They tell me all I do and achieve is based on hurting peoples feelings and criticising them. It has no bearing towards fact especially when said by Americans or their friends; the truth is that when you have a means of making yourself financially comfortable which does not involve joining a bad company and have it all exposed and scandalized so that you cannot even get an income out of it in a decade, while those who have created the circumstance intend to keep it that way and find some trick with which to earn all you come up with, there is no other way of doing the job. I for my part answer the argument however because they bring it up thinking first that this is their own life or they can do what they like it and of course think there is anything they can do about it.

They had an obligation; if I was supposed to be this guy that had it all and then lost it all through a process of having enough to be comfortable and then loosing it so badly that the gangs and bad company although will have me as one of their own whether I like it or not, will never accept me as one of their own anyway. They had an obligation to ensure it was not all happening in public; they are the ones that control the media for goodness sake as it were. So what is the idea behind it except that pigs will fly and somebody else's job is not a serious thing because people can play with his earnings and think pigs will fly first is not very nice:- we will find out who the pigs are anyway. It is not up to me and I am not doing any of it academically, since they had decided to ruin that too. I mean we have become mates as well and now pigs will fly; so they are beginning to find out what it feels like to have it all and loose it at this point, for which the black ones feel that blackmailing me with racism is more important than ding the right thing too and I feel they have trouble seeing they are lowest of the low. Its not up to me, no body asked their opinion around here. The fact being that they want to do their sadomasochisms on me and I don’t let them, so after years of really ruining my life, they now bring up the idea I criticise people to make a living, which is in some way a kind of stealing which I guess they do because they feel there is anything they can do about it. I mean: why wouldn’t a girl or a boy that likes to get involved with bad companies of men, for which we know there will be alternative purposes for it as we go along, get into trouble at some point and why does she feel she can blame it on me and sing music CDs of it at me whenever she feels like, to extract income from my property as insolently and violently as possible, while wishing me dead because she hates people like me and expresses this by making sure those gangs of evil men are specifically my problem through the Music CDs she makes and sells naming it sexual revolution or whatever else they call it? I think it expresses that it is all about a push comes to shove issue and I don’t want to be doing so much of these their stupid complains. Hence I answer the accusation so they can loose the right as well:-I mean I know they make them because they think this is their own life or they can do with it as they please by the way but I just thought the one where they loose the right was more relevant, except of course they mention the other which suggests I have missed out something.

This idea that I work for things and when I do somebody else gets all of it and I get nothing is absolute rubbish-bully game fabrication by the media and American would be rich idiots; I have already told them that it will soon have to be a case where they fuck that my peace of mind out of me; Americans, Fascists, Black men and their girls and Moslem terrorists lot of them and their quest for a shrine for wealth and glory in me by which they will and for the lack ones specifically are no longer satisfied with their genocide these days and I too will "fuck" that their money out of them to extract it as well.

People ought to know that people will react differently to certain things; a black man for example which I am, will not react very well to a process where he works for it and somebody else gets it, especially so while he has less or nothing-which is because he has a slave history behind him in the society; left and right do not work me, I don't recognise any of that rubbish, I want them to be completely forgotten, I want them out of my own life this is not theirs.

When they see a black man go to the job centre and they want to create conditions where that is terribly funny, it seems soon after the black ones that start it off for everybody do not now know they are lowest of the low because they can extract income from his property, blackmailing him with racism, using the music industry and then media and commercials for sending him on errands and like their white counterparts goading him on media as well. It is a push comes to shove thing and it is getting closer to crunch time, while they have the option of staying the hell away from me as they are not people that buy books hence will never buy my products.

I think the message has been clear enough for sometime how; having been I am the Christian shrine for wealth and Glory which black, white, American and Moslem idiots hit whenever they want stuff in life, I will never give back those their stupid societies and they will one day fuck my peace of mind out of me so I can "fuck" their money out of them as well.