what Politicians who will then make laws that drive people into crime, imprison those people and then rehabilitate them by telling them they can do their crimes on me in order to vindicate their rebellion and be part of the leadership. Hence for it I intend to ensure all their problems big and small come to them at once and while they have no money too since they do not wish to stay away from my books. The other part has more to do with when they are already famous and I had already been keeping records which means it is a matter of opinion – so they can stay away from my books and stay away from my customers and fans.