Society and toxic Female Advantage

The Hermitage Residents Prayer chamber at Corruption and corruptibility, Culture, Industry and Celebrity 'violent orthodoxy'



These are just a group of very Loyal girl friends who absolutely adore me and follow everywhere I go to assist me with me all I do, some HolLywood USA based Actresess and others News Reporters and work in the Media and help me Manage my Global Intellectual space, do my job, sell my books and sometimes my publicity or indeed accountability, especially of what men do with my work, as well as some diplomatic regional security and integration issues.

I intend to put up here updates of what people need to know about our status.

Naturally they always continue to push through their corruptions of involvement into my personal life hence the claim continues that their women are abusive and insulting at me because they are making sure they stop people like me from taking advantage of them without fighting for them; whereas their women continue to create the impression that knowledge in Political science and diplomatic work makes me unlike gangs something they can play around with and abuse as they like, which also means they can steal my knowledge for the criminals and violent people in order to gain their favour and threaten me, which for me suggests they do not have husbands to go home to insult because those are more busy for their part as well starting a fight when I am famous for my political knowledge but they want to get it out of me without asking because when they ask it will make them inferior, which is then really abusive towards me and does nothing to explain why they the self harming idiots who cannot even do these things for themselves let alone others have no respect for me and my personal life in the way they do because they are determined in get rich and feel good in life. So some say if I mention it life would have all together become much better but I do not think they are children and even if that their silly sense of right and wrong is flawed they have them anyway and should use that, as I am not taking rubbish from anybody. Fatherhood for these idiots is impossible, Manhood is another story all together and yet the problem they have, they have with an British Arch Prince (whose little government Office is split between Church and State) that lives, exists and wins his battles at the Pinnacle of Western culture Glory and respect, privilege and decorum; so it is one of those issues no body can or will ever understand, only all must bear in mind they are criminals and it is good for everybody they are not currently hot at the crime because somebody else is making them live an alternative life. I am not innocent in the matter either; they are doing honest living not crime, as long as I am around.

All of which then also means that they will get it from the British Armed forces which is then the point I will way lay them again.

My working Court makes use of the space which exists between would be rich people that are always messing up peoples lives because they are such a collection of privileged idiots and actual rich people to make a living getting in touch with those that are important and rich for their purposes and causes and this is because of the ceaseless need to set out matters of disparity between myself and  poorer idiots that realise they should be fighting those that have more money than they do over the isolation from rich people that those inflict on them, but are rather always certain to believe what they like from their enemies especially when it is a rumour because it is about me, so they can issue snap judgements at me and encourage extremism against me by pretending to order me around, then try to get on Public places to earn my income from everything I own. Bearing in mind that whenever people want to sell things at my expense, it seems to be more expedient for them if they were to find personal information of mine which they get up to bend me up the other way and move into my right to build fame and culture based on creating sexual nonsense with it that their community croons pick on and bully me as though their sexual bullying to please those who have money with such wickedness is the bane of life itself. For this reason of which we are all aware that letting them get away with any revenge that we would have taken on the matter will lead to much worse things than a process of being accused of being half a human being for being a Christian and then bullied until you are half a human being because your personal details cannot be trusted to Politicians and their friends in the Civil service - hence we never, ever pass up revenge on this matter. They speak of a process where they will sack those women affiliated to me of course and I am perfectly aware of that happening, in fact it has gone everyday for the best part of a decade and become some kind of sub culture from doing so, the reason I ignore it is that it is difficult for them to see that they issue such threats because they want to sack somebody they use in the fame industry to get rich because the person told them to help me sell my books, which is what usually happens to create all those vandalism and moving East nonsense that we get to see on Public Television over my earnings and property every single day, they cannot see that I put up with them because of thsoe friends of mine that work in the fame industry, hence the reason I most times create the persona matter of being perceived to need the help of their stupidities. On the contrary, in my eyes, where they are concerned and where their silly lives start and stop, only Pornographers are really and actually famous.

It is important to me that there is an end to ripping my intellectual properties to pieces for the purpose of moving east and that they get off the diplomatic front of my work and keep themselves off the areas of my property, job and office, along with their Politicians, their fame freak boys and girls that always think nobody will be offened by the vandalism, which  they follow on with their social treachery that is always being ignored, their 'crazy about other peoples privacy' (for obvious reasons) stupid women and for this, if there is refusal to comply, will I eventually follow on the matter with severe consequences.




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The issue with the American side of these things is simply the fact that when it comes to corruptions of involvement for messing up peoples lives property and organisations, no body has ever hit them as hard as I already have and so I understand that they have good reasons to loath me as well. However the problem these days is the same old issue on the basis of which Afghanistan was invaded i.e. Americans want new fundamentalisms of a spiritual nature that they ca...

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COURT LATEST-recent location of men

Posted by Ikpe Uno on Sunday, May 15, 2011, In : Moving around the world 

The issue of those who operate and watch the satellite systems of the world thinking their kids are better than everybody else and they should spend all their time locating people to collect stuff from for such kids does not trouble me as much. What troubles me is the actions of other stupid lesser people who are lazy and feel a Prince should never be allowed to legitimately do anything except he suffers on the cross like Jesus doing it in order to save the world and when I have settled my fi...

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 I understand it is said I am writhing all over my pain because women are powerful but there is really no such thing; there are specific issues that make your feelings pliable for these idiots and one of them is the bit where you have it at the back of your mind at all times that you are on benefits for instance - so I actually do not need other persons support, they are here to buy books or should not be here at all. Its not that difficult to set out I have a good relationship with women in general but that the great idea about me concerning women is that they feel I cannot set out a campaign of religious hatred for them for my part too when everything they do is about digging up my Christian activities and building an evil version they can sell up to Industries as trappings of power. So I always start with their insults and the assumption they will rule the roost if we are in a relationship no matter how old they got and it is not hurting badly enough yet on a global scale. They are complicating mine you see - the part where women are not necessarily expected to conscript in the army if there is a war and I will not be held to ransom by that anyway  for my bit.

I do tolerate these things but they are starting to brag, speaking of which they have my mother as their most important asset first of all and nobody really can put a finger on what service they do to society to have that need to show up in public all the time telling younger men how to behave in the most abusive and insulting way ever imaginable. So I really do not know how they will pull it off if push comes to shove as well. They are never ever seen talking about their own side of society and its problems; they want to spend other peoples own instead and if you have talked about problems they see nothing wrong in turning out to make a canopy out of you starting with claims they manipulated you into doing so - like Mr Obama or Nelson Mandela and his Family for instance, so although they love to populate their victims clubs at the International communities, they and their boys are not exactly angels in the first place anyway.

I am a Christian, I would not appreciate anybody messing up my finances either to express powers of women or show the world is an evil place - whatever it is they are thinking of is happening already; they know I would never ever find it funny or amusing but are comfortable with pushing people and then complaining about it. So they are bragging about writhing in pain over powers of women and I am certain they are expecting conversations too which is something they will never have as it is impossible to reason with them, knowing more so that they have husbands and sons they can abuse instead of me as such. They do say I was against it years ago but am for it today but they were there when I worked on that, now they want to make use of my books without paying for it and I cannot help them with that for my part anyway either. They do it all the time playing with my finances because they like it better if the world is an evil place and I will rip up that stupid democratic menace and rip them up along with it too the way we are going since the boast about writhing in pain is supposed to have been based on being abused by neo-liberalist black boys - if that leads to an anus and penis history they can point to when they see me in public after I am done with the present issue of using their own to get things done so they can tell the difference and be on their way out of my life we will have war somewhere in Africa in a very short period of time, so they are free to boast now as I am rather done on the matter for the time being.

The sad bits are the parts where third worlds exist; because of course while it is all going on, when you had made your millions, you want to ensure they cannot hurt you anymore and that means economic progress and government progress and everything that has been built up from abusing you while you were working for your labours has to come down. So there is always that question of whether I am not better off doing something to make myself successful and comfortable enough to put my mind beyond their range but these are the things that motivate you to do what you do to be successful in the first place - except I have a Company to run and Books to write, jobs to get and academic work to finish which never will because they are not recognised by these idiots and their bully women as what befits me - so the sad bit is usually when third worlds emerge and we hear all about too as it were when it all has to come down after they had built it up.

They are starting to talk too much and when I say they are becoming more abusive and violent and somebody is going to get killed I may be asked to explain my view of them as people which is rather simply that they handle privileges of war and peace that are mine because they can look after Royalty like this one for instance and so I never stop them because it will blow up in a short period which is the part The Queen does find amusing - hence a case of when you speak of ignorance is society they exist in a whole different league and we are good if they do not turn up at my Royal Estate to lean on it and have babies anymore being that they have gotten rich already doing these destruction of my finances by popular culture, otherwise their neo-liberalist stupidities will see me appoint myself to a role too concerning the little snakes they call children and so I really do hope they know what they are doing too; the entire world has never before seen a neo-liberalist put it up to 30% of work required for anything they feel they want and deserve to have and this is therefore the current bench mark but the part where civil rights compensates for the rest at the expense of others is a matter of the level of tolerance they have earned - you cannot build an empire where the money ends up somewhere else because they have the time to stalk you and extricate insults on media that bring that about then sit about tolerating them at the same time - tolerance is a word, it has meaning and the behaviour has purpose too. Its the short cut to tyranny that you are supposed to sit out so they can have issue here - wrecking the finances of leaders and then building themselves up on media to replace such leaders by deciding who is more important based on how much money they have - I allowed it because I had made plans to write certain books and that is how they got to live the dream over me, hence the results are such things as the instability of their popular culture millions for instance which is one of the most important sources of violence in my direction where they say I gave but apparently made some plans to claw it all back and it is unacceptable and I must suffer for it and so on. The prognosis of setting out government in ways that allow an administration to work with women to control wealth has never been so neo-liberalists can turn up and get all over the place to make people sick with blackmail and sick with insults and sick with abuses all the time on account they have needs. They would like to brag its power of course and we all know that will build even more stories as it were.

They do speak of their dangerous guys of course which is only a matter of not knowing if they would come into a fight with a weapon that will prevent you from beating the shit out of them so they might live in the real world like everybody else and stop issuing threats. its not that this issue cannot be resolved in British context either where professional hatred mongers look like normal decent people - its not yet something others have prepared so apparently as it were and they cannot shut their mouths at all so far. The anus and penis insults do not actually bug me that much - the real issue is that people never listen to anything they are told; they should be here to buy books or they should not be here at all. The Books contrary to their claims have never before complicated matters when other put themselves in harms way to work for the population - if they were here to buy books and let others buy as well there would be none of the complications that exist presently - so I understand they are the ones suffering but it will not go on like that for eternity either. Its Royalty from other parts of the world involved with the British one on one hand and Black America on the other - so I know what I am talking about; in terms of the former some stupid girl that likes to rip up your finances can easily have her fabulously wealthy parents engaged in a Public function in a culture where it is okay to appear in public naked for instance, so that is what the abuses are all about, while for black America there is an atmosphere of violence according to them which exists between you and them that makes it impossible to ensure they do what you want when they are in your space with a big mouth. I am a human being and I have feelings and this Company is actually my pride and joy and people will understand that my way or their own. I just got a bit tired of stringing other peoples own so that they might do public protest so I have been a bit helpful recently - they are involved to buy books or they should not be at all. And they do say I am solving a problem I created but it was the same behaviour in the Middle East where people listen to idiots talking about generosity of Americans and the miserliness of the British who still cannot keep out of other peoples countries and prospects, so they did get their democracy from the US after all as it stands since the Iraq invasion. I am selling my books and the last thing I want is their blame culture turning up anywhere near a sales man - instead of talking nonsense about how I respond to their every whim and it is never true; I mean these are fools who think when bombs land on 3 year old children it is a burden that they deserved to carry as it were but in their case this need for a Muslim man to have a fighting skill that is part of his person is something that is integral to their understanding of their version of Islam but they cannot keep off my Royal order so I will never stop jeopardising it so i can take it away from them as well and then they can talk properly when it comes to terrorism and security issues and stop making noise about somebody that is responding to their every whim - I have mentioned before these goons are not my only contact with Muslims in the world but have no idea which planet they live on anyway. Doing your stuff has become a sub culture for them and only the devil talks like that in my view. As I have mentioned before, I fundamentally hate every scum that travels out of this Country to complicate wars in the middle east, build up body count and feel glorious and they will need to keep off my Royal order and keep their friends out of it or they have not yet started complaining an insolent anus and penis Muslim salesman.


Naturally the whole business of the appearance I do not seem to work hard enough on security matters, which creates this outcome where people need to assist me as they believe I am not strong enough to handle certain issues, which is quite right, except each time they back onto the fact I am Royalty and it is probable what I think about doing is something I know how to tackle i.e. the only way that those who are stronger than I am and fear for my safety will have their own safety jeopardised by something I am doing will be when I am not working hard enough on it and this largely refers to criminality matters, such as young people and criminals chasing addiction and attacking people randomly to ensure they secure finances and market for it - same as smoke screen for criminality Media Journalists relentless and ever abiding disobedient practical jokes with peoples livelihood and finances, when they wish to interpret their civil rights as a process of extracting an income from the wealthy city centre without having to do any more work for it than has been imposed on them by force, it therefore usually gives way to the throwing peoples valuables to fat cats that they and the young people who follow them at popular culture work so hard to prepare themselves to do, that they believe absolutely everybody is taken by the stories they tell of work being imposed on them and of course at the heart of the supply of start up finances and mobility for such things is a bit too much of Politicians showing up in peoples lives.

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